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The 10 Spot - Headline Edition

Ten headlines that you may have missed...

  1. Four-Year-Old Boy Alive After Being Pronounced Dead

  2. Charities face costly meth lab cleanups

  3. Voting by dead people isn't always a scam

  4. Moss and the Dysfunctional Vikings Look to End Season in Green Bay

  5. Why are fat sitcom husbands paired with great-looking wives?

  6. Cartoon-lover renames Bevis Lake as Butthead Lake for joke

  7. Julia Roberts Buys Land From Rumsfeld

  8. Rejecting Rooney's Super Butt

  9. UK Christians Burn TV Licenses Over Springer Opera

  10. And finally, Britney wants to be friends with Christina
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Comments (2)

Sorry for the duplicate tra... (Below threshold)

Sorry for the duplicate trackback Kevin. I moved some stuff around in the story after adding the trackback, and when I reposted you got the duplicate trackback. Please go ahead and delete the bottom-most of the two listings. Thanks.

#8. "The network's censors... (Below threshold)

#8. "The network's censors have rejected a 15-second commercial designed by the cold-tablet company Airborne for February's Super Bowl in which Rooney shows off his bare 84-year-old backside.

"I would say that he's disappointed," Airborne coowner Rider McDowell said of the screen legend.

McDowell said Friday that his company was never explicitly told why the spot, initially accepted by the network, was refused last month by its standards and practices department."


Maybe, just maybe, it's because we don't want to see an 84-yr-old fart's backside!!! Ick!






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