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Rathergate: A pop quiz

As the dust settles from the C-BS investigation into the faked Texas Air National Guard memos, I thought it might be worthwhile to offer up a quick quiz to see how well people were paying attention.

1) How long after the initial airing in September did C-BS acknowledge that the memos were most likely fakes?
A) One day
B) One week
C) One month
D) Two months, after the election
E) Four months, with the release of the report

2) C-BS referred to many of their report's detractors as "Republican activists," "Republican lawyers," and "Republican officials." How many of their supporters were branded with the term "Democratic" or "liberal?"
A) 1
B) 2
C) 4

3) When C-BS first announced the commission and its report, they said the investigation would be over in a matter of "weeks, not months." How many weeks passed between the announcement and the report?
A) 2
B) 4
C) 6
D) 8

4) On the day the report was released, how did Dan Rather report on it?
A) A strict just-the-facts approach, neither emphasizing nor minimizing his own role
B) Taking the opportunity to again apologize to the American people
C) Reported strictly on the facts, while reasserting his belief in the inherent accuracy of the piece

5) Whom did the Report name as the likely identity of the original source for the forged documents?
A) Bill Burkett
B) Linda Starr
C) Karl Rove
D) David Van Os
E) Ben Barnes

(Answers below the fold)


1) We're still waiting.

2) None.

3) About 14 (3 1/2 months).

4) He took the day off and let Bob Schieffer handle the news.

5) They refused to conclude whether or not they were fakes, and didn't investigate who supplied them.

Yes, I know there was no way you could have gotten any of these questions right. It's an unfair test. If you don't like it, go complain to Boccardi and Thornburgh.


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Comments (24)

I got suspicious when there... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I got suspicious when there wasn't a zero (0) answer for question number 2.

Well, then Rodney, you're u... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Well, then Rodney, you're unfit to serve as a producer for C-BS. You are woefully lacking in gullibility. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...


First, let me say I think t... (Below threshold)

First, let me say I think this blog is great. Second, and it's a nit, but do you guys have to do stuff like "C-BS"? I see this on a lot of left wing websites and I find it immature. You guys are leaps and bounds ahead of those sites, both in content and maturity, I just saw that in the first line and it irked me.

Keep up the good work!


I started wondering startin... (Below threshold)

I started wondering starting with #1 (I was trying to remember who coined the "fake but accurate"... thinking it may have come from a CBS guy)... but when I got to #4, I knew the fix was in.

Man, it takes me a while to catch on.

Haven't read the full, wret... (Below threshold)

Haven't read the full, wretched See BS report yet, but a friend forwarded information that Mapes was aware from more than one source that Bush had volunteered to go to Vietnam but was only passed over because other, more experienced pilots were ahead of him.

Look for Harpo Marx's bastard daughter to become a cause celebre on the left for her courage to ignore the truth.

I got it right away. There... (Below threshold)

I got it right away. There were no "none of the above" options.

That's what did it, Oyster!... (Below threshold)

That's what did it, Oyster!

trb you sorta have a point.... (Below threshold)

trb you sorta have a point. I try to hold the gimmicky things down to a minimum -- well... after they are out a day or two.

It is funny the first 3 or 4 times but I agree it gets old fast.

I for one will pay more attention to it when I type.


Having said that I never get tired of seeing people superscript the 'th' in Rather's name. I never took the time to do it but I still get a chuckle out of tweaking Dan. lol

This whole Rathergate thing... (Below threshold)

This whole Rathergate thing seems so minor and stupid next to them shouting smears that President Bush was wrong and can't admit it.

Is everyone really just going to accept them spinning that there were no WMD?! Are we all just going to roll over and admit that it was all a steaming pile of bullcrap?

Where's the fighting spirit? Where's the outrage that they're calling us all liars?

Sheesh, even that weenie Rather apologized, he's making President Bush look like he has no class at all.

Hi Jay Tea - how come your ... (Below threshold)

Hi Jay Tea - how come your new filter allowed "minnie's" rant and doesn't post my prison number jokes from half an hour ago :)

(Maybe the wizbang filtermo... (Below threshold)

(Maybe the wizbang filtermonster doesn't like my links - here's an abbreviated form:)

Funnnnnyyyy, Jay Tea!

It's so ironic! Bloggers and their guests have long ago reached the "Finish Line" and are now tossing Rathergate jokes around here and there**, while we wait… tick tick tick… wait… wait… for the TX AG et al to catch up. The CBS/MSM horses didn't even leave the starting gate.

Your post reminds me of the prison joke - after years in prison together, the inmates knew all of each others' jokes and need only say the number to elicit roars of laughter. (Punchline was something about a new inmate catching on, then saying a number and nobody laughed.)

But I'd love to see a Jay Tea version of the CBSgate numbered jokes joke. Like...

#1 ("unimpeachable source")
#2 (P.O. Box "34567")
#3 ("OETR")
#4 ("square dots")
#5 ("Kinko's fax")
#6 ("fake but accurate")
#7 ("Lucy Diamond")
#8 ("I'd love to break that story")
#9 ("INDEPENDENT panel")
#10 ("here", "here" and "here")

.... there must be hundreds!

