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Sometimes you gotta say, "What the puck?"

I've never been much of a sports fan, but I like to think I have at least a passing acquaintance with the general principles of all the major sports. Every now and then, though, that presumption gets a challenge, and this morning it happened again.

The local radio station was giving a report on the local minor league hockey team, and gave their record. And I was confused.

Now, I can understand the basics. If a team has a record of 17-4, I know that means the team has won 17 games and lost 4 of the current season. And I extrapolated that a 26-21-5 record meant they had won 26, lost 21, and tied 5 times in a sport where a tie was an acceptable outcome.

But the Manchester Monarchs had FOUR number listed -- I think it was 26-21-4-3. What the HELL does that fourth number mean?

Someone once tried explaining it to me, something about "games won in overtime" or some such thing. I didn't like it, so I started working on my own theories on what that fourth number stands for.

1) Number of games this season that ended in an official being abducted by aliens

2) Average number of fish/mollusks thrown on the ice per game

3) Number of games since a major brawl

4) Average number of stitches required after each game

OK, those are my theories. It's your turn now.


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Try this one on for size. ... (Below threshold)
bilge diver:

Try this one on for size. When they went to the new point system where no game can end in a tie, they track wins - losses - overtime losses - shoot out losses. Some leagues still let a game end in a tie, but not all. If they don't let a game end in a tie, if it's tied after overtime they go to the shoot out to determine the winner.

- How about the average num... (Below threshold)

- How about the average number of times every team changes coaches each season....( and its always because they need a "new" approach and younger thinking.....or older thinking and a more seasoned approach/greater experience...the two reasons go back and forth for each change of coach....)....

Number of games tied?... (Below threshold)

Number of games tied?


Remember it's high school; they don't do playoffs like the big leagues. I would say 3 games tied.

OR it could be the number ... (Below threshold)

OR it could be the number of games given up, either by them or another team that couldn't make it. Same happens with wrestling but I cannot think of the word. It's when one team can't make the game so they give the win basically to the other team. So either Manchester gave up 3 games because they couldn't make it or another team gave Manchester the game because the other team couldn't make it. If I could wake people up, I'd ask what the word is - you'd think I should remember putting 2 boys through high school; one a wrestling champ.


Urr... Try 26-7-3-1...... (Below threshold)

Urr... Try 26-7-3-1...

Which might I add is an amazing Record for a hockey team,

You oughta watch Australian... (Below threshold)

You oughta watch Australian rules football sometime. Near as I can tell, they segregate the score depending upon whether the guy in the lab coat pointed with both fingers (points scored between the tall poles) or just one (points scored between one of the tall ones and one of the short ones).

In the portions of the few games that I've seen, I couldn't figure out how to tell who was winning.

Finally I can give you some... (Below threshold)

Finally I can give you some information

It goes like this

Wins - Loss - Ties - Overtime Losses

A win in overtime goes into the win column.. the fourth column was introduced a few years ago when they changed the overtime format. It used to be that if you lost in overtime you lost and didn't get any points and if you won you got two points.

Its been changed so that once overtime starts both teams are gaurunteed one point each and two points if they score in OT. The thought was that with the teams not able to lose that point that they would have more exciting OT play

Wins - Losses - Teeth Lost ... (Below threshold)

Wins - Losses - Teeth Lost (ours) - Teeth Lost (theirs)

- Forfeit Cindy....the only... (Below threshold)

- Forfeit Cindy....the only way theres a forfeit is if one of the coaches dies during regulation time with two players in the penalty box....its called "icing the coach"....

Wins - Losses - Ties - Play... (Below threshold)

Wins - Losses - Ties - Players Arrested for Violent Felonies Off the Ice

OK - thanks FORFEIT, that's... (Below threshold)

OK - thanks FORFEIT, that's the word. In high school, there is no overtime games in any sport.


Forfeit has nothing to do ... (Below threshold)

Forfeit has nothing to do with coaching. When a high school game forfeits, it's because one team could not make it. When my son was wrestling and a team could not make the meet, they would forfeit and other times if one of the high school players got hurt and had to be taken to the hospital, they would forfeit the game. THERE IS NO OVERTIME IN HIGH SCHOOL GAMES and there never has been. Unlike the big leagues and I'm sure that Jay is talking about Manchester, NH high school - I've been there. Some weight classes were also forfeited if one did not have someone to fill that weight class. High School kids play by different roles in every sport.


Oh it's not just in high sc... (Below threshold)

Oh it's not just in high school either - it's right up through high school. As a little league baseball coach for a few years (the 10-12 age range), it was the sameway. So that last number Jay, is forfeits forwarded to the Manchester team.


Jay,Just call the ... (Below threshold)


Just call the school and ask them what the numbers stand for - simple.


As it happens, my bookmark... (Below threshold)
Steel Turman:

As it happens, my bookmarks are alphabetical
and Wizbang is close to the end of my perusals.
Today, being Sunday and slow in blogland, I went
to the few hundred sites I read daily without much
mirth. This post and the one about the cigar lady
made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the dessert.






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