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Ah, La Musica De Los B-52's

Few of you likely remember the short lived ABC late night show Friday's (notable for a famous Andy Kaufman stunt and the debut of some future Seinfeld stars), but they had one occasional bit with a Spanish radio announcer that was mildly amusing. The DJ would be coming out of a mariachi record, then announce, "Ah la musica, la musica de los B-52's." The roster of bands mentioned was always impressive (Devo, Duran Duran, etc) but the records were always the kind of mariachi music you'd expect to hear in a Tijuana restaurant.

This bit of depressing news - Legendary Modern Rocker WHFS Flips To Spanish, brings that bit to mind. In this case Infinity beat Clear Channel to the punch, as they have indicated that many of their rock stations in top markets may be flipped to Spanish programming. Clear Channel's legendary DC101 was rumored to be on the way to meeting the same fate as another famous rock station, KLOL in Houston.

Visit WHFS.COM and you'll see it's no joke.

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¿Qué?... (Below threshold)


Wow, that marks the end of ... (Below threshold)

Wow, that marks the end of an era in DC radio. So I guess that means no more HFStivals in the summer?

Kevin,I KNOW I'm o... (Below threshold)


I KNOW I'm older than you but I barely even remember such a thing - good memory; mine is shot to hell!


Damn, that was the best rad... (Below threshold)

Damn, that was the best radio station in the world at one time (early '80s). On that station, I first heard:

Los Lobos
The Jam
Crowded House

They would regularly play Ramones, Sex Pistols, the Clash.

WTF are Damion and Weezil thinking right now!

I could go on about how sad this is, but frankly the station has sucked for about a decade.

Sure enough, just tuned it ... (Below threshold)

Sure enough, just tuned it in and es en Español.

Que mal!

I lost interest in WHFS a f... (Below threshold)

I lost interest in WHFS a few years ago and stopped listening to them on my frequent travels to DC. Too much heavy metal and seriously crappy music. They were great back in the early 90's though. Whatever happened to playing Robin Hitchcock every once in a while?

I just noticed the catagory... (Below threshold)

I just noticed the catagory for this: Asshats indeed.

In the 80's and early 90's I would leave my radio on 99.1 all day. In the past few years, however, I have started to search more. 101 and 98 leave me cold sometimes, but sometimes not, and the 'adult' stations usually make me want to gag. 100.1 is like audio Geritol. Sometimes there was just nothing but crap everywhere and I'd end up on 103.5 listening to Stravinski or Mozart. And I hate Stravinski and Mozart.

I think that WRNR 103.1 will have to fill the void, though the problem I have with them is that they are a bit too freeform and eclectic, sometimes. That and their signal strength hovers between a college AM station and a dead gnat. Damien has been there, along with Bob Waugh and I think even Rob Tim for a while. RNR is owned by the guy who first created HFS, so that's the best source for a rebirth, I suspect. There's a rumor that they are trying to move to a different freq so they can get a signal boost, which they cannot do on 103.1.

And it wasn't catchy, modern, real spanish music either I heard today (like that one chic Skankira or something like that), but the crap you hear at low-end mexican 'family' resteraunts.

Asshats doesn't cover it; these people can only aspire to asshattery after getting hit with a clue stick for several days straight.

I was just a kid when Frida... (Below threshold)

I was just a kid when Fridays was on, but I loved it and remembering a couple of great bits still makes me chuckle -- all from Michael Richards. That guy just makes me laugh. I have mentioned this show to people through the years, but nobody knows it. Thanks foe the reminder and link.

Radio used to be much better than it is now. I never really thought about it, but I guess we just don't need it to be our musical guide anymore, so it isn't.

KSJO-San Jose went Meskin b... (Below threshold)

KSJO-San Jose went Meskin back in December (after 34 years on the air in the AOR format) with no notice. They just spun "Mexican Radio" by Wall of Voodoo, and then came the South-of-the-Border oompah music.

Clear. Channel. Ass. Hats.

Fair disclosure: I'm an old... (Below threshold)
Ric Locke:

Fair disclosure: I'm an old fart.

I quit listening to most music on the radio in the Sixties, when all the stations went to four reps an hour of "Hey, Jude." The few times I've tried to listen since then haven't been any improvement. It's not even "Top 40" -- more like "Top 10 plus endless commercials."

Meanwhile I bought an eight-track (! -- and had to decide which was more likely to survive, eight-track or four-track; I told you I was an old fart) and listened to what I wanted when I wanted to.

Now everyone I know either has a CD player in the car or an MP3 block they carry around all the time. Radio? What's that? Oh, yeah, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the yakyakyakyakyak. Grab the CD wallet from the back seat and pick something.

Clear Channel was able to scarf up all the radio stations because the radio stations had abandoned the audience -- no local content (one DJ somewhere in Missouri for the whole country) and repetitive assholery had driven people away in droves, so they weren't making money and were ripe for pickup. Now they've milked that for what it's worth, and are going after Hispanics, the last group in America who listen to the radio for anything but politics fests. And note that young Hispanics don't listen, either -- they've got their own iPods. So the music appeals to the old folks.

When the older Hispanics start dying off you'll start to hear Arabic on the radio. Call it 2010 for it to become noticeable. You heard it here first.

Meanwhile, who's going to be the first to open a kiosk at the mall with a PC and a humungous hard disk, offering to feed people's iPods and MP3 players for $1 a song, five for $3? While Hannity continues to make a living?

Ric Locke

I loved Fridays, especially... (Below threshold)

I loved Fridays, especially the Michael Richards skits with the plastic Army men.

I stopped listening to radio after Clear Channel took over most of the local stations. All crap, all the time should be their slogan.

We've been thinking about investing in satellite radio. Is it any better?






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