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Stupid Quote of the Day

And the media gleefully writes the headline:

Iraqi Victim Says U.S. Torture Worse That [sic] Saddam

FORT HOOD, Texas (Reuters) - A former inmate at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison forced by U.S. guards to masturbate in public and piled onto a pyramid of naked men said on Tuesday even Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein did not do such things.

Note to Lynndie, next time cut out their tongues and let them bleed to death. Apparently they would prefer it. And who is this guy the media holds up as knowing so much about life in Iraq under Saddam?

In earlier video testimony on Tuesday, Ameen Al-Sheikh, a Syrian who said he went to Iraq to oppose the U.S. occupation, declared," Graner was the primary torturer."

Al-Sheikh, well known in Abu Ghraib for having once obtained a gun from an Iraqi guard and exchanged fire with American soldiers, appeared wary in his testimony.

Graner said outside court of the man, "The last time I saw him he was threatening to kill me."

Could that have been because you tried to kill him you idiot? And the media tries to make this guy a victim!

So now Reuters is quoting Syrians about how life was in Iraq under Saddam. Geeze! It is stories like his that make be want to vote for George Bush again and again and again. Not because I like him, but because it will piss the right people off.


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Comments (19)

Hilarious! Thanks for post... (Below threshold)

Hilarious! Thanks for posting this.

Presumably the ones complai... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Presumably the ones complaining about torture now are the one who performed torture under Saddam or benefit from the Saddam regime. Of course they would think any ill treatment toward "them" would be worse than any treatment directed toward others. Especially after being coached by the MSM.

Well, based upon the variou... (Below threshold)

Well, based upon the various statements I heard last night on a few FOX News shows, by liberal/Democrat 'representatives' and such, they are now advocating Saddam Hussein. Suggesting, among other things, that SH was a harmless guy going about a harmless lifestyle in a harmless country under his rule, doing harmless things and along came the mean U.S. and...oh, and that Rumsfeld was responsible for any bad things that Saddam Hussein did, but he didn't do them because he was harmless and it was Rumsfeld who...

It is no surprise that certain media opine similarly. All that is wrong with the Democrats today, and it's an implosion, no doubt about it.

Here's what I THINK their o... (Below threshold)

Here's what I THINK their objective is:

"War is bad" so therefore the U.S. is bad because we're involved in war.

No conditions, no finer points, no accounting or reasonable responses for defense measures considered, nothing beyond that, whatever is affiliated with AMERICAN force by military means is "bad" and that anyone else's use of force is "righteous" and "justified" and even, woefully of all, that it is "revolutionary" as earlier hashed out here in Wizbang by a few commentors to threads about UBLaden.

Certain segment of American (?) media considers Che Guevera "heroic" and even "legendary," and Oliver Stone thinks "Alexander" failed in the BO becuase of "conservatives' values" and Republicans in general.

I hardly know where to begin or even if it's worth it in any limited time and space, such as is a thread commenting system or even a blog with commenting enabled (not possible to resolve much, is what I mean, by either means), because, there are just some people very fixed in a certain emotional perspective that only becomes more resolute in their upset (and more forcefully upset) at the very idea that they are not reasonable.

The media is populated, for the most part, as is filmmaking and most of broadcasting, with persons of that nature but I do often wonder why, since most consumers find them exhausting and unworthy, and always have. What I think it is is that us as a species are still very influenced by certain biology and cannot seem to get in touch with that to admit it (how we are influenced and by what), and so continue on about various boogy men/women because they just set things off.

I'm really exhausted by the world's negativity this morning, truly I am, just exhausted by it.

The issue of torture...no o... (Below threshold)

The issue of torture...no one in Saddam's camp would have experienced much to any actual suffering, in what I understand. Even Saddam had his happy but tight little home set up in his hiding hole, people in the area continuing to protect him (he got his food and stuffs from somewhere and managed to get to and from the hiding place somehow, and it wasn't by his own means, is my point, or without helps), and even UBL manages to access funds and move from place to place and organize a network of secrecy such that American media is merely speculating about issues as per it suits their purposes, along these lines of even attempting to defend or explain the actions of these mad men.

They haven't been burning each other up and throwing all those rocks and shooting all those guns for so many decades in most of the Middle East for nothing. Maybe the very suggestion that they live differently just "tortures" some people, I don't know, but it sure looks like it. Because, there's now a commonality at play in many parts of the world that accommodates a violence as standard of behavior that defies all reason, and the suggestions that it be confronted is appearing to be their true "torture."

I see mor and more clearly just why it was so important for the United States to move with military means into Iraq and other areas. It truly seems to me to be American forces and allies working one brick at a time, one step at a time, across a horrible confliction of cultural distortions.

The difference is under Sad... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

The difference is under Saddam this guy wouldn't be around to testify.

If they think Saddam's trea... (Below threshold)

If they think Saddam's treatment was better, turn them over to Saddam right now. We know where he is. He'd probably appreciate something to play with.

I know what you mean, but I... (Below threshold)

I know what you mean, but I am a little puzzled. I think you have something backwards here. "Graner said of the man..."

Graner (the U.S. Soldier) said, "The last time I saw him he was threatening to kill me" - speaking of the terrorist/insurgent. You are calling Graner the idiot - right?

I think you have a couple of texts confused - or am I missing something?

There's a simple solution t... (Below threshold)

There's a simple solution to this idiotarian problem: ask the guys to count to ten on their fingers.

