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CJR BlogGate Author Responds

Via Derek Rose comes a note that Corey Pein defends his Columbia Journalism Review article Blog-Gate in the letters section at Romenesko, the text of which he's also posted to his web site. If you're lucky you might be able to find Pein's letter in the Romenesko letters page (it will get harder as the days pass), but since individual letters do not have permalinks it's easier to reference Pein's post at his blog.

Several prominent bloggers mentioned (but not linked) in Pein's story received the following note from Pein:

You may be interested in this.

Corey Pein
asst. editor, CJR


It's clear the Pein went out of his way to notify the very bloggers he was criticizing in his story hoping to get a reaction. I'd venture to guess that Pein got exactly the reaction he was hoping to get.

Noteworthy among Pein's defenses is that he claims to have done the legwork on the story.

Finally, when Powerline compares CJR's standard of reporting to what he believes CBS's was, i.e., that I never dealt with the bloggers' criticisms, never interviewed living witnesses to the story, and never questioned Burkett's credibility, he is simply incorrect. I did all of the above and more.
I think it's safe to assume that Pein did not interview me, Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs), the authors at Powerline, Mike Krempasky (Rathergate), Matt Sheffield (RatherBiased), Dr. Joseph Newcomer, Jim Lindgren, (The Volokh Conspiracy) Bill Ardolino (INDCJournal), Glenn Reynolds (InstaPundit), etc.

So who exactly did Pein interview?

:: crickets ::

Update: Pein criticizes others for not reading or misreading his article, then misreads Jonathan Last's critique at The Weekly Standard by suggesting that Last opines on his assessment of the Haileygate affair.

Last didn't address Hailey, but I will.

Pein refuses to examine the evidence presented at Wizbang and elsewhere that so clearly and convincingly damned Hailey's work. Here's what Pein says about Hailey:

Last complains that I hold up David Hailey's typographic study to show that the memos might be real. To prove that Hailey's study was "debunked," Last cites the very bloggers who hounded Hailey - without compelling evidence of fraud. I'm not going to pretend to be qualified to peer review Hailey's work, but his criticism of the studies that, like Newcomer's, presumed guilt seems sound. The man was harassed for failing to join the chorus, and that, more than anything, makes his story notable.
Pein is treading on dangerous territory with this quote "the very bloggers who hounded Hailey," as he provides no basis for that remark. Hailey was not hounded by this blog. His work was examined and two issues that potentially amounted to academic misconduct were brought to the attention of university officials and Wizbang readers. If you follow the links on one of the final post on Haileygate you will see the Hailey clearly was loosing control of his emotional state, lashing out, and ultimately apologized to me. Dr. Newcomer who is qualified to comment on Hailey's work did just that - yet another fact that Pein ignored.

I received exactly one call from Hailey (my number was given to him by my university contact) and we discussed my concerns over his lack of version control, etc. That's the extent of our contact with Hailey. Though I'm sure that Hailey received all sorts of e-mail, it was Hailey himself who obsessed on, and wallowed in the comments made via e-mail. It was Hailey who made the attacks into "hate" attacks and went to the media to get sympathy. This was an effective strawman against the fact that he was caught red handed perpetrating a cut and paste Photoshop chop job as "proof" that he could duplicate the Bush memos on "typewriter."

If Pein is looking for compelling evidence of lies and fraud he might examine this story that deals with Hailey's "final" report, but I doubt he will avail himself of that oportunity...


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Comments (9)

I think he is also mixing y... (Below threshold)
Innocent Bystander:

I think he is also mixing you and Jonathan Last...


Pein is simply asserting hi... (Below threshold)

Pein is simply asserting himself as the new generation of MSM and deflecting criticism with its tried-and-true defenses. As long as you (yes, YOU) continue to grant Pein and all other MSM'ers the franchise to act as an "MSM'er" they will continue their ways. You are making him relevant by giving him attention. They bite. You shouldn't.

I agree that it's best not ... (Below threshold)

I agree that it's best not to jump when trolled (this guy is a troll in a great, big, evening gown with ruby red slippahs), but I disagree that it's advisable to not discount and expose the troll/err...Corey Pein.

Once it's in print, circulated, in the publicly accessed stream of wordage, it's best to do just what you've done here, Kevin, and that's confront it and establish why the content is polluting the stream.

I was just listening to Hannity and Colmes (FOX News) and this Democratic spokesperson opened her comments about tsunami charity with the ruse, "since President Bush didn't come out (her actual words) until three days afterward..." and then repeated that several times when confronted by Hannity, petulently resolving her words with "the truth is President Bush didn't come out until three days afterward and you and I will just have to agree to disagree on this..." while ignoring the points that Hannity made otherwise.

It's a case of a maneuver that certain (and why are they always) liberals use: say/write something however misleading and then insist it's so and just 'move on' afterward and never engage in any substantive discussion that proves what they're saying as perhaps accurate but not ACTUALLY accurate, as in, the three day thing. Wasn't like Bush was ignoring the problem for "three days" but to hear Democrats (and "spokesperson"s at that!), "President Bush didn't come out until three days later..."

Odd phraseology, to-boot, but I'm not going to go into that other than their language continues to be that of -- the only equivalent I can think of here is -- North Korea, Palestine, places seated in such propoganda and resolute devotion to directly misleading through confrontation with misleading statements...

Not like it's accidental, or happenstance. This guy's piece is presented as knowledge and it's actually, when examined closer (as Kevin has done here) nonsense. Unsubstantiated nonsense. But, once it's in the stream, you either disenfect the stream or you allow the pollution to spread. Unfortunately, this is just one example of that same pollution.

Pein's paradigm makes logic... (Below threshold)

Pein's paradigm makes logical sense. After all, if in his worldview the memos can be Fake but Accurate then bloggers can be Correct but Wrong.

Suzy, you're so right. Lik... (Below threshold)

Suzy, you're so right. Like Colmes on "Hannity & Colmes" and Mara Liasson (sp?) and Juan Williams on Fox News Special Report and Begala on Crossfire: they spew out falsehoods a mile a minute like naughty children who should know better. To discredit all their errors would take hours. If you pick one item and expose it, then it looks like everything else they said is true. So somewhere between taking the time to correct everything or just ignoring or ridiculing the lot, must lie a suitable middle ground until these people grow up.

I'm going to give kevin a c... (Below threshold)

I'm going to give kevin a comment here because paul's post is getting a lot more comments, so I'm giving him props ;)

Keep up the good work Kevin!

OK, who's Corey Pain?? I am... (Below threshold)

OK, who's Corey Pain?? I am totally lost on these posts, guys.


Cindy - search for "CJR" an... (Below threshold)

Cindy - search for "CJR" and see the first thread on Corey Pein at: http://wizbangblog.com/archives/004698.php .

Corey Pein wrote an article in Columbia Journalism Review, defending CBS on the fake memos, promoting Prof. Hailey's discredited study, and attacking bloggers.

His article would be insignificant except for the possibility that the upcoming CBS report on its internal investigation may try to rely on Hailey and Pein.

yo ppl what the fuck are yo... (Below threshold)

yo ppl what the fuck are you guys on about? whats this thing with the "CJR BLOGGATE AUTHOR RESPONDS author"? what the fuck is happening? yo i know that i live in london and im the odd one out with this american talk, but come on don't bore me with that cheap useless subject, talk about news and entertainment, not some stupid author shit. life is to short, so make it worth while. don't bore ppl like me to death, please. is that your ways of entertaining teenagers like me???? if it is then boy you guys need real help. join some clubs it may do you guys some good. in here london life is full of fun times, i thought america was too, proof me wrong.







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