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Six Degrees

Surely you remember the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? The automated Oracle of Bacon has actually gone through IMDB and calculated a Bacon score for celebrities.

No one has yet produced a comparable political version of the Bacon index. Perhaps the time has come for The Six Degrees Of Bush's War, where any random world event can be tied within six leaps of logic to the decision to invade Iraq The scores assigned can be called a Bushit score, which should make Bush haters happy and just confuse Bush supporters (as it is a term mostly unfamiliar to the right). Just like the Bacon index the best practically attainable Bushit score is a 1.

The UK Guardian scores a Bushit of 1 with this headline - The victims of the tsunami pay the price of war on Iraq.

Hat tip: Tim Blair


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Comments (14)

I don't understand how peop... (Below threshold)

I don't understand how people can be so deluded. That is all I can nicely say about that article.

That Oracle of Bacon is fre... (Below threshold)

That Oracle of Bacon is freaking spooky, you can't escape Bacon's reach. I'm trying foreign films and the highest Bacon number I can get is 3....

It truly IS spooky that the... (Below threshold)

It truly IS spooky that the leftwing in our world continues to just use any and all possible angles to denigrate President Bush and the U.S.

To their fault, because the behavior and acts only serve to reinforce the irrationality of the left, the horrific obsession they have with anything not of kind. Not so much spooky, now that I think of it, but monstrous.

It's like some sort of mach... (Below threshold)

It's like some sort of machinized mindset: search and destroy that which isn't of like kind, by the left. Such that, anything that occurs, takes place, is needed and/or is done, if it isn't performed or enacted by liberalism (any figurehead from that mileau, particularly), then it's therefore gotta be destructed.

But, about President Bush, the man has never done anything even remotely to merit the attack by liberals. Other than he's President and they aren't. The War in Iraq, again and again it's been made quite evident, was and is an effor by the United States. A lot of other citizens in the U.S., is my point.

- The Asshats continue to l... (Below threshold)

- The Asshats continue to leap on every opportunity to show their pettiness and mean spirited approach to life and politics...

- Bush did not move fast enough or contribute enough initially added to by the UN emergency officials comment about "stingy" wealthy countries.. ...(the eternal expectation of the left for the Gov. to take care of every aspect of their lives from cradle to grave...)

- Totally discounting private donations (The left - The gov. is shirking its responsibility, again they seek to avoid any personal responsibility. Let the Gov. take care of everything....)...

- The US is usurping the UN's role in the tsunami recovery...( The left can't bring itself to utter the phrase "The UN is basically a morally bankrupt dysfunctional non-representative band of renegade totalitarian regimes". Now they are "parachuting" into the situation after the fact trying to take every possible credit when in fact Kofi Annan remained on vacation even after Bush acted....)

- In spite of the daily pounding the US and Bush endures from the mouths of the Commy/leftard AssHats/France, the US continues to be the vast monatorial support for the UN and the world. Bush even let Kofi Annan off the hook to a large degree, even aside from the duplicity of his son and himself in the Oil-for-Food fiasco....

- Liberals show definate symtoms of arrested development in the form of raging against the "System"...56 year old hippies, left over from the 70's/Viet Nam war.... trapped in time....

- Perpetuated lies are all the left has to stand on...No substance....only warped "form"....

- The Swifties were discredited - A total lie, repeated daily, even now on National TV, by every lefterd talking head....Not a single aspect of
O'Neill's book has every been refuted by Kerry, nor will he face his accusers, nor will he sue.....

- Kerry disclosed everything - Lie...He still has never released the form 180 for the missing 100 pages of his service record. This is documented by the Navy Department. His "missing" discharge papers, all three sets.... His improper medals certificates... In both cases they are probably forgeries since the Officer of note neither signed them nor ever saw them. They suddenly "appeared" the same day Carter took office and signed the "Amnesty for military personel" order covering dishonorable discharges and the like...

- Sadam had no WMD - Lie - What he had, the precursers, were shipped out to Syria just before the Iraqi war commenced. Syria has its own WMD programs. Saddam also used the Oil-For-Food program as a WMD against his own people by siphoning off 21 billion in food and medical funding and killing thousands of them through neglect...How many more "mass grave sites" would we be uncovering 3 years after Kerry "did nothing" and Saddom continued to game the OFF program with the help of duplicitous Euro Block countries through the illicit UN leadership?....

- The list goes on and on of the bald faced lies that the Leftards spew to support their paranoid, delusional, theoretical, dogmatic view of the world...

- They get used over and over by people like Moore and Mapes, who use their strong emotional feelings against them and for their own extreme agenda's, but Liberals never seem capable of seeing through the Communist/Marxist manifesto. The Utopian ideas, no matter how many times they fail, always find new young ears that will listen and be taken in....

- The Lefts creedo: "...Too each according to their sloth...From each according to their gullibility..."

....and so it goes......

I quite reading at this lin... (Below threshold)

I quite reading at this line:

"Why, when extreme poverty could be made history with a minor redeployment of public finances, must the poor world still wait for homeless people in the rich world to empty their pockets?"

Redistribution of wealth...isn't it a beautiful thing?

I become more and more conv... (Below threshold)

I become more and more convinced each day that God placed the libs on this earth simply to amuse us.

That Oracle of Bacon is ... (Below threshold)

That Oracle of Bacon is freaking spooky

No kidding. If you extend the definition a bit, my personal Bacon number is 3.



" The victims of the tsunami pay the price of war on Iraq."

What has one got to do with the other?? Who writes this garbage and gets away with it? No wonder they are confused; this crap does not help much. RIDICULOUS.


- I sincerely think that if... (Below threshold)

- I sincerely think that if Bush personally came up with a cure for cancer tomorrow morning the AssHats would screech that it was just a trick so the neocons and Halliburton could keep people alive longer and gain higher profits from their extended enslavement...

hwappertry Robert ... (Below threshold)


try Robert Redford, but choose III
Robert Redford (III)

he has a bacon # of 4 ;-)</... (Below threshold)

he has a bacon # of 4 ;-)

Oh, come on. Didn't you se... (Below threshold)

Oh, come on. Didn't you see that it was written by George Monbiot, whose surname and mental defects led to the coining of the term "Moonbat"? Surely you could not have been expecting mature judgment, exact reasoning, or even the willingness to dismount from his hobbyhorse?

I heard several politicians... (Below threshold)

I heard several politicians -- Liberals, I might add -- who complained that we spend $1 billion a week on the war, while only spending $525 million for aid to the victims of the Tsunami. What a disgusting bunch of lunatics.

Also, Sean Hannity had a nutjob Canadian professor who claims that the US had warnings of the Tsunami but did nothing to warn anyone.






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