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The 10 Spot - Scumbags On Parade Edition

Ten stories of the worst in humanity brought about by the disaster in Southeast Asia...

  1. Swedish police have arrived in Thailand to investigate reports that a 12-year-old survivor of the tsunami has been kidnapped from a hospital. . [Link]

  2. Thieves steal tsunami cash [Link]

  3. A hoaxer pretending to be a British government official has emailed relatives and friends of people missing since the Asian tsunami disaster, saying their loved ones have been confirmed dead. [Link]

  4. A domain speculator is upset that the domain she registered to capitalize on the disaster, which she in turn donated to someone she though would use the domain, is put up for auction on eBay. She previously had the domain for sale on eBay.... [Link]

  5. Criminals target tsunami victims. [Link]

  6. Fearing child-trafficking gangs will exploit the chaos of the tsunami disaster, Indonesia has placed restrictions on youngsters leaving the country, ordered police commanders to be on the lookout for trafficking and posted special guards in refugee camps. [Link]

  7. What's the Westboro Baptist Church's newest hateful creation? God Hates Sweden [Link]

  8. The Indonesian military is continuing to wage war with separatist rebels in the hills of Aceh as world leaders put the finishing touches to a multi-billion-dollar aid and investment package for the devastated province. [Link]

  9. Ships scoured the seas yesterday for thousands of bodies still missing in India's Andaman and Nicobar islands, as India refused offers of foreign aid for the ravaged archipelago amid mounting clamour for relief from survivors. [Link]
  10. CNN's chief Jonathan Klein on his networks coverage of the disaster, CNN was "able to flood the zone immediately." [Link]
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Comments (10)

I might try to create the H... (Below threshold)

I might try to create the Heroes On Parade list....the Top Ten Best Things list or sumthin'.

But, I agree with yer list ... (Below threshold)

But, I agree with yer list here, no doubt about it...and add to it a few horror stories I heard on news yesterday from a survivor about his deceased wife and surviving daughter, who was brutalized by a gang of males after surviving being swept to sea in the tsunami, struggling to the beach only to be raped by a gang. Pretty terrible...you know, some living things really don't fit well if at all into the category of "human." The child abusers and sex trade is included in that.

How about this guy, PIMulle... (Below threshold)

How about this guy, PIMullet, and others like him?

Trying to use the catastrophe to make political hay.

For shame.


Wow. That God Hates {insert... (Below threshold)

Wow. That God Hates {insert entity / country / nationality here} thing is attrocious.

While I cherish freedom of speech, sometimes it is depressing to see it used like that.

So to any lefties out there who bitch and moan about things like this, here's one righty who denouces such crap.

I remember being pissed to ... (Below threshold)

I remember being pissed to the core when I heard Ron Reagan during the Republican convention claim that the Republican Party was the party of the "God Hates Fags" folks.

Pissed because, like you, and like most right-thinking righties, we push those bozos as far away as possible.

And pissed because he is wrong. The pastor who runs that web site was actually a Gore supporter! Now don't get me wrong, I'm not using that to condemn the Dems, (there are plenty of other reasons to do that), I'm simply pointing it out to emphasize the absurdity of the reference.

"Flood the zone..." -- oh, ... (Below threshold)

"Flood the zone..." -- oh, man, what horrendous phrasing!

In other news, today a barge named the "Tsunami" crashed into a pier in New Orleans spilling some of its cargo. It was carrying "caustic soda, molasses and lube oil."

Regrettably, I had to postpone my birthday party due to the lack of supplies.

What appalls me is the left... (Below threshold)

What appalls me is the left in this country using the Tsunami tragedy to bash America while defending the United Nations which is an ineffective organization during these disasters. I've read and heard reports that they don't know what the hell they're doing, while the US military is providing an enormous amount of aid in the region. In fact, according to Mark Levin, tomorrow the NY Slimes will run a story on how the nominee for Attorney General -- Gonzalez -- "opened the door" to torture at Abu Graib. The US military is on a mission of mercy and the NY Slimes takes a swipe at them by bringing up Abu Graib -- their favorite story.

Ok, that last one is funny.... (Below threshold)

Ok, that last one is funny...bet he wishes he thought before he spoke.

One thing this whole disast... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

One thing this whole disaster sheds a little light is the 'tourism' industry in that part of the world that appears to be so popular in Europe. I saw a picture of wreckage in Thailand and when you see the destroyed building with the 'Girls, Girls, Girls' sign they mean girls, not women. It's terrible that the little boy was kidnapped and it's terrible that they have the fears of all of these refugee children falling in to this industry but when you see the stories about all the people on 'holiday' feared lost remember that a good portion of them are pedophiles. Not that it means they deserve to die, well actually the pedophiles do, but when you see these corrupt POS politicians looking for handouts complaining about the destruction and how they need foreign investment to rebuild the tourist industry and the Euros complaining about how great it was there, that they should be heading to prison not to Cuba or some other pedophile friendly destination.

Another short note to again... (Below threshold)

Another short note to again emphasize that "Rev." Fred Phelps and his inbred congregation (its nearly all children, spouses, and grandchildren) is about as far from the mainstream of Christianity as one can get.

Phelps has a fax machine, primitive Internet skills, a very big mouth, and a very small mind. He is also a superb exploiter of news headlines. Extremism sells - particularly to a religion-challenged press - so for Phelps, that's all he needs to make world-wide headlines.

To even try to respond to his special brand of hate and stupidity would be an exercise in futility. We would do best to simply leave him alone.






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