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News Flash!


No the Rathergate investigation report hasn't been released yet, but the fact that New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd produced a readable column ought to be worthy of a Drudge style siren.

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Let me know how it is. MoDo... (Below threshold)

Let me know how it is. MoDo isn't worth the effort even when it's worth the effort.

Finally, the truth will com... (Below threshold)

Finally, the truth will come out! I've suspected all along that Rather and Michael Moore are responsible for destroying President Bush's medical and flight records.

Now we'll get to see his true air combat record, which certainly includes dozens of kills.

that was funny!... (Below threshold)

that was funny!

Liar, Liar! Creepy Liar... (Below threshold)
shivas irons:

Liar, Liar! Creepy Liar

That wan't entirely the truth and I feel betrayed... ;-)

At least Thomas got free gi... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

At least Thomas got free gifts instead of stealing things from the FUCKING WHITE HOUSE. Perhaps the NYT should talk to their lovely Senator about her little stealing and gift getting spree on the way out the door. The only thing the Clintons didn't do is have Heidi Fliess working the Lincoln Bedroom to fatten Hil's wallet.

I don't get it, all I saw w... (Below threshold)

I don't get it, all I saw was a typical liberal screech about how Gonzales is a torturer, like a heavy in a bad kung-fu Walker Texas Ranger kind of way. It wasn't funny, even in the watching train wreck kind of way.

Hey Apple, look at what I c... (Below threshold)

Hey Apple, look at what I can do! i can control the stock market with my new I-Pod.

...it's still crap.... (Below threshold)

...it's still crap.

"Readable" ? You're pullin... (Below threshold)

"Readable" ? You're pulling my leg, right? I've never read Maureen Dowd, so I can't compare this with anything else she's written. But you're kidding me - this kind of stuff gets printed in the New York Times? In what section - For Kiddies With IQ Below 50 Section? Tell me this is just a wizbang satire, right?

Steve, you poor thing. Wro... (Below threshold)

Steve, you poor thing. Wrong thread. ;-)

Regarding Ms. Dowdy; it must be a miserable existence to be so bitter all the time and knowing that you're the only righteous person on the planet.

And Thomas declared everything, apparently. Did all the rest of them? Are we sure?

It's funny because it's tru... (Below threshold)

It's funny because it's true (except the whole "readable article part)

"Going through a blistering... (Below threshold)

"Going through a blistering confirmation hearing where his inappropriate behavior was questioned didn't teach Clarence Thomas much. Can we hope for anything better from Mr. Gonzales after he's waved through to be the man in charge of enforcing our laws?"

Do you just love her? "Can we hope for anything better from Mr. Gonzales?"


- As usual she starts right... (Below threshold)

- As usual she starts right off with the BS tie-in to Abu graib, never mind the time lines are 2 years out of whack, or that the whole discussion had not a thing to do with Iraq....What the hell Guantanamo isn't THAT far from the middle east....

- The AssHats must get up every morning and decide what the world will be like that day, brushing aside any semblance of reality or facts...Doesn't seem to work with elections but maybe they could apply it to the lottery....

- I wonder if she cashes her DNC checks at the same bank I use......

CBS just called to say that... (Below threshold)

CBS just called to say that the fax machine at Kinkos is broken and they're unable to get the copy of report to the people responsible for releasing it. Sorry!






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