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More Crushing Of Dissent

Or not...

Protesters Get Prime Spot for Inauguration

[Since they are moonbats they've already found something to complain about...}


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Comments (7)

NPS civil service managemen... (Below threshold)

NPS civil service management are all moonbats. So, it doesn't surprise me they would give them a good location.

That word "plaza" gives me ... (Below threshold)

That word "plaza" gives me the shivers. "Inaugural parade route" - is this really necessary? I hope he will be in a closed, secure car. I'd prefer it if the whole inauguration event could take place indoors, with only security-cleared persons present.

Don't you nutwing merchants... (Below threshold)
Nick Briel:

Don't you nutwing merchants of sleeze have any shame?

How much you wanna bet that... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

How much you wanna bet that the MSM spends at least half their inauguration coverage talking about the whiny gripes of the protesters?

I notice that a huge headli... (Below threshold)

I notice that a huge headline of the day is "Ceremony to swear in second term to cost $40M".. how much did Clinton's inauguration cost, and was it splashed all over the media like this?

It's best when they have ac... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

It's best when they have actual pictures of the protesters.

The umbrella group has a we... (Below threshold)

The umbrella group has a website and it is a hoot. Read about here at my blog.






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