Once they reach the number six, have one of the group of Iraqi prisoners who had their hands amputated by Saddam walk into the room and bitchslap the S.O.B.'s lights out with their new bionic hand.

The fact that these cretins can whine in front of the cameras and none of the reporters or cameramen are having trouble keeping their cameras steady from laughing at the outrageousness of the claims makes me wonder if some reporters need a little "glowstick time."

Reuters is shameless in the... (Below threshold)

Reuters is shameless in their use of euphemisms:

foreign fighters are actually "opposing the U.S. occupation"

this is even worse than calling terrorists "insurgents".

the degree to which Hussein... (Below threshold)
tee bee:

the degree to which Hussein tortured people is not the proper comparison, and bringing it up is strictly ad hominem. the charges should be clear as to what constitutes torture, and whether it was done to said victim by said defendent.

on the other hand, maybe Ameen would prefer to be raped while his family watches, if US rogue torture behavior versus Saddam standard torture procedure is the bar here.

for the sake of precision i... (Below threshold)
the guest:

for the sake of precision i've read the reuters thing:

The guy saying things about saddam times was Hussein Mutar, who was sent to Abu Ghraib accused of car theft.

Apparently he's an iraqi. (A syrian is mantioned later, about other issues.)

And he didn't say it was worse at all. He said is that "I was extremely emotional because Saddam didn't do this to us."

bottom line is that Adam Tanner, of al-reuters is elaborating on the testimony, in order to slime you guys: they have invented something that was not said.

Jeff It was 1:30 i... (Below threshold)


It was 1:30 in the morning, perhaps I missed that... I'll double check.



Next we'll hear how the ele... (Below threshold)

Next we'll hear how the elections are "worse than Saddam's."

The war was not sold to the... (Below threshold)
citizen x:

The war was not sold to the American Public or the world based on humanitarian violations by Saddam. It was sold on the presence of WMDs which have not been found. Saddam may have been a bad guy but how many people have we tortured or killed as a result of our invasion? Not to mention the countries infrastructure that we bombed the crap out of. I dont think that the average Iraqi is better off because of our invasion regardless of our intent. "Freedom" means little when you are dead.

So judging by that headline... (Below threshold)

So judging by that headline, Reuters now defines "Iraqi" as "someone who's country of origin is Syria".

Ah yes. Makes perfect sense.

It's past time for us to ca... (Below threshold)
Wes Seaton:

It's past time for us to call the Abu Ghraib scandal for what it truly is: ABU GRAB-ASS. By comparison to what Saddam's minions did to the Iraqis while he and his vicious sons ran Iraq, and by comparison to the war crimes currently being committed by the so-called "insurgents" today, the crimes committed by the Abu Ghraib night-shift MPs aren't any worse than fraternity hazing pranks. Under other circumstances, Abu Ghraib - excuse me, Abu Grab-ass - hysterics like Teddy Kennedy and Pinch Sulzberger would likely ENJOY the tender ministrations of PFC England and her merry pranksters. (You just KNOW that the real reason Senator Drunkennedy had those blown-up, glossy photos of naked al-Qaida prisoners made was not for his Senate pontifications, but his own later, personal amusement.)

Citizen x:"The war ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Citizen x:
"The war was not sold to the American Public or the world based on humanitarian violations by Saddam. It was sold on the presence of WMDs which have not been found."

From a commenter on Roger L. Simon's Blog:

"In fact, Bush's opponents managed to force a distorted perception of his policy from the very start. That occurred when the Bush Administration, in trying to avoid a predictable reaction from those quarters, emphasized the WMD problem virtually to the exclusion of everything else as the rationale for an invasion of Iraq. That, of course, "obscured the long-range strategic rationale for the invasion", which was to drain the political swamps of the Mid East and introduce democracy. In other words, a view of the war was introduced into the public mind that missed what the war was fundamentally all about.

That opening has been tirelessly exploited by opponents of the invasion of Iraq to this day. Bush has tried to re-orient public perceptions about the nature of our mission, as in his speech at the Air Force Academy, but the shrill, enraged cries of "There were no WMD! Bush led us to war on a lie!" continue to drown everything else out. Looked at through that lens, every battlefied casualty is the result of a monstrous mistake, or worse, and so every casualty is given maximal attention by our media, with no hint of any larger purpose that might justify those sacrifices.

This is nothing good about this. Podhoretz is wrong, however, to imply that a different approach was possible; it wasn't. The invasion of Iraq could never have been sold, either at home or in the UN, on the basis of a strategic argument about the long-term necessity of regime change(s)in the Mid East. If Bush had taken that approach, our troops would still be sitting in the desert outside the borders of Iraq, and they would sit there in perpetuity. The WMD argument, accurate or not, was the only way to get this effort launched.

Posted by: Byron00 at January 12, 2005 03:59 PM"

And I would add, it wasn't just Bush who said there were WMDs. Almost EVERYONE said he had WMD, remember?

'I dont think that the aver... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'I dont think that the average Iraqi is better off because of our invasion regardless of our intent. '

Always the excuse of supporting tyrants. Remember the average Iraqi is going to be able to go vote for whomever they choose in 2 weeks, and if they don't vote for a Baath candidate they're not going to end up dead in a ditch with the rest of their family. The average Iraqi isn't going to have Uday or Qusay come to rape his daughter if he sees her in the street. The average Iraqi isn't going to have his tongue cut out if he says Allawi sucks. Funny the Iraqis don't seem to share your opinion about being better off under Saddam.






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