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Lloyd Grove Suicide Watch (First Edition)


Hotel heiress Paris Hilton left a party in tears over the weekend, after she reportedly walked in on guests watching her sexual exploits on film. The socialite and friends were gate-crashing a bash in California's Malibu area on Saturday night when they stumbled on fellow revelers glued to a large TV screen admiring her graphic encounter with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon, writes British newspaper the Sun.

A source says, "It was priceless. She burst into tears, turned on her heels and left."

Via the Daily Dish, not the Daily News.


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Comments (25)

Digital Camcorder - $500<br... (Below threshold)

Digital Camcorder - $500
Booze to get your floozy drunk - $200
Litigation expense when you're sued for releasing the video - Six figures

Hearing that the slut you banged walked in on a batch of partygoers watching the tape you made of her smokin' pole (while giving running commentary a la Mystery Theatre 3000) - PRICELESS!

Ha! I love it! (Should I fe... (Below threshold)

Ha! I love it! (Should I feel bad?)

Good to see you're keeping ... (Below threshold)

Good to see you're keeping to the high standards of Whizbangblog and serious commentary. You wouldn't want to get the rep of being basically an online tabloid/gossip/porn blog.

- Yeh....oh wowee gee...Pri... (Below threshold)

- Yeh....oh wowee gee...Priceless....Paris who?

One, don't gate crash. Two,... (Below threshold)

One, don't gate crash. Two, put on some underwear and keep your legs closed whenever you exit a car. Three, have scumbag ex-bf killed. No, make that tortured, then killed. Or better yet, film ex-bf getting raped by a guy named Bubba and post tape on internet. No, make that a German Sheppard named Bubba . . . . .

...proof, I guess, that she... (Below threshold)

...proof, I guess, that she never thugh about the consequences of her actions. Did she perhaps think that altho it was widely distributed, no one would actually watch it?

I know, I know, 'Paris Hilton' and 'think' in the same sentence....

.that's 'thought' not 'thug... (Below threshold)

.that's 'thought' not 'thugh'.

Julie... why him alone? Was it not consensual??

"It was priceless..."</i... (Below threshold)

"It was priceless..."

Paris is lost; she needs to find her way. She brought it on herself, but makes me sad to see people gloat over the sorrow or discomfort of others. The incident certainly fits my preconceptions of what Hollywood "pals" must be like - shallow, self-serving and back-stabbing.

Well it was her fault and h... (Below threshold)

Well it was her fault and her responsibility and if she were any kind of LADY she shouldn't do so porno movies: teachers her right. I have no pity for that woman.


leelu: Was it cons... (Below threshold)


Was it consensual that the tape be posted on the internet and available to any one who wanted to see it? I doubt it.

And Jeff makes a good point: These are either her friends and they are assholes for showing the tape. Or, they are trash who live off of people like Hilton.

Hey...what ever happened to... (Below threshold)

Hey...what ever happened to the moratorium on Paris Hilton stories? Any way...Nikki is cuter.

Hey Cindy: Let She... (Below threshold)

Hey Cindy:

Let She without sin cast the first stone. And don't tell me because your sins aren't on video, you don't have any.

Gloating over sorrow or dis... (Below threshold)

Gloating over sorrow or discomfort is horrific when it's done like those hatefilled morons who are glad 5,000 Swedes perished in the tsunami.

When something happens as ironic as stumbling into a party that you aren't invited to, then discovering that the partygoers are watching a porn tape you made (albeit foolishly) of yourself with a boyfriend... well, that irony is pretty damn funny when the publicity of that porn tape is what made her famous in the first place.

<a href="http://docweasel.c... (Below threshold)
Oh please...Her fi... (Below threshold)

Oh please...

Her first sex tape was released right before her "reality show" aired. It was PR, period.

Before the sex tape, she was known among celebrity watchers and "in" crowds, but not by your average Joe.

Even this story, which may or may not have happened and, if it did, may or may not have been leaked by her own "people," keeps her name in the public. Must. be. center. of. attention.



(was that really julie up there? I'm shocked! ;-)

Excuse me? Exactly what pr... (Below threshold)

Excuse me? Exactly what proof do you have that she gave permission for the tape to be released? It's not like she is the first woman who was lied to or betrayed in this way.

