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The hazards of regularly driving different vehicles

This morning, while driving to work, I got cut off on the highway by a dip who didn't bother with his directional before squeezing between me and the car in front of me.

Infuriated, I immediately grabbed the stalk on my steering column and expressed my displeasure.

I sincerely hope that guy in the black Taurus was suitably impressed and chastised by the fierce way I washed my windshield at him.



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Comments (23)

I used to regularly switch ... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

I used to regularly switch between driving a Porsche 911, and a Ford Windstar minivan. Hitting an exit ramp at 85mph was not a good time to remember what vehicle I was in.

Ohkaaaayyyy...Happ... (Below threshold)


Happy New Year, Jay, hope you enjoy yer new ride.


Yeah, the old Porsche gets ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the old Porsche gets you used to curves and you come to anticipate the response without thought...not even remotely possible in nearly all other vehicles unless you switch to a Ferrari, which I probably misspelled.

Ha! Sounds like something ... (Below threshold)

Ha! Sounds like something I would do!

HAA, Now that's funny! Hope... (Below threshold)

HAA, Now that's funny! Hope he was offended! :-)

lmao...Jay I love your post... (Below threshold)

lmao...Jay I love your posts

Its like a nonstop bonfire of the vanities.

One would expect that you honked your horn, instead you washed your windshield!

Man I had a good laugh.

ROTHLMAO Wonderful! Glad ... (Below threshold)

ROTHLMAO Wonderful! Glad I'm not the only one that happens to most of the time. Makes ya miss the old days when you knew what was what and whre it was - haha I can just picture it!! LOL


I frequently do this too. ... (Below threshold)

I frequently do this too. I own a standard car at home, but travel 5 days a week, and get to drive many a Taurii. Once got home, tried to drive my car out of the airport and panicked when it wouldn't start. Took me about 5 minutes to realize I hadn't depresed the clutch. Not to mention the many handling differences I've shared with "Master of None"

That is actually pretty dam... (Below threshold)

That is actually pretty damn funny! Thanks for the laugh :)

Now to explain to those here at work why I suddenly choked on my drink.

Oh, and not to mention, you... (Below threshold)

Oh, and not to mention, you think you're hitting the clutch to shift and instead your left foot glances off the side of the freakishly large brake pedal that automatics have

what do you expect from for... (Below threshold)

what do you expect from ford drivers? I worked for the d.o.t in north carolina but retired about 8 years ago.A man who worked there told me once that someone driving a ford would be involved in more accidents,and do more crazy stunt's than other vehicle drivers.I looked at him like he was crazy,but me driving a big truck & being alone all day I begain to take notice(he was right)later on(several years)I was reading consumers digest an article showing which vehicles had more accidents according to the Insurance Institute bore this out.ford drivers are Idiot's period.

Been there...done that! </... (Below threshold)

Been there...done that!

Misery loves company!

Nothing says "up yours" lik... (Below threshold)

Nothing says "up yours" like a good, fierce window washing! Don't feel bad-I often times get my turn signal confused with my wipers (one's on the L, other on the R). Two wipes to turn right, one to turn left.

Hee hee. At least your road... (Below threshold)

Hee hee. At least your road rage ended with a clean windshield.

I remember I was driving my... (Below threshold)

I remember I was driving my youngest daughters nissan to a service center while she was home on spring break. truthfully I cannot remember what the offense was that set me off. I can remeber only the blood rushing to my head, the deep and dark ugliness risising from my chest to fill my whole being. I was angry, I was over the edge, my aspect would have shamed any pop-eye cartoon. I was so angry I could easily have hit baby fur seals with an ax handle just to watch their little balck eyes skitter across the ice. Oppenheimer's quote comes to mind " I had become death, destroyer of worlds". I slamed my fist on the horn expecting to hear the blareing blast of my truck horn. There was the most pathetic beep I have ever heard. Damn, one of those baby seals was in the car with me.
I can remember the offenders in the other vehicle pointing their fingers (yes, that one too) and laughing so hard they sailed right thru a red light.
I pulled over to the side of the road and as the total idiosy of what had just transpired became apparent to me I began to laugh uncontrollably for at least five minutes.
I have not had a problem with road rage since.

Hmmm, I've tried twice now ... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, I've tried twice now to link, but can't quite get it the link to work.

Has anyone else had this problem, or do I just not know what the hell I'm doing?

Ridgerunner,That r... (Below threshold)


That reminds me, I need to swap out the pitiful horn that came with my Isuzu Rodeo. (Who's bright idea was it to put a tinny compact car horn into a sport ute?)

I blame airbags. Seriously.... (Below threshold)

I blame airbags. Seriously. Why take away our God-given right to "express our displeasure" in exchange for not dying?! It's just insane how screwed up that is. Hey Ford? Put the horn back in the middle!

Don't make me wash my windows at you...

That reminds me, I need ... (Below threshold)

That reminds me, I need to swap out the pitiful horn that came with my Isuzu Rodeo. (Who's bright idea was it to put a tinny compact car horn into a sport ute?)

The horn in my big, beefy Ford Bronco sounds exactly the same as that of a 1959 Rambler.

I think the auto industry is conspiring to make our horns sound ridiculous. The engineers must all be bad drivers who don't want macho-sounding horns honked at them.

Yeah. That must be it.

I'm sure he was suitably te... (Below threshold)

I'm sure he was suitably terrified, lol.

lmao!Thanks for th... (Below threshold)


Thanks for the laugh, I surely needed it!

Ah the days of air horns. :)

I always take that personal... (Below threshold)

I always take that personally.

I go between a B4000 (Ford ... (Below threshold)

I go between a B4000 (Ford Ranger) and occasionally a Ford Focus. A couple of times I've nearly put myself through the windsheild of the Focus by flooring the way-too-sensitive brake pedal like I would in the truck. I often get into the Focus and put the wipers on too, intending to shift it into drive.






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