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The 10 Spot - Kitchen Sink Edition

Ten stories completely unrelated to Dan Rather or CBS, that you may have missed if you spent all day obsessing over the Rathergate report (you know who you are)...


  2. Michelle Malkin (who has been all over the Rathergate story as well) reports on a case of little girls lemonade stand that's run afoul of government red tape.

  3. BoiFromTroy reports on the Worst Dressed of 2004 List. Here's your winner.

  4. Mac fans are falling all over themselves saying how brilliant it is that Apple is going to sell a $500 Mac, unfortunately a similarly equipped Dell Dimension PC starts at $449 including the monitor.

  5. Hold please....

  6. You can own Nicole Kidman's little black dress... mmmm....

  7. What a catchy title. Happy Birthday Hammy...

  8. Has the mystery of the Bush bulge been solved?

  9. McDonald's customer Ann McDonald is going to be in the market for kid's meals soon.

  10. All your aptitude test are belong to us. 13 year-old scores 1600 on the SAT.
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Comments (21)

You did not just compare a ... (Below threshold)

You did not just compare a dell bottom liner to a Mac, did you? My eyes are bleeding and my soul is screaming at the indignity.

I worked hardware/os escalations for Dell. Evil evil machines, ESPECIALLY the entry level ones. Dell escalations were loads of fun.

Usually I got the irate housewife or grandmother who was told confidently by the unaccountable man in Dell's India or Philipines sweatshop that her problem could be solved by booting to her Utility Disk and typing fdisk at the command prompt. Then hanging up while it "fixed" her problem.

If you have to buy a PC I guess Dell is better than most, only because you can buy something like 5 years of hardware support and trust me, you will need it.

Lets see how long these comments are left open. People just cannot seem to talk about Mac/PC nicely. Can't everyone just get along? *sniffle*

I may get some negative fee... (Below threshold)

I may get some negative feedback from this, but I just don't get all this Nicole Kidman love. She's not bad looking by any stretch, but she's not even on my top 100 women. Even her talent doesn't impress me. She won an Oscar because she put a rubber nose on.

Now, Rosa Blasi -- there's a hottie! (She's on the show Strong Medicine). I guess I gravitate to Latin-looking women. Selma Hayek. YEAH! I still think about her in the horror flick "From Dusk Till Dawn."

Darn it, Kevin, now I gotta take a cold shower. Look what you started.

I'd rather own an expensive... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

I'd rather own an expensive cheap Mac than some weeny box from Dell.

unfortunately a similarl... (Below threshold)

unfortunately a similarly equipped Dell Dimension PC starts

There's no such thing.

Dude, I'm not getting a Del... (Below threshold)

Dude, I'm not getting a Dell. Ever.

[email protected]#k mac, give me a mo... (Below threshold)
iggi marco:

[email protected]#k mac, give me a monitor,keyboard and a mouse!!!!!!!!!. what the hell?, how am i soupped to use it without those!...they found a way to make it cheaper..but at the end it is not!...i have an ibook, it constantly fails and fails...my sony vaio pc have been keeping my rythem for 4 years now, GO SONY!..bad bad mac

Yikes, a Mac/PC debate.... (Below threshold)

Yikes, a Mac/PC debate.

Thanks for the link, Kevin!

Ever notice that anytime so... (Below threshold)

Ever notice that anytime someone bashes a Mac they always claim to have a PC box AND a Mac? Or they claim to have one at work?? (or school)

It was like a few years ago in Talk Radio... Liberals always called and claimed to be Republican then proceeded to trash all Republicans. After 20 seconds on the phone you could tell they were not Republican but they thought it gave them cred.

Meanwhile, back in real life, Mac buyers have a rebuy rate the envy of marketers of every brand, yet every guy on the internet bashing Macs claims to have one and be dissatisfied with it.

Pardon me while I hit the 'reset' button on my BS detector.

"There's no such thing."</p... (Below threshold)

"There's no such thing."


Somene's mac penis was mocked in the shower again, and he's all out of sorts!

Kev,Enjoy your sit... (Below threshold)


Enjoy your site, and always enjoy your "10" lists. Given that we have the Mac/PC thing going, I have to make comment, as an investor and (MBA-type) businessman.

