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Noblesse Oblige

I've been paying attention to the White House's reaction to the tsunami, and of late it's been quite enlightening. The other day, President Bush announced two officials would be going to the disaster area to assess the damage and see what more can be done. One of the officials is both the Secretary of State (the most senior cabinet position), while the other is the governor of a state that weathered four hurricanes over the last season.

And today, he announced that there would be a drive to raise non-governmental money for disaster assistance. President Bush reached out and convinced his two immediate predecessors in the Oval Office, one of each party, to co-chair the drive.

And just by coincidence, two of the above four men happen to be his brother and his father.

I've often referred to the Bush Family as "the Anti-Kennedys." They seem to have a sense of responsibility about public service, and they bring to it a certain grace and dignity we haven't seen since we lost Bobby and John Kennedy, Junior.

Say what you want about their speaking abilties, their policies, whatever. But their mothers brought them up right.


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Yep.... (Below threshold)


You think they had to convi... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

You think they had to convince Clinton?

I've read and reread what J... (Below threshold)

I've read and reread what Jay Tea wrote and I don't see "Clinton" mentioned in it, anywhere.

About Clinton, however, their mutual news appearance earlier today communicated that the two Presidents Bush asked Clinton to accompany former President Bush and Clinton said he'd go, no hesitation.

But, I doubt that Mrs. Bush raised Bill Clinton, if that covers the issue here in respect to what Jay Tea wrote.

What some would call noble,... (Below threshold)

What some would call noble, others would call an early start to the dog and pony show to come.

Instead of spending large lumps of money to escourt and protect the important delegates, we instead send many more professional people who would be of use in this crisis economy class for the good of all? One could wonder of photo ops to come, but please, noblesse? Noble men do not come out smiling and waving after signing another persons death warrent. The noble do not crack jokes about missing WMD's when parents have lost their children.

As I said it's all really a matter of opinion isn't it?

I agree -- the Bush family ... (Below threshold)

I agree -- the Bush family is composed of gentlemen who do "the right thing" even when they don't *have* to.

President Bush reached o... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

President Bush reached out and convinced his two immediate predecessors

Perhaps you needed to read it just one more time :-)

Seems like SE Asia will ben... (Below threshold)

Seems like SE Asia will benefit from the LACK of American social mobility.

Getting his father and Clin... (Below threshold)

Getting his father and Clinton was brilliant! The world luvs Clinton, so he can be the public face, while the former Pres. Bush actually makes sure things get done the way they're supposed to, instead of just banging interns...

I think it was a great idea... (Below threshold)

I think it was a great idea to have both ex-pres's involved, but let's face it, yea he dosen't speak so well and he dosen't react so well, and I don't spell so well. If you heard his aides complain about Clinton, then you know this is a show to save face. Any US President would be helping. Jeb Bush is going because he wants to run in 08'. I know a lot of people think it's worse to have had sex than to start a bad war. A lot of young, brave soldiers lost their limbs because of Monica.

When you remember that the ... (Below threshold)

When you remember that the "Monica Missiles" that were launched (at an aspirin factory in a neutral, noncombatant country by direct order from the White House and over the objections of the CIA and the Joint Chiefs) to distract public and media attention from Clinton's impeachment were used by Osama bin Laden to leverage his fame and power in the Arab world, and when you include the fact, James, that one of the big reasons that Osama bin Laden decided to go forward with his attack plan on America was that he concluded from his observations of the Clinton White House that there would be NO chance of retaliation...

I think you might want to be VERY careful who you try to lay blame for dead Americans on, James.

Jeb Bush is going becaus... (Below threshold)

Jeb Bush is going because he wants to run in 08'

No, he doesn't. He's said repeatedly that he won't run. And he's got some baggage that would have the Clintonistas drooling another tsunami if he did run.

I was about to say that Jeb... (Below threshold)

I was about to say that Jeb isn't going to run, but McGehee beat me too it, and yea, all you have to do is mention his daughter and democraps froth at the mouth and orgasm.

Wonder why he didn't ask Ca... (Below threshold)

Wonder why he didn't ask Carter to help raise funds? (not!) Don't ya love THAT snub!

Jeb Bush is on this trip for a variety of reasons: First, other governers (as well as Senators, etc.) frequently attend diplomatic-type overseas trips.

Second, he is the brother of the President of the United States of America, which is culturally significant to the people in the region (even if the snarky American lefties have to turn it into something sinister or self-serving).