And if she was a porn star/exhibitionist, why would she be so upset to run out in tears when she found people watching the tape?

And if she wants or needs publicity, do you really think she doesn't have enough money to just simply buy it?

Paris Hilton is a p... (Below threshold)

Paris Hilton is a pretty silly thing to argue about, julie.

You see her as a victim who was lied to or betrayed and I see her as an opportunist and publicity seeker. I find the timing of the first video (when most people hadn't a clue who she was)...suspect.

As far as her reported reaction to the video being shown when she walked into the room? I sure wasn't there; doubt that you were, either. Guess we'll have to take the story at face value. Poor Paris.

Honestly, it doesn't hurt my feelings to let you have this one....more important issues out there, y'know?

I don't get why she was cry... (Below threshold)

I don't get why she was crying, or surprised. Isn't she making money off these videos? If anything - it was commerce in action, maybe those were tears of joy and she ran out to film another video.

I don't know what the big deal is about her. She's not even that attractive, I guess it's cause she's easy and guys like easy chicks.

In other news, visit me. I contribute over at Sportsblog.org, and now have my own blog. If you want to link me Kevin, I won't complain!


I don't know, sounds dubiou... (Below threshold)

I don't know, sounds dubious. Paris seems more likely to just laugh and provide her own commentary on the film.

As to filming it, a lot of thin 19-yr-old blondes like to film themselves doing it. It's fairly typical narcissism. But obviously the boyfriend is scuzzy for trying to sell it.

I don't know most of the pe... (Below threshold)

I don't know most of the people I see on magazines and mentioned here, yet even I heard of her before the video. Why did she sue both the boyfriend and the distributor? What proof does anyone have that she is earning money off of this? I sure haven't found any documentation to support that she is.

Julie:My point is,... (Below threshold)


My point is, simply, she made some choices, and is suffering the consequences. Those choices could include, but certainly aren't limited to, being a parasite on society, choosing to make the tape, etc, etc. She is/was a legal adult. I feel no sympathy for her.

Leelu: My point is... (Below threshold)


My point is that we all make bad choices at one time or the other in our lives. And believe me, there are a lot worse ones that can and are made. As a legal adult, she did not give the ex permission to sell or distribute the tape. Nor does it appear she is financially benefiting from it. On the contrary, it has cost her a great deal of money, since legal fees aren't cheap.

My other point is, that just bc some one else exhibits bad behavior, doesn't mean I have to kick them when they are down.

Julie,Thanks, and ... (Below threshold)


Thanks, and one other thought... granted the guy, as a courtesy at least, should have talked to her about publishing it, but he *was* in it too, and I suspect could be found to have right as well. Problem probably is, there's no contract, just "he said - she said".

We/they can leave it to the IP lawyers to sort out.

And I don't espouse kicking her. But I have no sympathy, either.

As to "kicking her while sh... (Below threshold)

As to "kicking her while she's down", sorry, that one won't fly, either. If she were penniless and had no place to go, yes, I agree you'd have a point. However, Paris Hilton is worth something like 700 million dollars and can no way be considered "down' and/or "out". As far as I'm concerned, she's a sleazy little strumpet who allowed her sleazy boyfriend to make a sleazy video and now some of her even sleazier friends are enjoying it at her expense. I fail to see any real damage here; Paris is just suffering the consequences of her incredibly stupid behavior, the effects of which she can easily assuage by a week-long Rodeo Drive shopping spree.

WHAT IS SO GOOD ABOUT PARIS... (Below threshold)

WHAT IS SO GOOD ABOUT PARIS HILTON? i don't get it. she is a total ugly bitch, she has the fame for mainly beign rich. she is a twisted thick-headed slut who don't seem to realise that of course there was a high chance that her father would have seen her having making a sex video. she is famous, her father was bound to see that. i wonder how she can live, looking into your dad's face knowing that he has seen her in action in bed NAKED. ERRRRRRR, GROSSSSSSSS.
in here london, our celebrities have more ways to entertain themselves on videos. no offence to america.
i just want to say please try your best to help the asian victims of the tsunami, it'll be rewarding. THANKS 4 UR TIME!!!






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