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Bill Gates Declares Stone Age Over, releases "Microsoft Fire"

Never let it be said Bill Gates didn't lead the way thru the digital revolution. Bill Gates 2005 = Steven Jobs 1998.

Gates Touts 'Digital Lifestyle' in Vegas

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Despite suffering technical glitches that prompted jokes and guffaws, Bill Gates promised Wednesday that Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) would help millions of consumers stay seamlessly plugged into a world of digital music, movies, video games and television shows.

In his seventh annual keynote speech at the annual International Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft's chairman explained that the proliferation of broadband Internet access and the falling price of data storage are compelling people to put music, photos, movies and other aspects of their life into a digital format.[There's a news flash. -ED]

"We predicted at the beginning of this decade that this would be a decade where the digital approach would be taken for granted," Gates told hundreds of technologists who gathered for his kickoff to the world's largest electronics show. "It's going even faster than we expected."

Well at least he got the last part right. He's an observer in the technology world.

Yeah, I know... I'm a zealot.. But come on, you gotta admit that was an embarrassing speech. Had he made it 5 years ago or even two years ago I would have been more impressed.

To stand at a consumer electronics show and tell industry professionals the world is going digital is just insulting.

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You think his statement is ... (Below threshold)

You think his statement is insulting, Bill Gates actually getting the Blue Screen of Death during his presentation is insulting. Oh yeah, it's hysterical too.

Next thing you know we'll a... (Below threshold)

Next thing you know we'll all be selling our buggy whip stocks and someone will be announcing it's high time for the Democratic party to be moving back towards the center from the far left, by cracky!

Dave,Get with the ... (Below threshold)
Justin B:


Get with the times buddy. What is a Mac? How much competition do Mac's actually pose to Microsoft?

It is all about free open source software. Linux is already eating away at Microsoft's profit margins and open source software like OpenOffice is starting to erode their profits in that arena too. As Linux matures and as Microsoft continues their security problems, more and more uses are turning to open source software as an alternative... especially in the lucrative Server sector.

Piracy and Linux are going to keep Micro$oft from charging $300 for Windows XP or $600 for Office in the very near future and the days of huge profits for the folks in Redmond are almost over.

Bill must have heard the st... (Below threshold)

Bill must have heard the story about the very last manufacturer of magnetic audio tape shutting down and decided that it was now safe to declare the world digital.

Open Source????? Certainly ... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Open Source????? Certainly inspires images of security....hmmm? Kind of like giving everyone your ATM pin number. Linux is the Wikopedia in the world of operating systems.....anybody can add or subtract their two worthless cents and create craptacular chaos. The internet runs on Unix servers so how do you think all those viruses get to your windows box in the first place? If Macintosh ever captures more than 10% of the market those users will catch the digital flu just like the ill prepared and novice windows user.

Just my two worthless cents.

BTW Happy New Year everybody!

Bill is, and always has bee... (Below threshold)

Bill is, and always has been, lost and clueless without his mother (and father to a lesser extent). Bill Gates is nothing more than a stupid, spoiled rich kid whose parents guided him into and through the success he has experienced (including screwing IBM). Don't forget that it was only a few years ago when Gates stated that the whole internet "thing" was a fad. MS has never produced anything original, and likely never will as long as Gates is at the helm. Stealing "Windows" from Xerox and Apple included.

Paul, You are goin... (Below threshold)


You are going to have to start filing Apple and Windows stories under “Politics” instead of "Tech Stuff".

No other topic seems to generate such a shitstorm of diametrically opposed ranting and raving.

No shit, The little dipshi... (Below threshold)

No shit, The little dipshit (Dave) posted over 100 posts all over the blog.

(I edited his posts (to Pro Apple stuff hehe) and to make him look foolish.)

Guess I should delete them now.

Hey, Paul and I agree on so... (Below threshold)

Hey, Paul and I agree on something! Global warming must have an inverse effect in Hell or something.

JustinB: Apple is going to ... (Below threshold)

JustinB: Apple is going to unveil a headless iMac priced at $499.00 next week at MacWorld Expo. It will be configured so you can hook it to any computer monitor OR TV! So any Windows user walking around with an iPod looking to upgrade their home machine is about to have a huge incentive to come over from the Dark Side and drink of the Cupertino Kool-Aid.

