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More Ways To Help

If you're a blogger and are looking for way to help the relief effort in South East Asia heres two quick and easy ideas:

  1. NZBear is urging bloggers who run BlogAds to run an ad similar to the one he created that points to The Command Post's very helpful directory of agencies and charities that provide ways to help in the relief efforts. You'll see that ad running at Wizbang now.

  2. Tas (LoadedMouth) is running The Blogger's Tsunami Challenge. The goal is for bloggers to donate, then challenge their readers to match their donation. More details here.
For my part in the The Blogger's Tsunami Challenge, I challenge 49 Wizbang readers to match my $100 donation to the Red Cross via the Amazon link below (and in the left sidebar) - or another of their choosing. That's a $5,000 challenge of my own to Wizbang readers. As for a reward for those who match, the best reward I can offer is that your donation will encourage me to continue to cover this tragedy in a way that brings home the devastation and need in a very poignant way. My hope has been that my video (or more accurately multimedia) blogging of the disaster brings home the reality of the situation to you in a very visceral and personal way, and causes you to want to get involved. By donating you are helping to define the future of blogging! [Ed - OK, that's a serious reach, but you get the point]

Leave your donation amount in the comment section. If you've been touched by the video coverage of the disaster Wizbang has been running please consider donating.

Update: You can donate to the charity of your choosing for my challenge. Just mention to whom you donated and how much. Be sure to give their charity a proper hyperlink!

Donate to the Red Cross via Amazon!


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Comments (12)

Not to be high maintenance,... (Below threshold)

Not to be high maintenance, but can we chose a different charity and send you verification?

Kevin, your efforts are gre... (Below threshold)

Kevin, your efforts are greatly, greatly appreciated with this. Thanks for posting your challenge and good luck with it. I posted a link immediately and you've got my support.

(And sorry for the addition... (Below threshold)

(And sorry for the additional trackbacks, the module for Drupal sends them automatically and tends to go wild sometimes. I haven't figured out how to control the monster yet. Feel free to delete the additional ones that could end up being sent...)

Not that I'm against the Re... (Below threshold)

Not that I'm against the Red Cross or any of the large charities, but if you'd like to see your donation at work, you might consider the St. Gabriel's Tsunami Relief Fund. Our priest, a native of Tamil Nadu, his wife and my wife will be going to India later this month to use all the money raised at a couple of different orphanages that have been devastated.

More information here.

Well, I had a $135 credit f... (Below threshold)

Well, I had a $135 credit from Amazon that I already piped to the cause. I'll add 65 to make it an even 200.

$100.00 to St. Gabriel's Ts... (Below threshold)

$100.00 to St. Gabriel's Tsunami Relief.

I also gave a 100 bucks to ... (Below threshold)

I also gave a 100 bucks to the Red Cross last week if that counts, too.

Cool! We're at $500 alread... (Below threshold)

Cool! We're at $500 already!

Donated $100 to Catholic Re... (Below threshold)

Donated $100 to Catholic Relief Services earmarked for tsunami victims.

So one is to take it that s... (Below threshold)

So one is to take it that since you have now donated money you are an "ex" rat where as before you were the real thing? ;-)

$25 to Amazon(as a... (Below threshold)

$25 to Amazon

(as a broke college student I gave what I could)

I donated to <a href="http:... (Below threshold)

I donated to Salvation Army, Feed the Children, and Operation Blessing. Thanks for the challenge.






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