Third, HELL-O! Jeb is the Governer of a state that has had to go through more than it's share of natural disasters. He just "might" be a bit of an expert.

Of course, you lefties know this. The "Jeb's beginning his campaign" idiots are just operating off of very predictable talking points. Yawn.

But to the point, yes, the Bush's have a great deal of class. Thank you, Barbara!

... (Below threshold)

For sure Jay! Class all around this family

I believe his brother went, just as you said, because he's been through this kind of destruction but despite Clinton, his ideas are solid and firm, for this will also be a long term thing.

Who else better than to send to southern asia? And the other classy, dignified person was Colin Powell. Good Move.


Suzy, he didn't have to nam... (Below threshold)

Suzy, he didn't have to name Clinton - we all saw the conference - and when he used the words "my previos predisesors whch whould be Clinton and the first Mr Bush, both of whom were his predasensors so I would assume it was being President Clinton. And the president before was the first Mr Bush and neither name was used.


As to the whole article but... (Below threshold)

As to the whole article but only answer is AMEN.


"Say what you want about th... (Below threshold)

"Say what you want about their speaking abilties, their policies, whatever. But their mothers brought them up right."

Certainly brings to mind this little nugget:

"Ten years ago, at the 1988 Republican Convention, Hartford Courant associate editor David Fink struck up a conversation with George W. "When you're not talking politics," Fink asked the vice president's son, "what do you and [your father] talk about?"

"Pussy," George W. replied."


Snubbing Carter and getting... (Below threshold)

Snubbing Carter and getting Clinton on the humanitarian mission team was brilliant! For once, channel Clinton's energies in the right direction, put his hat on for him. That's how an ex-President should be behaving. Besides, how would it look if Clinton had declined? Ha! An offer Clinton couldn't refuse! And a humanitarian team no one can crititcize. Least of all Hillary.

The only down side is it contributes to Clinton's resume for Kofi's job. Someone better watch the silver. Oh gawd, let me not go on... SFF ? Will there be a Sex for Food scandal?

How long will it be before ... (Below threshold)

How long will it be before Larry King interviews "Clinton" again on what his experiences where, completely ignoring Colin Powell, Jeb Bush, and George HW Bush, who also were coordinating the efforts?

firstbrokenangel:I... (Below threshold)


I don't understand what it is you are writing there, directed to me. What I wrote, top of the thread, was just a figure of speech, as in, President Bush made a decision, it included (former) Presidents Bush and Clinton.

Not like I'm privy to the private conversations that President Bush engaged in to coordinate the who and why and wherefore of the trip, just that President Bush made an organized decision.

I didn't even refer to the press conference in any means by which I was interpreting or representing the conference to the public because I more than realize -- as in, it's inherent in referring to a Presidential press conference -- that the public (of which I am one) viewed or at least listened to the event.

So, again, I don't understand what other point you're making here...

shark: I doubt that the "w... (Below threshold)

shark: I doubt that the "whole world loves Clinton." I realize that he's a socially popular person when smiles and hand shakes and shoulder grabs and hugs are concerned, but that isn't always an indication of "love," just a social adeptness. About those qualities that Clinton has and displays, yes, they are popular and popularly appreciated. He makes a good humanitarian representative for that reason.

It's an important thing, however, to include Clinton due to his enthusiastic support base among U.S. liberals. Among other things...but I do appreciate that Clinton is doing what he is doing and I thank him for it, using his best talents to do well in the world, which is laudible, respectable and appreciable.

I just don't agree about that "whole world...love" thing, is all.

In total agreement - they d... (Below threshold)

In total agreement - they do have great mothers


Someone asked if we had to ... (Below threshold)

Someone asked if we had to "convince Clinton?" If you've noticed, Prez Bush has never said anything bad about him although there's a lot of bad about him. His only saving grace is that he is charming and can easily get people to open their pockets to him for a good cause, not his cause, this time around. Despite the facts of other matters and so on, Clinton is obviously trying to do some good. The latest pre 'pdesors are Clinton and Gerge Bush. Carter is busy doing other things and doesn't have the "PRESENCE' that is needed right now. After claiming someone else president in another country when the votes were for the other guy, he lost some credibility. As for Ford, his health is a problem. Now both the past President Bush and the past President Clinton have the right 'presense and the right contacts' that will be needed in the long haul.







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