This is a BIG thing from a marketing point of view. Apple has really done their homework and positioned themselves almost ideally to make this a tsunami move in the low end market. You are going to be amazed at the sales that this item will make, on the coattails of the iPods.

I expect this to at least double Apple's currently minor position in the consumer market share within about 9 months. Talk to teens and sub-25s. This is the point where product design and general coolness(marketing) will make its mark on the currently commoditized computer market.

And there's more where this came from, I'd bet.

As someone who builds his o... (Below threshold)

As someone who builds his own PCs from scratch to play the latest games, I can say there is "no such thing" unless this Dell runs OS X.

It's not a matter of "mac penis envy" it's a matter that OS X beats down Windows OS in almost every conceivable way.

I use both, administrate both in a professional environment and have spent skadillions on both.

If I have to get something done -- either client side or server side -- I'll take the $500 Mac over even the $1,500 Dell. For games I'll roll my own solution and spend less for far more umph than either can provide.

Oh geez you delusional mac ... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

Oh geez you delusional mac moonies .... all the computers use the same freaking components. Okay? Same memory, same video cards, same modems, same Ethernet controllers, same optical drives, same plastic and wires and silicon. Okay? There is nothing special about a mac. Nothing. The difference and it's not much of a difference is the chip. The chip has a different set of instructions. So you can't run OS x on a wintel and you can't run windows natively on a mac. If you want to run something similar to a mac on a wintel you can run a linux flavor or unix. If you want to run windows on a mac you can run it in an emulator. There is nothing special about a mac. Nothing. It is not the magical, mystical box that miraculously makes you more creative or artistic or smarter or better or superior to all other computer users. It's just a box full of mostly the same components as all the other boxes.

The only reason these pc vs mac discussions persist is because it's so easy to get the mac nuts all riled up. So.....it's fun. Like annoying your sibling was as a kid. I have macs and pc's....that' right Paul ....I have mac's and pc's. But I mostly keep that fact under my hat because quite frankly the mac "communitiy" has become somewhat of an embarassment. Acting as if they have something besides a personal computer on their desktop. It's not the starship enterprise for crying out loud it's a personal computer with an ibm chip and a unix operating system running all the same hardware components as all the other pc's running windows on an intel or amd chip. No difference...none what so ever. Accept of course for the cost and the lack of choice with mac. Take it the way steve configures it for you or not at all, and that is why Apple lost the computer wars.

$500 bucks no monitor no input devices? What the f***. Where is the bargain?

This box here from dell is better than the one linked to in the article Dell Dimension 3000 It's $499 with a pentium 4 - 512 mb ram with monitor and keyboard for crying out loud.

But your not going to be doing anything fancy or exciting on a dell or a mac with those specs. Office apps and internet is all your going to get for $500.

One last thing regarding mac's and the internet. I had an iMac I got from a costumer who couldn't figure it out.....yeah it happens.....I gave it to my kids to play on the internet with. My kid was always complaining because this game or that site did not work on the imac...but did on my old dell dimension 8100......so I sold the imac to another client, gave the dell to the kids and built my own box ...intel p4....windows xp....I plug a toaster into this thing and xp would have drivers built in.

iDvd is a great application. So is Final Cut.

Apple's products have a cer... (Below threshold)

Apple's products have a certain aesthetic, and pleasing quality to them which hasn't been matched by anyone else in the industry. You look at one and say, "ahh... yes. Beautiful. I want one." But not only do their products look pleasing, but they're also very powerful and useful, particullarly for artistic people such as video and sound. Steve Jobs is an artist, and his machines are modern works of art.

Apple has my vote.

First of all, i have to con... (Below threshold)
iggi marco:

First of all, i have to congratulate Jim Hines for such a true explanation...i am wiht you too.

And Paul, if you would like to see a picture, webcam,video of my mac and sony pc, just e-mail me, you are invited, or just come by down to florida i will give you a tour of my house...perhaps your BS detector is not working properly on your mac, I ment your pc....emm what was that...whatever.

