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Prepare to be unhappy. (I hope I'm wrong)

Drudge has this on the top of his site:


I've been meaning to write a pessimist's view of the upcoming report-- I think many bloggers will be outraged, but it looks like we'll see soon enough.


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Comments (18)

My God -- he really IS goin... (Below threshold)
Steven L.:

My God -- he really IS going to be the one to break the forgery story.

/stifles derisive laughter

Was there ever really any d... (Below threshold)

Was there ever really any doubt that we wouldn't be pleased by the report when it was finally released months, not weeks, later? I never expected the report to be anything other than crap.

Let me get this straight, t... (Below threshold)

Let me get this straight, they are going to release the fake report that they created? They are creating news out of their own failure? Why would they want to release that? Why didn't Dan Rather just huck it in the trash?

I'm so very confused.

Sounds like a "slippery slo... (Below threshold)

Sounds like a "slippery slope" to me!

Hector,I believe it'... (Below threshold)

I believe it's the report stating the results of the internal investigation regarding the fake documents that's due for release. They're not re-releasing the documents themselves. Maybe I'm mis-interpreting what you're saying, too.

So you're saying they did a... (Below threshold)

So you're saying they did a report on their fake report incident? Seems like a waste of time. I think it would be better just to punish Dan Rather. Make him work in a local market somewhere for a week and have to stay in a Best Western or something.

My understanding is that th... (Below threshold)

My understanding is that the report was to determine if there was any misconduct on the part of Rather or CBSNews. However, I agree with you. It's a definite waste of time.

With apologies to Don Henle... (Below threshold)

With apologies to Don Henley, I've got a peaceful easy feeling, and I know they won't let me down. Because I'm already standing on the ground.

Perhaps I misunderstand Drudge's brief note, but why do they need to "release" a report on 60 Minutes? It sounds awfully self-referential. Why not just put it their web site and let us read it for ourselves? I'm not sure what's added by having representatives of a questionable news division interpret a self-conducted report on their own misconduct.

Who is releasing this alleg... (Below threshold)

Who is releasing this alleged report anyway? The Wizbang Weekly Caption Contest panel?

it's all about the ratings,... (Below threshold)

it's all about the ratings,,,

I thought that "outrage" in... (Below threshold)

I thought that "outrage" involved surprise.

Joser, the guy who "did the originals" as you put it is DEAD, so he cannot substantiate anything. His son said that his father would never have written anything like it and in fact thought rather well of GWB.

But all means, if you're happy with the way that Mary Mapes & Dan Rather channel the news from the afterlife, I can't tell you otherwise.

And she has said she doesn'... (Below threshold)

And she has said she doesn't remember doing the memos in question.

Joser: I know that she nev... (Below threshold)

Joser: I know that she never said any such thing.

If that report isn't packed... (Below threshold)

If that report isn't packed full of Down Home Dan Ratherisms, I might just pitch a fit. Then again, I might not.

Joser,How do you k... (Below threshold)


How do you know what's in the report and what it'll say? You wouldn't be blowing smoke up these nice people's behinds, would you?

Hey look everyone, Andre300... (Below threshold)

Hey look everyone, Andre3000 is back!

I think I know what the rep... (Below threshold)

I think I know what the report is about - a memo. I hope I'm wrong on that, too, but it was discussed slightly today and the more knowledge we send these already knowledgeable terrorists, the worst it gets.

Pray for peace and the destruction of all guns - they should collect all guns from all people in Iraq - it's not like they can go hunting in a desert. If the IRAQI council could do all this stuff and other stuff I've mentioned previously; it's a start in protecting these people till things settle down and the terrorists go elsewhere as long as they don't come here.


they should collect all ... (Below threshold)

they should collect all guns from all people in Iraq

"Cindy" gets the award for the most moronic Liberal troll post I've seen here.

How exactly do we pretend we're spreading Democracy by taking away their guns?! Next, we make it illegal for them to say the Pledge of Allegiance? And to post the Ten Commandments?






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