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The UN Is On The Case

The Diplomad reports that 7 days in to the disaster in Aceh, the UN is taking credit for the humanitarian efforts of America and Australia. Obviously Jan Egeland is versed in the use of the royal "we."

But not to worry ye fans of the UN, they're actually doing something while people are dying all around them - building a fully self-contained camp for aid workers!

Note: If you caught a look at the video of the tsunami from Aceh here earlier this evening. you now know the USAID folks on the ground have their work cut out for them.

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And woe to you who disbelie... (Below threshold)

And woe to you who disbelieve in the awesome power and might and truth that is the UN!

Jan Egeland was interviewed... (Below threshold)

Jan Egeland was interviewed on FOXNews just now. the interviewer really ripped into him. The very LAST question was:

"So, since the discovery of the scandal involved in the UN oil-for-food program that allowed saddam hussein to line his pockets with tens of millions of the UN's dollars at the expense of his own people, why should we western, giving nations listen to the preachings of the UN about how we should give more money to UN emergency funds?"

Jan didn't answer the question to my satisfaction.

(the whole socialist government givings versus private individuals' givings was also brought up-basically jan egeland needs to be removed from the UN and shoved back into whatever hellhole he came from).






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