The funny thing with these ... (Below threshold)

The funny thing with these Mac/PC debates is that the pc folks always claim the mac guys are just jealous "penis envy". I guess because pc's have a bigger penis it must be better? Is that the logic?

Well not to be crude, but what is the use of a ginormous penis if it is constantly flacid?

If you judge a computer by your ability to play on games.Yahoo.Com, well then you probably are better off with a pc anyway. Also, I do not know many Mac users who buy their machines and expect to become artistic as a result. I do however know many people who buy the biggest, most overblow pc they can buy from the megamart and sit behind it with mouse in hand and expect to have some sort of
divine transfer of knowledge on how the freakin thing works.

I am sorry, but I worked for Dell on the service end. Dell folks can sit and say how fabulous those machines are all day long. I know better. Just as an example I would get probably 4 calls a day from irate people who had just received their machine and plugged it in to find a blue screen. 4 a day that are bad in the box and that was just at my regional office. There are hundreds of offices like that in the US and then all the sweatshops overseas.

You do not find many Mac users pondering secretly, "Man i sure wish I could get a pc. I sure wish my Mac did that." PC folks always have the same answer, "Mac is crap! No available software. Yeah it looks nice but it is crap!"

These are the self annointed pc gurus who I use to work with in IT. Xenophobic about anything that isn't made by Microsoft. I had a tech swear to me that the reason the mail server was going down in the executive corridor was because one of the art department guys had his Freakin' Mac hooked up to the network. Please. It was going down because the idiot secretary of the General was emailing 80 mb powerpoint presentations to the entire mailing list(40) for weekly staff meetings. But to him, it was the Mac. Idiot.

Mac people do not envy PC users, we wish we could enlighten them but most are too afraid and thick-headed to see it that way. So be it. Wait with giddy delight for "Longhorn" to come out and then get ready for the seventy five service packs and patches that are sure to follow and the total inability to use any of your peripherals any longer. Gotta love those drivers.

'but I just don't get all t... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'but I just don't get all this Nicole Kidman love. She's not bad looking by any stretch,'

I've never heard a hetero guy who liked her. Looks like a wax mannequin to me. And she stayed in a marriage to Tom Cruise. What else can you say.

I gotta jump in here in def... (Below threshold)

I gotta jump in here in defense of what was written, top o' the thread, about DELL.

While I DID purchase DELL's highest end model, I also purchased the Extended Warranty which was the finest bit of addon I've ever purchased. Not expensive, either.

AND, I've had excellent service from DELL, particularly this last year, and that was toward the end of my warranty, not that it wasn't still in effect, just that DELL never commented about any age issues with parts/anything, just diagnosed problems and then replaced parts. Sent a guy with new parts or else shipped replacement peripherals and did so within sometimes 24 hours.

And, the people in "India" who now handle most of the DELL Support calls (Technical Support, at least) are EXCELLENT. EXCELLENT. They may plod along compared to some more zippy locals but they do a very thorough and detailed examination by a written procedural process that results in a conclusion, and that has been my experience with DELL's Technical Support and particularly with the employees in India.

A few years ago, my first year with the DELL I still have, DELL had a horrible problem with too few Support persons and the hold times were horrific in waiting to discuss whatever concerns, such that it was discouraging to even try to contact them beyond a catastrophic breakdown.

BUT, DELL's improved and I've noticed it and I can say, in my experience, having had some major replacement parts issues due to some unexplained negative impact to my system from last year...whatever it was...resulted in DELL replacing: Monitor, network card, speaker system, memory, motherboard and processor. Not all at once (eventual replacement was processor, motherboard and memory, which was last to be diagnosed and fixed the ongoing problem, although the peripherals all failed at once last year when the problem first was noticed).

I'm just saying that there is no way I would not buy another DELL and plan to do so as soon as I am able, but certainly have no rush to do so since what I've got is super, pretty much almost all new due to new motherboard/processor/memory which was done only one week ago.

DELL's provided me with great service, an excellent product and resolved problems BUT they did not a few years ago -- it was a bad experience even getting through to them, much less getting anyone there to make any sense or resolve anything (and that's the local help, sorry, not the ones in India). But, now, this last year especially, DELL's training there has really paid off because they have extended excellent remedies to me, just excellent.

