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What Would You Do?

Let's pretend you run a blog. -- Not too far a stretch for many of you.

Now lets pretend a content spammer tries a unique approach. Rather than just having a bot inject spam, he pretended to be quite a number of different people in your comment section who, by chance, all had a fascination with the same site. They would make heated comments sure to get noticed then work in a passing reference to the site in question so they could post a link.

A veritable human virus.

Now lets pretend said virus forgot his medication one day so he went postal and bombed your blog (under an assumed name) with hundreds of comments for almost a 7 hour period. Let's also pretend that:

You know who the idiot is. You know his real IP number as well as who his ISP is. You know where he lives, right down to his home address. You even have a phone number.

Do you:

A) Plaster the information all over the internet.
B) Sent out a private email to all your "blog-buddies" that this guys is trouble.
C) Contact his ISP and have him dumped.
D) Get some low-life friends of yours to DDOS his website for a few days.
E) Call the phone number and tell his mommy on him.
F) Call his country mental-health professionals because anyone who spends 7 hours bombing a blog needs to be locked up in a rubber room.
G) Demand an apology (if even by email) so you won't do A-F
H) Go on with your life.
I) Put up a smart-assed post revealing just enough information about the guy that he will know that you know who he is and that maybe he should find another toybox to play in.
J) Other

Hypothetically of course...

Postscript: I know at least two of my regular readers will know from this post who it is. I ask you to hold it to yourself for now... If you are busting at the seams, email me... I'll give a cookie to the first right answer.

And a private message to the troll in question: Did you say you wanted to know who is more net savvy? You've been pwned.

Comments (40)

How about all of the above?... (Below threshold)

How about all of the above? Post the information. Contact his ISP. Demand an apology.

While I'd like to say all o... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

While I'd like to say all of the above, best to first contact him personally (if you can) and if that doesn't work, contact his ISP.

Don't put yourself in jeopardy of losing your ISP by doing something rash.

What does he think you did that ticked him off?

Corky Boyd
Sanibel FL

Corky is probably right. R... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

Corky is probably right. Regardless of how fun it would be for you to do a combination of your suggestions, why risk your ISP (or pocket book) just to prove a point that has long since been made.

I think a combination of talk to him/let him know that maybe he should find another toybox to play in, would be best.

If he ignores you, contact his ISP.

Yes to all of the above. Ma... (Below threshold)

Yes to all of the above. Make the pecker pay. Sign his email and ISP up to every spam service you can find. Post his phone number in every gay chat room you can find. Add his address to the sexual offender list in his state. No, that's too harsh. Just want to ruin his internet life, not his real one.

I say do at least A & D.

I don't want to live in a w... (Below threshold)

I don't want to live in a world where impaling someone like this on a spike isn't considered the first option.

Contact him (?) privately a... (Below threshold)

Contact him (?) privately and let him know you know. If all stops, let it drop for the moment. But keep your research data.

If he does it again, or otherwise causes a problem, contact his ISP (C).

If that fails, then the following, one at a time, until the problem is resolved.

I, B, A, D, H

I like contacting him direc... (Below threshold)

I like contacting him directly first, even if we all realize this is futile. You are still meeting your "obligations" and, more importantly, rising above the level of your enemy (something America has SUCCESSFULLY done thus far in EVEY war we have entered).

But my comment is one of cuiriousity, and may very well be due to my lack of hip-ness... (if it simply a typo, please do not contact my [employers] ISP and track me down)

What is pwned?

That ET contest was great fun.

I vote for options C and I.... (Below threshold)

I vote for options C and I.

Let the child suffer.

I assume Kevin is contactin... (Below threshold)

I assume Kevin is contacting him as we speak since the guy is reading this.

Haha! pwnage! I love it.<... (Below threshold)

Haha! pwnage! I love it.

The correct answer is: ALL OF THE ABOVE, several times over.

Link for Tom:<a hr... (Below threshold)
Well lets say you do items ... (Below threshold)

Well lets say you do items A, E, or F. That may reuslt is a harrassment complaint and a call from the authorities. D is just plain illegal (I believe it would be a criminal conspiracy). So that leaves options B, G, H, I and J. If it was me I would just ban his IP address or if you can do MAC address filtering ban it. and get on with your life.

Tom, <a href="http... (Below threshold)



Not Safe For Work (language & loud noises)

Find a picture of his house... (Below threshold)

Find a picture of his house here:


Post it.

And do C)

"Pwned" is so...2001. I pr... (Below threshold)

"Pwned" is so...2001. I prefer "pwnt" or in special cases "zwnt".

Chad he used multiple IPs. ... (Below threshold)

Chad he used multiple IPs. (60ish) So you can't just ban him and be done with it.

I'll tell you how to use multiple IPs in email if you want, it is quite easy to do... But I'll pass on posting it here.

"Pwned" is so...2001. I... (Below threshold)

"Pwned" is so...2001. I prefer "pwnt" or in special cases "zwnt".

So- I'm old! lol

I don't know, I PWNED quite... (Below threshold)

I don't know, I PWNED quite a few people this year in BroodWar!

I love Micro 3v3 0 Clutter. Sometimes a little too much I think.

I'm personally fond of K) U... (Below threshold)

I'm personally fond of K) Using the information to launch a cruise missile up his backside.

Thats OK I know how to that... (Below threshold)

Thats OK I know how to thats why I suggested the MAC address filtering if you can do that. My hardware firewall allows me too.

TallDave, Thanks. ... (Below threshold)


Thanks. I actaully prefer being un-hip rather than the one to rain on ol' Wizbang.

You could take that sat-pic and load it up on your site with no commentary. As far as anyone might know it is nothing, but one certain sob will know he was pwned (right?)...

