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Thanks, but no thanks

The rush of volunteers and offers of aid to help the regions devastated by the recent tsunami has been overwhelming and heart-warming. People and organizations around the world are flooding charities and humanitarian groups with money, goods, and services to help the victims.

Not all offers are being accepted, however, I've received word from certain confidential sources that the United States Navy has declined Senator Ted Kennedy's offer of the services of himself and his 1968 Oldsmobile for underwater rescue missions.



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Comments (8)

no fear. simply make them ... (Below threshold)

no fear. simply make them "dry runs".

heh. probably worried abou... (Below threshold)

heh. probably worried about how much the liquor tab would add to the relief total.

Last week on one of those D... (Below threshold)

Last week on one of those Dateline type shows, they did a special on the Kennedys. They said something like "Ted's involvement in Chappaquiddick . . ."

Involvement? Is that what we call screwing around on your wife, driving drunk off a bridge, and leaving the girl to die? Involvement?

The whole program was the biggest whitewash of all the drugs, booze, and bad behavior of the whole klan. Talk about getting a pass!

Ah, that's bad, Jay but I n... (Below threshold)

Ah, that's bad, Jay but I never undersood how come Ted Kennedy never went to jail for killing that woman.


OnK, but in reality, what g... (Below threshold)

OnK, but in reality, what good would he do there? They only want trained people for those kind of catastrphe - all Ted Kennedy would so is take up a lot of people. Leave it to the aleaey trained Prosessioals.


Funny though - love way you... (Below threshold)

Funny though - love way your mind works.


Someone ran some quick calc... (Below threshold)

Someone ran some quick calcs and concluded that with his current massy girth the combo of car and Senator Lardy would be too bouyant for underwater service. It was a nice gesture, though.

I still think this is funny... (Below threshold)

I still think this is funny - there's also a weight limit, too!! :-)

He probably would not get done what needs to be and I'd still like to know when Kerry is going to Iraq to thank the soldiers for their service and what kind of reaction he'd get.







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