I'd recommend DELL and to anyone and everyone but I also recommend that you spring for the Extended Warranty, no hesitation, and if you purchase that, DELL jumps to assist you. It isn't expensive, either and far better protects your purhase and your efforts later.

They still have some work to do with the local based folks in Customer Service, but the Technical Support folks are truly great. At least now they are.

Oh, and also replaced hardd... (Below threshold)

Oh, and also replaced harddrive. No charge.

And, I have more computing ... (Below threshold)

And, I have more computing capability compared to a MAC that my neighbor uses, which wurrs and snags and the guy has had constant problems with it in only one year.

I'm just saying, DELL now provides very capable processing if you buy serious memory and a lot of the "my MAC is bigger than your DELL" is just nonsense. I realize that both have advantages but it's no longer an issue of who is faster/more capable than who.

I know that Lucasfilm, Ltd. relies on DELL...just saying...

And, those few random calle... (Below threshold)

And, those few random callers with 'blue screens right out of the box" probably received equipment damaged by shipment.

Not by manufacturer. Mine worked fabulously right out of the box and the only problems I experienced all happened at once and that was last summer, everything seemed affected...everything was routinely diagnosed one at a time, and replaced one at a time until a complete repair was effected by DELL.

They sent me a printer that arrived in a box with an end smashed and it was a shipper's problem...probably the same thing for those with the "blue screen on arrival..."

I mean, that's an abnormal thing to occur, not like it happens with all DELLs all the time, just some people out of hundreds of thousands is my point.

DELL needs to improve their AMERICAN staff. The local people often have bad attitudes, express a lack of patience and empathy with customers, are really not great employees. Need to be improved, as I've written and I think DELL is probably aware of that. But, they've got a great process going in foreign centers and those people are not only polite, they are genuinely nice, personal, very kind, thoughtful, and very intelligent. I've had great service from DELL and I'd never hesitate to buy from them again.

I'd buy a MAC but as I've written before, I often find the entire behavior by most MAC users to be too much for me. I just don't want to go there. I agree that the thing isn't the Star Ship Enterprise but I really wonder if most MAC users do. Again, Paul excluded.

But, what I think it is is that once you have a bad expereince with a merchant, manufacturer, whatever it is, it's very hard to reason otherwise. I guess my experiences with MAC users has been nearly routinely poor such that I just can't identify...and I like my DELL and plan on purchasing their XPS end of the year.

I admittedly have been away... (Below threshold)

I admittedly have been away from Dell for over 2 years. I was contracted to take the escalation calls from an outsourced tech center. Dell outsources ALL their first line tech support. I agree there is a huge problem with the AMERICANS working for the service centers. They main problem is they are working irratic hours for maybe 7 bucks if they are lucky. Dell is very serious about metrics and production quotas probably due to the huge problem with wait times when I was there.

The india offices had been open about a year and it was horrible. I am not making up the part about the fdisk. They literally were just formating and reinstalling all systems without letting folks know what was going to happen to their data. The reason being is that Dell at that time, I am not sure about now, was not holding their overseas centers to the different quotas and quality control issues. They were just bodies on phones. They were not graded on satisfaction or on wait time etc.

I often found the problems with the blue screens out of the box were due to the software not being properly configured at the factory and reinstalling would usually fix it. Dell use to put their machines through the 3 foot test, or so we are told, they would drop their finished product in its shipping container off a table three feet off the floor.

I think the extended service plan is a MUST for a Dell user and for all the reasons you supply. I personally prefered dealing with the folks who called me and were still using windows 98 because their system was at the end of a 5 year contract.

The biggest complaint we had from customers was that the service agreement requires only the return of the machine to the state it was in when you opened the box, OS speaking. Folks got really pissed when they had migrated to XP and we would only load up to that hideous ME.

While I appreciate you are happy with Service and Speed of repair, the fact you have had to basically replace your entire machine says a great deal about the quality of the product. You are not rare. I spoke with people everyday who basically had whole new machines one part at a time. That is not great product, that is standing by a mediocre product to the end.

Good luck with you new Dell.






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