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Iraq News Flies Below The Radar

As the world's attention - and humanitarian effort - are rightfully focused on the Southeast Asia region, there continues to be mostly unreported good news coming out of Iraq. With less than a month until the elections in Iraq, Arthur Chrenkoff reports on the positive developments in Iraq over the last two weeks.

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There's also been car bombi... (Below threshold)

There's also been car bombings in Baghdad and Mosul. One was at the Interim President Allawi's house hold this morning. Violence has not been quiet, it just hasn't been reported. Allawi is the guy who wears the suit and travels around to countries to get help. He's also the guy who spoke in front of Congress when he was here. I'm sure there's more.


Approximately 28 people die... (Below threshold)

Approximately 28 people died and many injuries in 3 bombings today alone. The scrolls show what's going on in Iraq but the tsumanis is taking up all the news but it's not the only news going on. They know who the bomber was in the Mosul Tent Hall - a 20 year old medical student. People are leaving voting places due to death threats. As important as the south asian area is and how horrible it is, the terrorists do not care and are continuing their battle against Americans and the Iraqi people.

The Shiites are asking the Sunni's to please work with them, vote on Jan 30th, so that their constitution can be written.

A booby trapped beheaded person in Mosul blew up as an Iraqi guard was checking it out. Most people killed in Iraq today are Iraqi's. Especially Iraqi Guard Members. It seems endless as you read the

As to the Tsunami's, some idiot in the UK sent emails to 30 fmaily and friends through Sky News saying their loved ones were deceased.


sheesh, Cindy, you're such ... (Below threshold)

sheesh, Cindy, you're such a pessimist ;-)

In a way I'm glad the Tsuna... (Below threshold)

In a way I'm glad the Tsunami coverage is denying the media coverage the terrorists are seeking in Iraq.

Unfortunately it only takes... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately it only takes one suicide bomber in a crowded public place to inflict massive casualties and get lots of attention. Amazingly, interest in the elections are very high, even in Baghdad :


As the elections draw nearer, I expect the attacks to increase though.

Sorry Henry but we still ne... (Below threshold)

Sorry Henry but we still need to know what's going on there, too. When you read the milblogs, they do complain about what's on the news ( like the Scot Peterson trial and they feel they are being left out; so I just had to stand up for them, 'too.

I hope that makes you feel better.


Ah Henry, I'm not usually p... (Below threshold)

Ah Henry, I'm not usually pessimistic; I'm just passing along new I saw. It's sort of like if you had a lot of pain susomeplace on your body and if anothe part hurts it takes over the original Tsumani's and hhe people was a mass crisis but we still cannot forget our boys out in Iraq and Pakiston; they are in immenent danger every second of the day. We just can't forget that, to0.

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