I've got a couple of small, older (but working) monitors and a recently replaced 27" TV that just found new missions in life!

Time is on my side Mark... ... (Below threshold)

Time is on my side Mark... Sooner or later you will agree with everything I say.

Hey geniuses, it's about di... (Below threshold)

Hey geniuses, it's about digitized information and greatly reduced storage costs. Gates is pretty damned smart and knows what he's talking about. Reduced storage costs are what is driving this now, and that IS a recent trend. This is about regular people doing this, not early adopters. Most people, believe it or not, do not have digital cameras and they don't listen to MP3s. Hell, there are still lots of folks without PCs, let alone broadband connections.

This is about regular pe... (Below threshold)

This is about regular people doing this, not early adopters. Most people, believe it or not, do not have digital cameras and they don't listen to MP3s.

No truer damnation of Gates could I have penned.

Gates is not about innovation... He's about jumping on the bandwagon and claiming he was leading it the whole way.

SteveL, it's YOU who are mi... (Below threshold)
Mark A.:

SteveL, it's YOU who are missing the boat. Regular people who bought Macs years ago have been doing what Bill Gates claims to be introducing to the world soon. And, I suspect most Mac owners DO have digital cameras, digital camcorders, and MP3 players, and have had them for years because they could make full use of them; their computers came with free bundled software, firewire ports, USB 2.0 ports, and a seamless operating system. Admittedly, Mac owners are a minority, so that explains your statement that "most people" are not digitally equipped.

Stop and think for a moment: If Microsoft offered the complete and seamless support for digital imaging and music that Apple has offered for years, perhaps most of the uninitiated public WOULD have digital cameras, and they would also listen to MP3's.

Truth be know, Paul, remove... (Below threshold)

Truth be know, Paul, remove your partisan filter and tendency towards propaganda and I already agree with most of what you say. But if you applied your analytic skills towards your own party I believe you would find many of the same faults you find in liberals and Democrats. If the DNC had no link for tsunami donations but did have a story titled "Rising Tide", like the RNC did, you would have been all over it. If Democrats were identified with religious zealots you would have attack the activist judge who denied an uncontested divorce to a pregnant woman.

So yea, from the little I've read from you the last couple of weeks you seem to be good at find flaws on the left. Try looking inward a bit, you'll find some flaws there as well.

I've owned a portable MP3 p... (Below threshold)

I've owned a portable MP3 player of one form or another (currently a 4th gen 40 GB iPod - it's so much less clunky than anything else I couldn't believe it) for going on 6 years now. It's nice to know Bill Gates has caught up to me ;-)

And Dave: MacOSX is Unix based (FreeBSD specifically), meaning that if you like fiddling with ini files you'll be in heaven :-) Of course, Apple provides graphical apps to configure Apache and Samba and stuff, but where's the fun in that? ;-)

nerds.... (Below threshold)


meghee, its supposed to ... (Below threshold)

meghee, its supposed to be a comments section, where you respond to the post, no?

If your idea of responding to posts, Barney (I mean Dave), is to insult your host and his friends, then calling you a troll is an insult to trolls.

Open Source????? Certain... (Below threshold)

Open Source????? Certainly inspires images of security....hmmm? Kind of like giving everyone your ATM pin number.

Put down the bong and start breathing oxygen. According to netcraft.com, 2 out of 3 of the world's websites are run on Apache, which is open source. Open source isn't like "giving everyone your ATM pin", it's like letting all the interested and skilled people audit the bank's ATM network; it's about open standards, no "back doors" and no surprises.

This from a guy that wrote ... (Below threshold)

This from a guy that wrote 2 books, and in both of them explained how Microsoft missed the internet, both times.

Thats like writing 2 books on sharpshooting, explaining how you have never hit the target but you should listen to the writer says anyways.

Speeding ahead on the road of thought - kill the headlights and put it in nuetral..........

