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Frank Must Die!

Here's the story of a local boy battling cancer, that's been all over the cable news outlets ever since his mom decided to list his tumor "Frank" on eBay, by way of a bumper sticker. The Loudoun Times Mirror has David Dingman-Grover's story.

"Frank must die." That is the conclusion of 9-year-old cancer patient David Dingman-Grover, of Sterling, who said he named his tumor "Frank" after the monster in the movie "Frankenstein."

After a year and a half of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation that took him from 150 pounds to about 70, David remains engaged in a battle of life and death with Frank. But now the boy who sleeps in a camouflage-painted bedroom and covets military-themed toys, such as his custom-made Chemo Joe - a GI Joe action figure with an attached intravenous line and interchangeable heads for different stages of hair loss - has a veritable army on his side, thanks to his mother's idea of fighting cancer with eBay.

Tiffini Dingman-Grover garnered national media attention this past week with her eBay offering of a bumper sticker bearing the slogan "Frank Must Die." It will go to the highest bidder in an auction raising money to pay for her son's costly biopsy procedure.

David needs a biopsy to determine whether the tumor still contains cancer cells. David must continue to take chemo as long as his tumor might be cancerous. But the longer he stays on chemo, the longer he must endure the side effects and the greater his chance of developing chemo-induced leukemia, Tiffini said.

Yet the tumor's location, near the base of the skull and surrounding the carotid artery to his brain, makes a biopsy very dangerous. To perform a biopsy, doctors "wanted to cut his face off and pull it off like a Halloween costume," said Bryn Grover, David's father.

David's parents said they have found a doctor in Los Angeles who believes he can use a much less invasive biopsy procedure that will allow David to go home in a couple of days.

Unable to attend school with children his own age, David spends his days visiting doctors and taking lessons from a home tutor. If the Feb. 2 biopsy declares him free of cancer cells, David may be able to resume a life free of the dangers and side effects of chemotherapy.

To give you an idea of the kind of young man David is, last year when he got his Make-A-Wish he gave the majority of it to others.

Help kill Frank, find out donate to the fund Tiffini set up for David's treatment expenses (via PayPal or snail mail) here.

Update: This evening the same media whores who bought the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich (GoldenPalace.com) announced they had purchased the have bumper sticker. David's family still needs money to pay for the procedure. Give!!!


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