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We're 0-3

I don't want to harp on it or beat the subject to death but I did realize something this morning that gave me a chuckle.

In the last 90 days Wizbang has been mentioned by the AP, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

In every story -including the one that focused on how errors are corrected in the blogosphere- the big media outlet made significant errors of fact.

I guess we have job security.

Update: The WSJ did right by us but the Columbia Journalism Review is a bunch of idiots so we're still 0-3.


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Comments (23)

WhatI wrote, just a bit ago... (Below threshold)

WhatI wrote, just a bit ago:


I think the occurance and reoccurance of errors indicates an intention, certainly communicates an persistent attitude. They can always just say, 'oops,' and not even mean it, doesn't explain the persistence in errors, a pattern of behavior. Far more likely to be intentional, even subliminally (all those editors, just not even 'seeing' the errors before publish!), than it is to be chalked up to rusty, untrained interns behaving badly.

Ha, but all my typos and dr... (Below threshold)

Ha, but all my typos and dropped keyboard moves in previous (^^) can be explained away by sharing that I'm typing around a large object on my desk sitting between me and my keyboard, and with one hand at the moment. Funny, my remarks laden with grammatical errors....

It's pretty much a truism t... (Below threshold)

It's pretty much a truism that whenever you read a newspaper article about a subject you know intimately you will find one or more glaring errors that even a moderately informed novice in the field would not make.

I think the blogosphere is just waking people up to the fact that they really are making those errors in every other field too- it's not just your own endeavor that's misunderstood and misinterpreted, it's everything they cover.

Spot on, Eric!Millio... (Below threshold)

Spot on, Eric!
Millions are seeing the MSM emperors & empresses in the buff.

Kevin, Paul, JayTea - with all this MSM mention of Wizbang, I'm sure people will find the site anyway, despite the URL errors. With such huge, new volume coming your way, it would be great if one could access the Archives again. This is what comes up when I try December 04:

"Safari can’t open the page “http://wizbangblog.com/archives/2004_12.php. The error was: “bad server response” (NSURLErrorDomain:-1011)"

Is it just my computer? Also can't access "Comments" in any 2004 threads.

hmmmm I have Safari 1.0.3 (... (Below threshold)

hmmmm I have Safari 1.0.3 (v85.8) and it works for me.

Try Again

Thanks, Paul. I tri... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Paul.
I tried, clicking on your link, but still no luck.
What happens when you put an old thread title in the search function, for example: "The Pluses and Minuses of a group blog" - do you see any comments?

We close comments on older ... (Below threshold)

We close comments on older posts to cut down on content spam.

ummm- I do a lot with Wizbang. 99% of it in Safari... no grief.

Dear Paul - I mean I can't ... (Below threshold)

Dear Paul - I mean I can't open the "Comments" - can't read them. I understand closing them so no more items get added, but I can't read them as before. Have to run now, but will check back later.

The Malady of Misspellings ... (Below threshold)

The Malady of Misspellings and Mistyping is spreading! As appearing now, other sites show symptoms of the disorder:

"Meet the Frockers"

Paul - by ignoring the erro... (Below threshold)

Paul - by ignoring the error message when trying to access Archives, and pressing "Return", I am now able to get to Archives. But there are still no comments showing.

Does this mean no one can ever read the great Rathergate and other MSM exposes and all the valuable research data and links from the various commenters? There was still so much I wanted to catch up on.

Argh, spelled, mispelled, <... (Below threshold)

Argh, spelled, mispelled, "Meet the Frockets" on that site. And now even I appear to be affected, unable to type accurately the mistyping of others.

Hi -S-! You're so funny. ... (Below threshold)

Hi -S-! You're so funny. It's like during the heat of Rathergate, the timewarping became infectious and I was misstyping dates!

Tell me, can you open "Comments" in Sept, Oct., Nov. 04 threads here in Archives? Been up all night, want to go to sleep, but have this burning question as to whether we've lost all that yummy data forever or if it's just a sudden quirk in my computer.

Eric is correct. Al... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Eric is correct. Almost every time I see a MSM article about a subject with which I'm familiar, there is at least one glaring error. This happens even in stories about sporting events. I've got to assume that virtually everything I read is at least partially incorrect.

Back when Paula Zahn... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Back when Paula Zahn was on FoxNews, she once interviewed Rush Limbaugh. After her introduction Rush congratulated her, saying she was THE FIRST reporter who didn't make misstatements of fact in introducing him.

Larry King once inte... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Larry King once interviewed Michael Reagan. King introduced him as "the illegitimate son of Ronald Reagan". Michael was quite understandably discombobulated at this COMPLETELY screwed up introduction. Was it malice, or was it incompetence? Who knows?

Don't most of us get the fe... (Below threshold)

Don't most of us get the feeling that Larry King is about to burst out from under the seams, like, lurch forward at some unexpected moment and grab the camera and start gnawing at it, going, "grrrr, grrrrr, grrrrrrr, ARGH!". I know I've been waiting for him to blow for a while, hasn't happened yet, doesn't mean it won't.

That Michael Reagan introductory smear was a good indication that King's gears are grinding.

Poor Michael Reagan, that's... (Below threshold)

Poor Michael Reagan, that's a low blow from even Larry King.

I felt for Michael Reagan at the Ronald Reagan funeral...moments after Nancy Reagan collapsed in emotion upon Ronald Reagan's casket, and there are the two "other" children elbowing Michael away from Nancy when he tried to reach out to her. Was a sad moment upon a tragic one to view.

BR: No, I cannot access th... (Below threshold)

BR: No, I cannot access the comments section in any of the archives. It's a shame -- although I realize the space limitations and reasons why -- that all that commenting is now no longer available.

Kevin....I hope that it's saved material, at least, despite not being published, but at least preserved.

Hi, Suzy. Thanks for check... (Below threshold)

Hi, Suzy. Thanks for checking. I've e-mailed Kevin and Paul to request "read only" availability for all, if possible. At least starting Sept. 8th, 2004. Since CJR (Columbia Journalism Review) is already rewriting history to our detriment, I sincerely hope the lost collaborative research data can be restored to the net. It's valuable to keep the record straight, especially for newcomers who may only now wake up to blogs. And for future historians, and best of all, for future prosecutors.

BR: Do a google search and ... (Below threshold)

BR: Do a google search and when you get hits, click on cache. For example:

wizbang "september 8, 2004"

to narrow it down to a specific thread, add some descriptive words to the above search to narrow it down if possible to the thread you are looking for. Or, when you get a hit, for example I got:


Run a google search on the above web address but vary the numbers. For example:
wizbangblog.com/archives/003598.php etc.

Remember put it into a google search and then click on cache. Otherwise, you won't get the comments.

Hi Julie! Already tried th... (Below threshold)

Hi Julie! Already tried that yesterday. For example, searching Google for the wizbang thread "Pluses and Minuses of a Group Blog", I get wizbangblog.com/archives/004109.php - 71k - Cached... But when I click on either the main link or the cached version, there are still no comments showing.

So, unfortunately, no one can access the comments anymore, either directly here through Archives or indirectly through cached versions in Google. I really hope Kevin and Paul can restore access to the Comments links.

(Another example of how it affects things on the net is at Michelle Malkin's site, when she linked to wizbang, that link no longer makes sense if it only shows the main article, but not the comments to which she was referring.)

P.S. to Julie - it's sporad... (Below threshold)

P.S. to Julie - it's sporadic. Some threads still have their comments, but most don't anymore.

Note to Suzy and Julie - ya... (Below threshold)

Note to Suzy and Julie - yayyy! The Comments are coming back on line again. Kev is rebuilding it.






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