Headzero, if you're going t... (Below threshold)

Headzero, if you're going to say something, quote the person you got it from

"kill the headlights, and put it in neutral"

Beck - Loser

"stock car flaming with the... (Below threshold)

"stock car flaming with the loser in the cruise control, babies in reno...."

sorry, I love the song

sooooooy un perdidoooor

i'm a loser babyyyyy so why don't you kill meee !!
(get crazy with the cheese whiz)

Perhaps if he had made that... (Below threshold)

Perhaps if he had made that speech a few years after he was born, it might have been something. Even the SF writers didn't catch on until the late 50s. (Read some of the old classics; there are analog computers, motorized slide-rules, ...)

By the 60s, it might have been news to Joe Blow in the street, but anyone in the technical fields saw what was coming.

Zealotry is pathetic. Peri... (Below threshold)

Zealotry is pathetic. Period.

The point of the speech was that CONSUMERS (you know that word is important to this context because it's the "C" in CES) are finally adopting *everything* digital, from phones to televisions to cameras to broadcasting. Those of us that have been immersed in this world for decades are well aware of the fact that analog was king. Still is in MOST households, but things are changing. That was the point. The fact that it has hit saturation point, not that some minor percentage of some 3% market share were doing this stuff years ago. *I* was doing this stuff ten years ago, and on a PC. So what?

If Jobs had said it, you'd be crowing about what a visionary he is. That's part of what makes Apple zealotry so pathetic, the duplicity and disingenuousness of the Apple zealot. Hate to burst your superiority bubble, but ALL computer platforms suck for one reason or another.

Uh oh, now a Zealous vs Zea... (Below threshold)

Uh oh, now a Zealous vs Zealotry twist to the thread. Where's Chuck? I am sure we can debate whether this is Intelligent Design or pure Darwinian Evolution.

Or maybe devolution...

Written on my iBook...

Jim K.Pay attentio... (Below threshold)
Mark A.:

Jim K.

Pay attention. Steve Jobs DID say it--years ago. And, despite the fact that you, me, and other early adopters did what it took to cobble together solutions that mainstream consumers could not fathom 15 years ago, Jobs actually delivered the user friendly, seamless solutions to those mainstream consumers a few years later--and several years before Gate's recent embarrassing speach.

Forget about Photoshop, Premier, Avid, Cubase, Performer and the other digital imaging/video/audio/midi apps. When did Apple begin bundling iLife? 2001? A full four years before Gates announces the new windoze "revolutionary" semi-equivilent?

When did firewire ports become standard on Macs? 1998-9? How common are they on PC's today?

No, Gates is well behind the curve, as usual, and I'm still waiting to see one kernal of innovation from that camp.

Let's see who the visionary... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

Let's see who the visionary is... Apple cuts costs of an iMac to obscene $499 for headless version. Walmart introduces new Laptop running Linux for under $500. Bill gates still rapes people by charging $300 for M$ Windows XP Pro full version. You can buy an entire Mac or Linux Laptop for just a little more than a LICENSE for Windows XP Pro. You would pay over $500 for XP Pro and Office Standard. I can get a Linux Laptop that runs RedHat and OpenOffice and gives even more stability and functionality than the base Windows OS for less than the software costs for Windows.

That is why people still don't own PC's or digital this or that. The price. Now that the price is coming down more people can afford them. How many people don't have a cell phone or a TV. It was when price came down that everyone went out and got one. Gates is missing the boat. At least Jobs is starting to get it.

From my experience of havin... (Below threshold)
john s:

From my experience of having developed for UNIX boxes/macs/PCS and been in the company of their users, it is clear that there are some social and psychological factors commonly ignored. While UNIX lovers really need to get out more often and also get rid of their "questionable hygiene" image, MAC users usually suffer deep psychological flaws and shout from the rooftops about how wonderful macs are, in the vain hope that they this may somehow compensate for their own inherent deficiencies and bestow upon themselves a personality they do not otherwise possess. They bleat on and on ad infinitum, firewire, 64 bit blah blah, while totally disregarding business and market realities. They seem to not know/forget that the $150 million that Microsoft invested in Apple at a crucial time may be in some way instrumental in Apple inc still being afloat. I have no loyalty/good word to/about any os/platform.






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