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More Tsunami Videos (Part IV)

[See all of the Tsunami videos in the Tsunami Video archive.]

Shocking first video (Windows Media Player required) of the tsunami striking Aceh, Indonesia.


Amateur footage shows the first impact of the Sumatera earthquake in Aceh, Indonesia. It shows torrents of water surging through streets, causing total devastation. In some cases you see entire houses being swept away.

It's now being estimated that the death toll in Aceh, the region worst hit by last Sunday's tsunami, may exceed 400,000.

Via the BBC.

Update: Joe Gandelman posting at Dean's World calls it one of the most shocking videos he's seen.

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Comments (12)

I've just had one of our de... (Below threshold)

I've just had one of our designers put together those 2 amazing Before & After photos of Indonesia in a flash film. You can view it here:



hi.. i'm from malaysia and ... (Below threshold)

hi.. i'm from malaysia and my country also did hit by tsunami on that fateful day.. it sadden me to watch those videos.. i hope more can be done to help those ppl in aceh and the country that affected by the tsunami disaster..

yo people! i have you got a... (Below threshold)

yo people! i have you got any videos of the massive wave, because i havnt seen the 1 wich caused utter destruction across the land, some1 must hav seen it and filmed it.

From what I understand, the... (Below threshold)
Wicked wascal:

From what I understand, there is no huge wall of water that looks like a conventional wave swell which builds up and breaks on teh shore (except twhere the sea bottom is ideal for this). I understand that it is one enormous swell with a wavelength kilometers long and about five meters higher than sea level at the peak of its height. You dont see teh wave come in - you see the height of teh horizon increase!! and by then, itis too late, because you are about to get your tail feathers wet...

Message to jon [sic]<... (Below threshold)

Message to jon [sic]

Enough cyber-vomit.

Could you find yourself a dictionary and someone to help you read it? Perhaps also someone to help you type. Perhaps that person could be the same one who already turns on your computer and wipes your backside.

Honestly, just because you are talented enough to access a web log doesn't give you license to spew unintelligible nonsense throughout. Stop being so lazy and arrogant.


Easy there WinstonI ... (Below threshold)
Wicked Wascal:

Easy there Winston
I dont blame jon for having strange ideas about the tsunami - the way the tv an other reporters carry on about it, it does sound like something out of a meteorite movie. There are even (hoax? I am not sure) pics going around showing masive waves (although they look suspiciously like a pic of a normal wave grafted onto another pic of a city).

There is a web site related to the Pacific Ocean Tsunami Alert system (or something like that) which monitors tsunamis in the Pacific. That explains the waves themselves quite well...

Some information about Aceh... (Below threshold)

Some information about Aceh & Sumatra Utara (Indonesia ) tsunami can be found at http://www.acehtsunami.org

Yo, Winston....why don't yo... (Below threshold)
Mr. Toad:

Yo, Winston....why don't you blow me - we'll both feel better.

Yeah winston do what the "t... (Below threshold)

Yeah winston do what the "toad" said blow him, he just got done blowin me and now i feel better.(toad, whata dork)

The overdub on this vid has... (Below threshold)

The overdub on this vid has removed the sounds of a child screaming unconsolably. Without this, the video seems to showcase the power of nature rather than the human tragedy. The BBC's calm cool reporting only further removes us from the reality of what happened that day.

Can you all just be quiet w... (Below threshold)

Can you all just be quiet with your PETTY nonsense? Be grateful YOU werent in those videos...or that YOUR children weren't killed and died terrified in that way......even in the middle of something as awful as this....people still find it in them to fight, or be mean....maybe the end is coming....maybe these are the beginning stages of it....anything is possible at this point......

I found more tsunami videos... (Below threshold)

I found more tsunami videos at http://goodatlife.blogspot.com...might be the same as ones here though.

Nice blog Wizbang!






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