Thank the Lord that the PAT... (Below threshold)

Thank the Lord that the PATRIOT Act allows terrorists like this to be locked up to keep us safe from the terror he has caused.

Paul: After making defamat... (Below threshold)

Paul: After making defamatory comments about him (by reference) with your post I strongly recommend that you refrain from employing one of your proposals: disclosing his true identity.

If you have his address, GO... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

If you have his address, GO OLD SCHOOL ON HIS ASS and mail bomb him by filling out hundreds of magazine subscription cards to his home for stuff like cat fancy, OUT magazine, S&M Monthly, and Rock Hard Ebony Men. It really doesn't prove anything, but at least it doesn't leave an IP Trail and his neighbors and postman will sure think he is a freak. Plus he probably lives with his mom and dad and they might make him drop the bong, get off the couch, and go get a real job. Maybe even make him get some counselling to come to terms with his freakish sexual issues.

I think I've figured it out... (Below threshold)

I think I've figured it out...

It must be the only person to comment, meekly, and advise that you don't reveal who it/he is.

Paul,Option C.... (Below threshold)


Option C.

I've done it before and it ALWAYS gets the point across.

I vote for C and H. He's ta... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I vote for C and H. He's taken up enough of your time and efforts, Paul. And thanks for cleaning up his spew on my postings as well.

Maybe some day ISPs will work together like casinos, and share lists of proven bad customers.


But are any of these sugges... (Below threshold)

But are any of these suggestions enough to stop Soros? I don't know...he has a lot resources...

A, B, C, E, and H.... (Below threshold)

A, B, C, E, and H.

You might want to also check with the District Attorney covering his place of residence and ask if any state laws are being violated.

If he is in your state, by chance, then you also have the possibility of small claims court (starting small) to sue for damages (your lost time, bandwidth, etc.). If you want to go bigger, then civil suit would likely prevail.

Getting personal is an absolute loser and puts you in legal jeopardy if anything untoward happens to him.

Call Ann Coulter...as soon ... (Below threshold)

Call Ann Coulter...as soon as she has dropped the nuke on North Korea...give her his address!

TallDave, I love the Turret... (Below threshold)

TallDave, I love the Turret Warz Maps...I love pwn4g3 ;)

for anyone who is interested in more l337 h4x02 sl4ng:

Justin B's - LOL. My colleg... (Below threshold)

Justin B's - LOL. My college roomie and I dropped that daisy cutter on some obnoxious neighbors. The Obnoxiousness Geiger Counter reading dipped dramatically after about 3-4 weeks. Their mail dipped dramatically about 3-4 weeks after the Counter reading. And everybody went back to drinking and balling and lived happily ever after. Except the magazine publishers, who got the long, hard shaft. Served them right for having subscriptions cards that fall out every time you open their magazine, though. It's a pain always having to pick those things up.

After making defamatory ... (Below threshold)

After making defamatory comments about him (by reference) with your post I strongly recommend that you refrain from employing one of your proposals: disclosing his true identity.

There are no defamatory statements in the post. The truth is an absolute defense to a claim of defamation. The person who did this IS in fact a virus. Therefore there is no defamation.

I prefer F. You may have a... (Below threshold)

I prefer F. You may have a duty to society to get this guy/girl off the streets.

I've had a little bit of ex... (Below threshold)

I've had a little bit of experience with this kind of thing, here's my 2 cents:

What he did is asinine, but its not really illegal. If you post personal real life info about someone on the net with the intent to harass them or to induce others to harass them you could be endangering your domain and IP if he decides to get the law involved. Look at the big picture here. You are talking about crossing over into real life, which is a no-no on the net unless someone is harassing you in real life. I mean, do you reallly want to get into a war with this psycho? He probably has surrogates that would love to continue harassing Wizbang. I personally wouldn not be able to resist letting him know you know who he is. Then see if there are any other problems. The big picture is you don't need the grief, this guy probably revels in it. Posting people's real life info is wrong. There is also the tiny possibility you could be mistaken.

Tongueboy,I occasi... (Below threshold)
Justin B:


I occasionally have been known to subscribe my single male 30-something friends with no children to Mary Kate and Ashley or Teen Beat. F*ing Perverts... =)

I have some envelopes with ... (Below threshold)

I have some envelopes with things like "Personal and Confidential Aids Test Results" and "Act Now: Your Subscription to Butt Buddies Magazine is about to Expire" that are perfect for mailing to the place of employment of an offender. But here in Texas we normally just get rid of trash with the trusty ole lethal injection. No returns that way.

I think Chad has an idea --... (Below threshold)

I think Chad has an idea -- but I (a) don't know if I can do MAC address filtering, nor -- if I can -- (b) how.

Or even (c) how to find out if I can.

Tutorials, gentlemen, please! MAC filtering would be a dang sight more useful than IP banning.

Instead of asking us what's... (Below threshold)

Instead of asking us what's to do, ask yourself.
The problem with "quietly telling him to stop" is that, best case, he'll simply continue to do the same crap to others, excluding you.
Ethically, it's the same as catching a burgler climbing into your house. He is engaging in a violation of your territory. But, Gee, if you oppose him it could be nasty and brutish, and if you call the cops, there's paperwork and forms. So, how about just telling him about a house two down, where they're out of town for the weekend, so if leaves you alone, and he hits them instead, no one can catch him?
Do you have any reasonable expectation that this guy will stop, completely, if you tell him to?

McGehee,MAC addres... (Below threshold)


MAC address filtering is worthless for this... I'd explain why in email but every time I email you it bounces back. (some freaking spam filter)

Trust me it is 100% a complete non solution.

If you want details, I'll find a way to mail you. I hesitate to drop them here, I have enough idiots to deal with.







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