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Bring It On!

It's been a little over 11 months since Janet Jackson's famous wardrobe malfunction. There have been others since (i.e Tara Reid). From the looks of this British tabloid page it looks like 2005 is going to be another banner year - Kirsten Dunst's bikini malfunction (NSFW).

Hi-res color gallery (all NSFW) - [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]


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Comments (17)

For what it's worth...she'l... (Below threshold)

For what it's worth...she'll never make it past cute. And waaaay too scrawny.

Yes...I know it's all very mean spirited, she's an excellent actress and I've seen bring it on a half dozen times and all, but that was mostly for Eliza Dushku.

You won't hear me complaini... (Below threshold)

You won't hear me complaining...

Well, I must say, they did ... (Below threshold)

Well, I must say, they did look bigger during the wet shirt/upside down kiss in Spider-Man. Give her a couple of milkshakes, and she'll be just fine.

She isn't the prettiest actress of her generation, but her eyes break thru that and make her hotter than her contemporaries... IMHO.

Now we know why Kevin hasn't posted the caption winners...

I agree they looked bigger ... (Below threshold)

I agree they looked bigger in the spiderman scene mentioned above, but it looks like the top is/was too small, and therefore TOO TIGHT, and rendered them to look smaller, but still nice!

I've always thought that Ki... (Below threshold)
Robin S.:

I've always thought that Kirsten was one of the more attractive actresses of her generation. Not so much because she's objectively so, but because she reminds me very much of a female friend of mine. I think that makes her seem more "real" to me, which makes her more attractive.

And I thought that Santa ha... (Below threshold)

And I thought that Santa had lost my letter last year. He was just saving it for an after Christmas gift.

Kudos to your new found hob... (Below threshold)

Kudos to your new found hobby.

Again:Good to see yo... (Below threshold)

Good to see you're keeping to the high standards of Whizbangblog and serious commentary. You wouldn't want to get the rep of being basically an online tabloid/gossip/porn blog.

I'm glad she survived the t... (Below threshold)

I'm glad she survived the tsunami.Thanks for the timely, topical photos.I have already donated to the relief effort.However if Kirsten needs my personal help; I am available.

<a href="http://docweasel.c... (Below threshold)
She has lost way too... (Below threshold)

She has lost way too much weight. She looked much better a couple of years ago...and I'm sure her boobs did as well.

Best headline ever from Max... (Below threshold)

Best headline ever from Maxim magazine:

We're thirstin' for Kirsten.

Veruca Salt:Check ... (Below threshold)

Veruca Salt:

Check out what Wizbang is about. If you bother to look, you'll see this.

Wizbang is a unique mix of news, politics, and entertainment.

Last I checked, this is entertainment. Keeping a blog completely serious is the quickest way to burn out possible. Seems that may have been your case as I can't even pull your blog up.

Kirsten, is that you?</i... (Below threshold)

Kirsten, is that you?

I see La Shawn isn't the only one with a stalker blog.

Veruca Salt: Please lighten... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Veruca Salt: Please lighten up. These guys do a ton of heavy-lifting on serious issues.

Yes but you must have misse... (Below threshold)

Yes but you must have missed the smug, pompous, self-congratulatory post JaeTeiMaiTai or whoever made earlier this week about 'protecting their brand' and other crap because of 'what we have built' and how influentual serious gravitus-full etc. they were.

What's hilarious is this guy

I looked but I did not see.... (Below threshold)

I looked but I did not see... I'm not giving up that easily though.






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