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Unplanned Downtime

I'm aware the Wizbang was down for several hours this evening. Sorry about that.

Our host, Hosting Matters, was targeted by a DDOS attack. Details here.


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» Josh's Weblog linked with DDOS Attack on Major Blogs

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The weird thing was that it... (Below threshold)

The weird thing was that it wasn't just you. Instapundit, LGF and a couple more conservative type blogs were down last night, but not Daily Kos, it was very strange.

Yeah, it was the whole fam-... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it was the whole [email protected] Fortunately for me, I haven't moved to my new HM home yet, so I outed this at Free Republic and on my Xanga blog last night and got the whole Freeper world stirred up and we bashed everybody from Islamofascists to Teddy Kennedy (at least, I think he was mentioned - and if not, he should have been, as always. Twas fun.

I think that the grouping o... (Below threshold)

I think that the grouping of conservative blogs that are currently nested on one host ought to consider branching out. All I can share is, "in my experience" perhaps there are alternative servers out there that some of you would find reliable.

Yes, I wondered what was go... (Below threshold)

Yes, I wondered what was going on. The "details here" link above doesn't explain it. I understand DDOS means distributed denial of service, from reading Josh's weblog. Is there any further info? Is it caused by overload (like many people going to the sites looking for news on the Thornburgh Report)? Or is it caused by sabotage?

You have to wonder if there... (Below threshold)

You have to wonder if there's a connection between this attack and the lower-class twit of the year who's been causing trouble around here.

Sunday night, same thing. ... (Below threshold)

Sunday night, same thing. Couldn't access wizbang, LGF or Powerline for about 3 hours. Was able to get to the backup site, but its last use was in November, no current news.

Alert - MSM, NY Time... (Below threshold)

Alert - MSM, NY Times blackout on breaking story of Hillary Clinton's involvement in her own Senate campaign's finance fraud: Hillary's Indictment Problem.

Details of Hillary Clinton's involvement here.

What is a DDOS??Ci... (Below threshold)

What is a DDOS??


BR: meant to say thanks for noticing I've been a longtime commenter here. Never seen you before; did you change your name?






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