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It's That Time of Year Again

Every year, around the first of the year, I make an archive folder in my emailer and move everything from the previous year to a folder named for that year... In other words I just made a folder named '2004' and moved everything from last year into it.

It took a while this year, I set a record.

With very little spam, I still ended the year with 21,214 UNOPENED pieces of mail.

So, if you wonder why sometimes I don't notice something in the comments, now you know.

...and that does not include the 25,000 or so that I read. I read (or at least skimmed) an average of a little more than 68 emails per day.


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Comments (8)

I average about 150-175 ema... (Below threshold)

I average about 150-175 emails a day in my job.

On the plus side, I used to spend 4-5 hours a day on the phone, but that’s down to maybe 30 minutes now. Not a bad trade IMO.

You guys are pikers. I hav... (Below threshold)

You guys are pikers. I have to produce output from as many as 20 a day. That means taking them as input and producing a page or 2 of complex DDL to run on computer systems.

Some of it is cookbook, some is not.

Another 30-40 e-mails a day just need to be read and/or discarded.

Soooo...you'll be going bac... (Below threshold)

Soooo...you'll be going back to read those unopened non-spam emails or would you prefer we all just resend them so they'll be in your current 2005 inbox?


WOW, Paul! Are these all ... (Below threshold)

WOW, Paul! Are these all wizbang-related incoming e-mails (or other work)? Wonder how many e-mails Drudge gets. Soon you'll need a secretary or 10!

Oy. And I thought my 100 u... (Below threshold)

Oy. And I thought my 100 unopened and 2,800 piece inbox was bad...

I can't leave anything in m... (Below threshold)

I can't leave anything in my inbox once I've seen it. If it's spam I chuck it right away (I can tell without opening the @#$! things); if after reading a non-spam I determine it doesn't require a reply or need to be saved I chuck it.

If I reply and the original message doesn't need to be saved (such as, if I included the whole thing in my reply) I chuck it; sent messages are saved automatically.

And then I empty the trash folder. And when "Sent" and "Saved" get to a certain point, I go through and re-evaluate the saved and chuck what I can, and chuck most of the sent. The rest I archive.

If only I were as diligent about emptying my real wastebaskets...

I probably get that number ... (Below threshold)

I probably get that number of penis enlargement and Nigerian spam ads - eventually, I'm going to stop putting my email address on all these internet sites - not this one, of course.

<a href="http://www.yasmena... (Below threshold)

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