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Kidnapped Marine Charged With Desertion Deserts Again

RALEIGH, N.C. - Cpl. Wassef Ali Hassoun, the Marine who was once thought kidnapped in Iraq only to be charged later with desertion, has disappeared, Marine officials announced Wednesday.

Hassoun had been on leave with his family in West Jordan, Utah, when he was scheduled to return to Camp Lajeune on Tuesday, military officials said. Hassoun's family said they do not know his whereabouts and the military is notifying civilian law enforcement of his fugitive status.

Officials listed Hassoun as a deserter Wednesday. He was charged in December with desertion following a five-month probe into his June disappearance from a U.S. military camp in Iraq.

The only question is whether we find him in hiding out in Jordan (not West Jordan, Utah) or Iraq...


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Comments (14)

Well, let's see ... how wil... (Below threshold)

Well, let's see ... how will the left spin this one:

"Unjustly imprisoned Marine escapes military torture chambers and seeks freedom among his own people"


"Incompetent Bush administration officials failed again in the War on Terror by not prosecuting a US Marine suspected of aiding terrorists"

"Freedom Fighter Escapes Cl... (Below threshold)

"Freedom Fighter Escapes Clutches Of Fascist US Military"

We will see what he claims ... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

We will see what he claims when he seeks and is granted Asylum in Canada.

Lemme get this straight.</p... (Below threshold)

Lemme get this straight.

On LEAVE after being charged with DESERTION? Doesn't the Desertion charge warrant him already a flight risk, but he's on leave anyway?


This guy either has very la... (Below threshold)

This guy either has very large balls or a very small brain, or some combination of both. Okay, once, I can see him thinking he would get away with it. But to do it a second time? What the hell? He has to know they're going to notice and notice that he's the same assmonkey who deserted before!

So my theory: He's either going to show up in Canada demanding asylum, or he's daring the gov't to try and arrest/try him, whereupon he'll BS the media into whining about how he's being treated and how the gov't hates him because he's a muslim.

Didn't we used to hang deserters?

What's the deal with being ... (Below threshold)

What's the deal with being at large when you're charged with something as serious as desertion? Isn't the sentence usually rather severe? Why wouldn't he flee?

My money's on Lebannon or P... (Below threshold)

My money's on Lebannon or Palestine.

I just can't believe we wou... (Below threshold)

I just can't believe we would loose track of him after the first time? I would hope that he couldn't fly out of the country without anyone knowing.

Also, frankly it's not just soliders from the middle east that are looking to get out of the service rather than put themselves in danger. I'm not saying I approve, this is just more than a race, or orginal nationality problem.

Duh!! He's obviously a Manc... (Below threshold)

Duh!! He's obviously a Manchurian Super Terrorist. We flew him back here to the states and now he's escaped to pull off some major attack.

Actually, his earlier shena... (Below threshold)

Actually, his earlier shenannigans got him charged with Unauthorized Absence. (Say, like having charges dropped from Assault to Disorderly Conduct after getting into a friendly brawl at your local bar) We get him back again, he's going to spend a sizable fraction of his remaining life making little rocks out of big ones at Levinworth. And I suspect they'll take special care picking out a cellmate for him...

you're welcome!... (Below threshold)

you're welcome!

you're welcome!... (Below threshold)

you're welcome!

Wasn't there some kind of e... (Below threshold)

Wasn't there some kind of effects of his (ID & uniform?) found in falujah? I think this was more than a case of dessertion. He either was captured or he was a defector (not a deserter). Imho, defection was always a possibility. If this is true, how many marines died because of his information. Even something as trivial as supply schedules would help someone planting a roadside bomb.

I'm amazed this guy wasn't locked up. To be allowed to travel is beyond absurd. The first poster said that the left would spin this to something negative against the Bush administration. It wouldn't be spin. He should have been up for suspicion of defection and not desertion. Of course he wasn't locked up to appease the left.

He's had more than enough t... (Below threshold)

He's had more than enough time to get back to his relatives in Lebonon. When he was picked up there after what, 4 months?, he was sent to Germany. I remember nurses and doctors and his "priest" talking saying that when then it all comes out we'll understand what happened to him. Then he comes home, goes to the Marine base at Quantico and after a month, was repatriated and send to his family for future healing. Then after a month of that, he returned to duty at Camp La jeune, and time went by before he had charged placed against him. Why did they allow him to go on leave when they decided he was going to be charged with desertion and other charges? I'd say that was pretty stupid of the govt, actually the military, so what has really happened to this marine? It's mind boggling that they would allow him to leave the base because now he's gone again. BOLO was sent out and I hope they check with every relative he has here in the states and put a car on his relatives family in Lebonon. If we catch him, he'll spend his life in the brig or worse. What an idiot.







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