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Thanks for the warning

Somewhere in southern New Hampshire, there's a driving instruction school run by someone with a wicked sense of humor.

A couple months ago, I noticed one of their cars out on the highway. It had a license plate that read "NOLICNS."

Then, the other morning, I saw a second one. This one's plate read "OGODYME."

If it makes the teenagers driving around in them that much more self-conscious as they learn how to handle a car, all the better. In the meantime, thanks for the laughs.



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Comments (7)

Up until last year, I had a... (Below threshold)

Up until last year, I had a 'Support Education' tag that read 2N2 IS5.

I had vanity plates back in... (Below threshold)
Margo Demers:

I had vanity plates back in 2000 when I still lived in New York. They said "STLSTNDG". I had had a tough year with my son, and when people asked me how I was doing, I would say "I'm still standing".

Funny how those plates took on a new meaning after 9/11. I had pople stop me and take pictures of those plates. It sort of summed up the way we are....we're still standing!

I've since moved to Maryland, but somehow those plates never got returned to NY....they are just too special.

I am embarassed to admit I ... (Below threshold)

I am embarassed to admit I had to puzzle over that one for about 15 sec before I got it Sharp.

Thanks for the "NSFW" warni... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the "NSFW" warning on that link, there jackass.

I wish they'd have let me p... (Below threshold)

I wish they'd have let me put an extra space in there (the dingbat behind the counter said it couldn't be done even as I told her there were cars outside right now with multiple spaces). 2N2 IS 5 would have looked much better and more people would have gotten it.

However, 3 people actually made a point of following me / stopping me and telling me what a riot the plate was.

They all 3 were teachers!

I keep threatening to get a... (Below threshold)

I keep threatening to get a custom plate that says TGAPLD4 (Tag Applied For). For a while here in New Orleans there was some sort of loophole where you could get by without a plate with a sign to that effect in your car's window. It got so bad that you couldn't drive anywhere without seeing at least one crappy old beater like that.

There are several things in... (Below threshold)

There are several things in this world I enjoy - weird plates and trying to figure out what they men, swimming and hot tubs.

A girl can dream, can't she?







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