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Feel The Love

Michelle Malkin shares some fan mail. Her "special" fans also seem to be big fans of Full Metal Jacket, as they borrow language and quotes from it liberally in addressing her...

Best of the trackbacks - Pennywit and Ace Of Spades, both of whom address Oliver Willis' rather pathetic remarks about Malkin.


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Comments (12)

A friend of mine referred m... (Below threshold)

A friend of mine referred me to your site. Great stuff! I will be back :)

Holy cow! That has to be t... (Below threshold)

Holy cow! That has to be the most uses of the word "whore" I've ever seen in one place. You have to wonder if one of Michelle's major critics put out the word for people to email her and tell her what a whore they think she is.

This is an excellent illust... (Below threshold)

This is an excellent illustration of emotional issues among and between human beings.

I know, I know, I KNOW that as overview it can and almost consistently defined within "political party" differences and/or political perspective differences ("right wing" vs. "left wing", and/or "conservative" vs. "liberal", which I do believe is just easier in online interactions to most easily define general personalities and alignments to beliefs), but it reads to me like the ongoing venting of troubled psychology by those involved.

The racist overview is a real issue in our society, however, and it is even worse in other cultures, in my experience -- for all the problems that racial issues of any kind create and foster in the U.S., I assure you that what I've discovered among other areas of the world, and among other cultures/nationalities, that the racial contrariness is far worse.

The problematic email that Malkin received represents what I'd consider usual commentary from among many areas in, say, Hawaii and the South Pacific...and the Phillipines is notorious for one village hating and despising and even SPEAKING ANOTHER LANGUAGE than the adjacent ones (there are so many dialects in the Phillipines that many towns cannot understand the others, and all that in the one small land mass of a country).

But, about the personalities involved, there are overtones from all involved, as to racial definitions representing racail characeristics used toward the negative point. It's like writing about trolls and, presto, you get one or more. And the adversary(ies) involved are capitalizing upon a conveniently peer supported method of intimidation but it's still a representative of their own problematic psychology and unbalanced emotional perspectives.

On the other hand, I do perceive humans as individuals and tend toward evaluations and examinations of individuals because, beyond that scope, it's all a big sea.

But, speaking of hate mail ... (Below threshold)

But, speaking of hate mail from individuals, I have a set I should share on my own site, and probably will.

You'd think that common courtesy would reach a standard of rule on the internet, but, alas, I this morning doubt that it ever will. You either confront awful people, expose their words for what they are, or, they appear to assume it's alright to continue being awful, at least in near vicinity. Malkin was helpful to paste the hate mail copies but after reading through them, I think she should have included their mailing addresses and/or sender's identity.

Otherwise, it's just rumination. Near fiction, if not fiction.

I think it's time for users of the internet to drop the pretense of "anonymity" (we all aren't, is my point, just that many assume that they are and so behave without accountability while using it) and start exposing who writes what, where it was mailed from along with any offensive or problematic content that was sent.

Not to harm anyone but to start some process of accountability and increased personal responsibility in communications. The foolish reliance on "but, if I have to reveal my identity, I can't communicate this (or, with you)" is just matchstick men fodder.

And that includes the notoriously unsigned "technical" thugs who think someone's inbox is their poddy. It isn't.

Sign your name, publish who you are, and then account for what you've written, otherwise, publishing a stream of verbal crud is useless beyond making it worse: here's more verbal crud, let's add more verbal crud in comment about verbal crud...

Meaning, it doesn't accomplish anything constructive. A starting point, yes, but it goes nowhere (therefore, not constructive) if there's not furhter defining information.

She's a babe not a hobot. <... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

She's a babe not a hobot.

After reading PennyWit's co... (Below threshold)

After reading PennyWit's comment section I have to hand to one man/woman with the pseudonym "AnonymousDrivel". Now there's someone with a knack for pointing out the obvious in no uncertain terms. Unfortunately, obvious ain't so obvious to some people.

MM has my respect. She is c... (Below threshold)

MM has my respect. She is cut above the rest and one of the most articluate women I have read and listened to in a long while. Why anyone, for the sake of disagreement, would spew such harsh and hurtful drivel about someone they don't even know is beyond me. It goes to the level of maturity here.
She is entitled to her opinions as we all are. She doesn't sit upon a self made pedestal and look down on others as minions or subservients.
Line em up and let me slap em all.

Hindi ko alam kung pa... (Below threshold)

Hindi ko alam kung papaano ko po kayo mapapasalamatan sa inyong kabutihan.

"Bilat! asa man ku mutuu adtu!"

"Bilat sa imong ina!"

False Friends

"Karida puta," "Pokpok," "Puta," "Ang okie mo amoy ng pussit!" ... Go ahead! Say it!

Tagalog Swearing

...two sources (no waiting) to a "Motha' Load:"



After a few minutes, one can relay their feelings to those who curse MM ... and, cure ED while they spew? ;)


so then Sarge, we should st... (Below threshold)

so then Sarge, we should stoop the their level?
No..No more than MM will. Their intent was to hurt with words. the end result was looking like an ass.
That's good enough for me

:)No need ta' stoo... (Below threshold)


No need ta' stoop! I guess the word whore affected me much like the word "Telefon" in a movie of the same name ...

Being that MM was posting a menage a email from several months ... considering the source(s) may lighten one's load ...

One need not soil themselves ... unless they wish?

(...and every blog/blogger recieves their measure of blogger trolls. Some more than others.)

:: shrug ::


yeah...I guess. Anonimity t... (Below threshold)

yeah...I guess. Anonimity to a degree via internet certainly lends one more freedom to be an idiot with words doesn't it? Shame though...regardless of how old/current some of the comments are. Seems so unecessary to me.
Don't get me wrong now, I can spew with the best of them but I choose to take a more mature approach unless accosted first and then I choose carefully what I am about to say. It spews easily and is twice as hard to retract.

My ears are burning from mo... (Below threshold)

My ears are burning from more than just the fiery rhetoric being bandied about. (Hello, Oyster. I'm A Driveler. Thanks for the sentiment. I hope my intrusion is not considered eavesdropping.)

Yes, Debra, Ms. Malkin has a keen eye for logic, sensibility, and pointed critique for both egregious violators of public trust and for those with whom she disagrees. I guess even more deserving of accolade is the expression of her position in such a fair manner, which is all anyone can ask of a pundit, left or right, virtual or real. That she would be excoriated from some painted corners in such manner as has been documented is clearly obscene.

No doubt that the most effective way to combat offensive invective is to expose it and let the words speak for themselves - Ms. Malkin has performed such a service; but it is useful to winnow out the major point of the offensive tirade, microscopic as it may be and assuming one can find it, to repeat one's point challenging the beast in a logical manner and still avoid getting into the mud with the wallowing pig. You'll stay cleaner while the porker squeels louder. And who wants to be near anything that sounds like a pointedly stuck pig?

Acknowledging a certain amount of both gladness and sadness at responding to digital "debate" (my quotes), your point of reactive word "...spew[ing] easily and is twice as hard to retract" is a truism. We should all take heed of such advice, even the O. Willis's of the world and particularly his/her minions.

Of course maybe I'm a bit hypocrital since this is Drivel without claim, but I dare say fair, thoughtful critique can be entirely proper from such source.






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