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More Tsunami Videos - Part V

[See all of the Tsunami videos in the Tsunami Video archive.]


Here's a fairly high quality (bit rate) video clip filmed by Bavarian tourists who were at Patong Beach in Thailand filming from a balcony as 3 waves coming in. The dramatic part of the video is that there is a woman walking on the street prior to the surge of the incoming waves. Thanks to Mike from Germany for the video originally aired on German TV (N24).

Download (16 MB) - Right click "Save As."

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Comments (6)

Actually, right before the ... (Below threshold)

Actually, right before the woman comes into view, in the lower right hand corner you can see a dead body floating. Does anyone speak German? Did she make it? I thought the last couple of waves were the dramatic part since your really see the power of the water. The dog screaming didn't help, either. Really scary.

For those who don't speak/u... (Below threshold)

For those who don't speak/understand german, we have here yet another example of sloppy reporting, or german msm bias maybe [surely not - ed].

At 58 seconds into the wmv file a guy with an American accent is heard shouting loudly to the lady to get off the street and keeps on shouting out to her to get off the street. A guy with a german accent is subsequently heard making a single feeble attempt to call out to her.

The german announcer then claims that it was the german tourists that despatately tried to warn the lady about the surge of further incoming waves.

these videos are amazing to... (Below threshold)

these videos are amazing to watch, but also sad.

There seems to be pieces of... (Below threshold)

There seems to be pieces of the video missing. The surge front of the wave is missing as it comes down the street. I wonder if they cut out the parts that might have shown the woman getting washed away. It seems like that's what must have happened.

Hello, I'm from tri... (Below threshold)

Hello, I'm from trichy. If u have any new TSUNAMI VIDEOS PLSE SEND TO ME

The dead body being referre... (Below threshold)

The dead body being referred to is a manequin
not a person. It's floating too high to be a person.






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