*Magnetic Forgery Kit
*How many monkeys does it take to...
*Lucy Ramirez Uncovered
*"MS Forger"

I think that we Conservativ... (Below threshold)

I think that we Conservative's need to get over the fact that the Liberal's can't get over the fact that they lost!

Four more years!!!

trb, all I can say about th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

trb, all I can say about the mocking is that they received my Juvenile Scorn (tm Meryl Yourish) the old fashioned way -- they eeeearned it.

BR: I dunno why your comment was blocked -- something set off the filters. I've run into such oddities a few times, myself.

As far as minnie goes... I think we're being Mobyed (he/she/it is an agent provacateur), and I just ignore he/she/it. Sooner or later he/she/it will go too far, and I'll pull out the Magic Mallet.


See BS:"However, M... (Below threshold)

See BS:

"However, Mapes had information prior to the airing of the September 8 Segment that President Bush, while in the TexANG, did volunteer for service in Vietnam but was turned down in favor of more experienced pilots.72 For example, a flight instructor who served in the TexANG with Lieutenant Bush advised Mapes in 1999 that Lieutenant Bush “did want to go to Vietnam but others went first.” Similarly, several others advised Mapes in 1999, and again in 2004 before September 8, that Lieutenant Bush had volunteered to go to Vietnam but did not have enough flight hours to qualify." - page 140 on computer

"Mapes eventually tracked down Lieutenant Colonel Killian’s son who, according to her notes, told her that then-Lieutenant Bush had volunteered for active duty in Vietnam but did not have enough flight hours to qualify." - page 71 on computer

What did it for me was the ... (Below threshold)

What did it for me was the "C-BS" which I don't think I have ever seen before but that tipped me off right away. "C-BS" too funny - love it despite what "trb" says.

Minnie, I don't know where your brain is but if you want to talk "class" President Bush and this blog have more class than anybody I can think of - I'm extremely proud to have that man and his wife be the face of American. Get a grip, lady. Seems BR agrees with me.:-) (ie not the prison jokes)

JT- you have a major mallet? (giggle)


Is everyone really just ... (Below threshold)

Is everyone really just going to accept them spinning that there were no WMD?! Are we all just going to roll over and admit that it was all a steaming pile of bullcrap?

No, I actually think that Bill Clinton and Al Gore believed that when they talked about the Iraqi WMD program for the 8 years they were in office. And the UN inpsectors did find several chemical weapon depots before Saddam kicked them out; where the weapons are now is unkown. If Saddam had the weapons destroyed (as required by the cease fire agreement from the first Gulf War), then why not do it with UN inspectors watching?

There are some who claim that the weapons were smuggled into Syria during the several month delay trying to get yet another UN resolution approved. However, that would have taken a lot of manpower, and so far no one has been found to substantiate that claim.

Brilliant, a great way to u... (Below threshold)

Brilliant, a great way to underscore the mamoth shortcomings. Well done.

Thanks for the laugh this m... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the laugh this morning. Took me until #2 to catch on.

HERE is my favorite RatherGate spoof to date.

Dan Rather: " I am not a cr... (Below threshold)

Dan Rather: " I am not a crock!"

I love the part about the d... (Below threshold)

I love the part about the detractors are "Republican this" and "Republicans that," but C-BS had no political bias. Strictly speaking, the C-BS segment wasn't really politically biased, at least from a party standpoint, it was simple "hate Bush".

meep, the 'fake but accurat... (Below threshold)

meep, the 'fake but accurate' quote is not from CBS but rather from the NY Times, in a story that appeared the day after the second '60 Minutes Wednesday' piece where Rather, realizing the AWOLgate story was falling apart before his very eyes, interviewed Jerry Killian's personal secretary (who was actually a clerk in the typing pool and not any kind of a 'personal secretary'). She claimed that she did not type the memos, she thought they were not authentic, but they did reflect Killian's views on Lt. Bush and the supposed favoritism he received. Hence the NY Times lede.

Incidentally, the '60MW' producers thought that the fact that this 'secretary' is a partisan Democrat with strong anti-Bush opinions was not important enough to share with their viewers.

I got 100! When the correc... (Below threshold)

I got 100! When the correct answer for the first one wasn't present (F: None of the above), I thought maybe I had found the secret decoder key for the entire quiz. I had.

You really didn't expect the See-BS "independent" report to get to the truth, did you?


It is doubtful C-BS ever in... (Below threshold)

It is doubtful C-BS ever intended to be "independent" considering they hired Dick "Karl Rove sued me for a ton of money and won" Thornburgh to co-author the report!


P.S. Linked to you on my blog. I hope you don't mind. You have a great site!

yo JAY TEA, man you have lo... (Below threshold)

yo JAY TEA, man you have lost it big time. whats this shit article your posting again? didn't i tell ya that you, paul and kevin are posting some boring useless articles and it was time to change the articles and come up with something that entertains us ppl. i don't even understand why these thich heads ppl email you guys, i guess they are low lives like you three. JAY TEA you know not to talk about muslims in your articles 'coz you ppl ain't worth it. so you have not converted to a muslim, have ya????? what an unlucky old fool you are.






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