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The Worst Kept Secret In Hollywood...

Is that, as Page Six reports, Michael Moore is supposed to win a People's Choice Award tonight for Fahrenheit 9/11. Martin Sheen, who plays the president on The West Wing, will be the presenter. By people they mean online poll cheaters...

Update: This was posted during the People's Choice Awards prior to the award. Due a system outage at our hosting company it got a bit mangled.


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Comments (14)

Ha, you are so right. I wa... (Below threshold)

Ha, you are so right. I was going to write about this an hour or so ago (may still) but got bogged down by similar cheaters elsewhere.

I am just disgusted that Mi... (Below threshold)

I am just disgusted that Michael Moore is apparently going to publish the private letters of American KIAs from Iraq in his next book. He should be ashamed at using their own words to protest the war they died in.

If they were alive today they would not want him to use them to help the whole world see their deaths as a pitiful waste and a tragedy that didn't have to happen. This man must be stopped, before everyone in America hears their stories.

minnie, you're an idiot.</p... (Below threshold)

minnie, you're an idiot.

I personally have over a hundred letters from soldiers that are willing to go public and state for the record that they wrote them. I was considering a book, but I don't know if I have the talent for it. I may just publish them online.

Did Moore's book offer independantly verifiable names?

Do you REALLY believe that "Will They Ever Trust Us Again" is 100% legit?

Would you like to buy some New Mexico oceanfront property?

Hrm... Massive hurricanes, ... (Below threshold)

Hrm... Massive hurricanes, massive underwater earthquakes causing massive Tsunami's, Ya know, JimK, buying ocean front propertly in New Mexico might not be a bad idea... Scientists know that California is unstable, it's not if it falls into the ocean, it's when.

Cool. I know a guy who kno... (Below threshold)

Cool. I know a guy who knows a guy. It's cheap, but it's the good stuff.

Wait, that's for DVD players that fell off a truck. It's my cousin that has the land.

You need any watches?

JimK, I'm happy with the wa... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

JimK, I'm happy with the watch I got now, but I'll keep you in mind.

That reminds, me, though...

"Need any wood?"


"Online poll cheaters?" Hmm... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"Online poll cheaters?" Hmm... can't say I've heard of those before, but it sounds pretty despicable.


Neither I nor my family hav... (Below threshold)

Neither I nor my family have been to any theater since Regal Cinemas deciced that showing Moore's movie was simply a business decision vs. implied consent to Moore's twisted view of the world. The great thing is, I don't miss it. Between the ticket, snacks and the $4 soda, I can think of better ways to spend $15-20/person. Steaks on the grill, an bottle of merlot and a DVD and we're still saving money and we get to spend time as a family, not just sit in a dark room.

I hope they save that Micha... (Below threshold)

I hope they save that Michael Moore ballon for the Macy's Day parade this year.

Enjoy.<a href="htt... (Below threshold)
At one time the People's Ch... (Below threshold)

At one time the People's Choice Awards used Gallup a real polling service to gauge winners. Now they use an onlne poll which is easy to manipulate. One need only log on under different screennames and vote for Michael Moore's film. Theoretcally, on AOL one could change screennames instantly and vote a 100 times. The DNC did this type of fraud during the presidential debates. They sent out an e-mail urging Kerry supporters to vote on all the internet polls such as ABC, CBS, CNN, etc.

Internet polls are not scientific and are totally unreliable.

The worst thing about this ... (Below threshold)

The worst thing about this is all of a sudden he's being paired against Mel Gibson and the movie "The Passion." Since when was Mel Gibson and Michael Moore even on the same page? How did Michael Moore even get his lopsided DOCUMENTARY a movie?

Something is really wrong here.


cindy: my thoughts, to the... (Below threshold)

cindy: my thoughts, to the teee. I have some thoughts about this I planned to write about (have written about it before, however) but the salient part is that (1.) there's the film industry; (2.) populated by people employed in the film industry; (3.) populated by people who gain employment in the film industry by possessing some useful skills within a film industry; (4.) the film industry exists by creating a product, and it's called "film" otherwise known as "motion pictures" to people who are employed to create the product(s); (5.) multimillion dollar educational institutions exist to provide the film industry with persons as employees who have been instructed in what the film industry is and what the product represents, and more; and, (6.) Michael Moore is now being touted as having created a "documentary" out of pieced together footage with oddball voice over by people and an industry that is supposed to be able to recognize genres in filmmaking.

Moore has no more created a "documentary" than Hitler lived in Laurel Canyon and instructed local Jewish children on how to play the piano. It is mindnumbing to me to see to what extent so many people are going to elaborate about what Moore has authored as being "a documentary" when it should, rather, be summed up far more smartly and efficiently, and that is that Moore has not authored a documentary but a piece of fiction, a cartoon with live action, a political work of propoganda.

But not a documentary. Even Reuters/AP caption his ongoing photos by labelling (mislabelling, rather) Moore as "a documentary filmmaker" as if that makes him such.

It's like, presto, he's "A DOCUMENTARY!" And Hitler was a kindly and calm person interested only in gardening. Yeah, that's it...

It's entirely embarrassing to me as someone involved in the arts to even read/see this sort of monstrous violation of the film genres themselves, and all this from people who accredit themselves as those who know one from the other. But, obviously, do not.

Moore has no more created a... (Below threshold)

Moore has no more created a "documentary" than Hitler lived in Laurel Canyon and instructed local Jewish children on how to play the piano.

Only uneducated people would call this piece of fiction a documentary.






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