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Quote Of The Day

"My job is not to pull weeds."

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick dodging questions about why the turf at Gillette Stadium has been left uncovered through a series of rain and snow storms in New England this week (Via The Boston Herald).


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Comments (22)

Good old fashioned home fie... (Below threshold)

Good old fashioned home field advantage...nothing wrong with that. Now if they watered down the field or took some other affirmative action other than leaving the tarp off and letting nature take its course, that might be different.

Rain's good for grass.... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Rain's good for grass.

Is Tony Dungee going to cry... (Below threshold)

Is Tony Dungee going to cry about it like he cried about the Monday Night Football "scandal"?

You don't coach a team to t... (Below threshold)

You don't coach a team to the Super Bowl by being sweet polly purebred. You take your honest advantages. This is football, not a multi-culti bake sale.

Go PAT's!!!Maybe P... (Below threshold)

Go PAT's!!!

Maybe Payton will have a career ending injury!

Taking a page from Red Auer... (Below threshold)

Taking a page from Red Auerbach's playbook...Never gave the Lakers hot water or heat in the locker room. I see man press coverage on wide-outs. Belichek's boys will smack 'em hard at the line of scrimmage to knock them off their track. Disrupt Manning's timing is the key

- Vince Lombardi would shru... (Below threshold)

- Vince Lombardi would shrug and wonder what all the fuss was about... Football is best when played under hellish conditions.....

We pats fans can only hope ... (Below threshold)

We pats fans can only hope for some good sub 0 temps on sunday.. freeze ol' peyton's hot arm up some, and hope he doesn't realize that he has 3 wicked good wide receivers against injury decimated patriot cornerbacks. and while I don't hope for a career ending injury, i'd settle with a game ender :)

No bad weather in the forca... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

No bad weather in the forcast - clear and around 30 at game time.

Hmm...I'm wondering how you... (Below threshold)

Hmm...I'm wondering how you Pats fans are going to feel when Tom Brady or Corey Dillon plants a leg in the mud and gets it turned 180 degrees, if you will still be chuckling about "Home Field Advantage".

What would be even funnier is if the NFL stepped in Sunday night and said "This field is unplayable...move the game to Monday Night in Indy".

Likely? No. But I hope you feel as proud when you see someone writhing on a cart from an obvious turf-related injury. Maybe it will make that win so much more tasty...

Go screw crybaby.... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Go screw crybaby.

What's funny is watching th... (Below threshold)

What's funny is watching these Pats fans quipping and chuckling about "Home Field Advantage" when it was only a year ago the NFL came down on your asses before a game about the same crap.

You know, if the situation was reversed, and let's say the Colts decided to let the astroturf in the Dome "take a turn for the worse (a'la Veteran's Stadium) to help the Colts Defense", would you still be chuckling "It's a natural Home Field Advantage".

On a sloppy field who has t... (Below threshold)

On a sloppy field who has the advantage? The receiver who knows his route or the DB who has to react?

Manning is godhead. And I don't have a dog in that fight.

I agree andre, DBs are goin... (Below threshold)

I agree andre, DBs are going to be falling down all over. Advantage Manning.

Depends on the mud. If it ... (Below threshold)

Depends on the mud. If it rains just before the game and turns the top layer into mud, but leaves the bottom layer dry, it goes to the receivers.

Now, if you make it mud the whole way through (by letting it get snowed/rained on for a week and then let it freeze (like it will in NE on Sunday), then it turns into a spongy mess which allows things like feet to get stuck in. When you get tackled, whatever is firmly planted on the ground usually stays there while the rest of your body moves the other direction. See where I'm getting to? This is, of course, someone who has experienced a dislocated knee from a similar turf situation.

When you start getting your... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

When you start getting your excuses ready before the game that means you're planning on losing.

Brian,Agreed on th... (Below threshold)


Agreed on that. Professional teams ought to have the class to maintain a field in good condition. There are millions in contracts out there. Far too much for them to be screwing around for some silly supposed advantage in one game.

Never played beyond HS, but saw plenty of bad conditions there. The worst I ever had was some torn cartilage. Scope surgery and four weeks later and I was playing again. Lucky it wasn't an ACL.

Hey Jack, why don't you try... (Below threshold)

Hey Jack, why don't you try debating me on the merits of my argument as opposed to showboating.

You boys obviously have nev... (Below threshold)

You boys obviously have never watched the Pats play in bad conditions. They own the field.

Duke, that's great they can... (Below threshold)

Duke, that's great they can play well in mud, gravel, whatever. However, when the go around standard procedure for field maintenance, to a point where it could cause more injuries for either team in order to "help" them win, that just tells me the Pats are desperate.

Again, I think this is going to be a non-issue with all the crap that is flying now. Mike Ditka and Jeff Fisher made it their first point of discussion during the Ditka show today. I'm guessing the NFL will be sending someone to Gillette Stadium to view things for themselves.

You're missing the point Br... (Below threshold)

You're missing the point Brian. The field isn't going to hurt anyone any more than normal football would. It's just going to make it tougher to play.

Would you prefer they all played on turf? Ugh. Part of the game is varying field conditions and if rain makes things a little muddy, that's a natural process. They're not digging ditches or or holes in the field.

If Indy can't play outside, they can go home (which is more than likely to happen if the past is any indicator).

Because your crybaby argume... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Because your crybaby argument doesn't have any merits. You're just making up your excuses ahead of time. All modern fields have drainage systems. The only way the field is going to be wet is if it rains or snows on Sunday. Then you'll whine about that. Boston Weather






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