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Irony can be pretty ironic some times...

I've been occasionally reading this blog for a little while, and it's not too bad. I first discovered her through a comment she left here at Wizbang, and she has some interesting things to say. That won't prevent me from giving her a little friendly tweaking, however.

In this post, Omni discusses the importance of feedback in developing social skills and learning how to get along with other people. It hit pretty close to home for me -- I saw a lot of myself in the discussion.

But I also noticed that in her discussion of the value of feedback and learning how others respond to you, Omni was doing just the exact opposite.

She doesn't have comments enabled on her blog, she has no "contact me" button, no e-mail listed, nothing. There doesn't appear to be a single way for a reader to give her the feedback she so rightly points out is so important.

In fact, if she doesn't notice the links I've put above and doesn't read Wizbang regularly enough, she won't even see this. And for some reason, I find that amusing.


Update: Please, folks, note I used the term "friendly" above! This wasn't intended as a slam on Omni (whose site I like), but more along the lines of a mild bit of friendly ribbing and affectionate teasing. Take it down a little, will ya? If you're looking for blogs that are just begging to be abused, I can cheerfully point you in a certain direction or two...

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Jay, Jay, Jay, lol, that es... (Below threshold)

Jay, Jay, Jay, lol, that essay is about getting feedback on one's ACTIONS, to make sure that they're within the realm of the socially acceptable... and why on Earth would I want my ESSAYS to be more socially acceptable? ;-)

I maintain that a "blog" th... (Below threshold)

I maintain that a "blog" that doesn't have a commenting feature is not truly a blog at all -- it is simply a frequently-updated website.

or a web journal; comments ... (Below threshold)
tee bee:

or a web journal; comments can be a handful. but I always appreciate a cosmic irony in the omniverse.

Glad you'd never cal... (Below threshold)

Glad you'd never call out another blogger.

So long as trackback is ena... (Below threshold)

So long as trackback is enabled, who cares about comments?

that was a joke BTW... (Below threshold)

that was a joke BTW

Besides the irony of the co... (Below threshold)

Besides the irony of the content and its context being fairly telling of the person, the previous few rants I reviewed share the same problem. If you aren't secure enough to lay it on the line and take the feedback you need to be either more socially or bloggically acceptable, you need more counselling or more Prozac. Or to just get out of the kitchen (if its too hot for you).

David speaks great wisdom. ... (Below threshold)

David speaks great wisdom. Blogs are not about publishing your words on the Internet. Blogs are about interacting with other people. They're a social phenomenon, albeit one that usually doesn't involve any actual physical contact.

But you can still get an in... (Below threshold)

But you can still get an infection if you are't careful...

I have to agree with david.... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with david. Blogs with comments disabled seem rather pointless to me. (It's as if the blogger can dish it out, but can't take it, even though as a blogger one can delete comments one doesn't like.) For instance, as a doctor myself, after having checked out Omni's blog on your recommendation, I would have been more than happy to comment on her little rant about doctors from Jan. 13, but she doesn't give that option.

For instance, as a docto... (Below threshold)

For instance, as a doctor myself, after having checked out Omni's blog on your recommendation, I would have been more than happy to comment on her little rant about doctors from Jan. 13, but she doesn't give that option.

So get your own blog, post something there, and trackback to her post.

Wasn't Powerline just named... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Wasn't Powerline just named "Blog of the Year" and also voted best blog. It never has comments enabled, but the authors actively accept reader input.

P.S. My ACTUAL NAME is in an update on Powerline right now!!!! Let the 15 minutes begin.

Comments aren't neccessary,... (Below threshold)

Comments aren't neccessary, but a method of contact is. The Puppy Blender rarely has comments, but he is truly a blogger. The Powerline guys are bloggers, and they don't have comments.

I have comments, just not very many commenters.

But hiding behind a website with no method of contacting is, IMHO, cowardly.

She's interesting? Then Jay... (Below threshold)

She's interesting? Then Jay you're a pandering, pathetic blog burn-out . BWA? For Christ's sake; fucking BWA!! What pedestrian left-wing PC time warp do you both come from? You and Malkin have hit all-time lows lately.

Orac, what about Instapundi... (Below threshold)

Orac, what about Instapundit and Powerline? They do not have comments, but clearly are important blogs in the blogosphere.


I agree about the trackback... (Below threshold)

I agree about the trackback thing, either trackbacks or comments, however, Omni doesn't have either of those things. So its a frequently updated "news" page of a website.

Her latest post, however, leaves much to be desired. Its not the point that women should make men subservient to them. It should be about kindness and reciprocation.
If I was on the couch, and my woman asked me to get her something, I would, and if I asked her to get me something, she should.

It doesn't matter which gender is the one that remains on the couch, if they care about each other, then THEY SHOULD. BWA....uppity bitches.

Ohhh! I love my commenters!... (Below threshold)

Ohhh! I love my commenters!! I probably wouldn't even blog if I didn't have them. I love the interaction.
Like Dr. Orac said. Btw doc, lemme ask you something. I have been having this pain here........

Back to the whole point tha... (Below threshold)

Back to the whole point that Omni has issues with feedback. I'm new to this site (and I love it!), but Wizbang is correct in saying it's 'amusing', at least. If Omni truly wants feedback for her 'ACTIONS', she needs to realize that blogging is an action verb.

In this comment thread, it seems we're actively still trying to define the term 'blog', when what we should be doing is working on standard categories for the blogs that do exist. We know what a blog is. But there are many moods of the blog.

Sure has us talking though, doesn't it?!

"If Omni truly wants feedba... (Below threshold)

"If Omni truly wants feedback for her 'ACTIONS', she needs to realize that blogging is an action verb."

So is "wiping"... do I need to explain why I don't want or need feedback in reference to THAT verb either, lol?

Posting to a blog has no connection to a person's ability to behave in an acceptable manner in social situations, and thus requires no feedback of the type described in my essay... again, just like "wiping."

Dear Omni,To me, b... (Below threshold)

Dear Omni,

To me, blogging offers a much better avenue for feedback than does 'wiping'. But you have made my point for me - it's all about personal perspective. It's every blog for itself, not for anyone else. I, for one, I enjoy the interaction of comments and emails with other bloggers. I think being connected to like minds is what it's all about, and the 'feedback' you get may not get you to 'behave in an acceptable manner' - - but I don't really understand what you're talking about anyway because, frankly, I haven't read your essay. I guess you're looking for something entirely different. I do find your choice of 'wiping' as an alternate action verb quite interesting, but definitely not the kind of 'feedback' I was looking for.

Best of luck out there!

It's an interesting phenome... (Below threshold)

It's an interesting phenomenon. Some people just aren't looking for a conversation. Others (Riverbend of Baghdad Burning comes to mind) disable comments because they don't want to be called out on their obvious dishonesty.

I've enabled comments and t... (Below threshold)

I've enabled comments and trackbacks, and only recently one of the more infamous trolls here (Robert Lindsay) somehow found his way to my own blog and availed himself to commenting. I enjoy commenters, it means that you aren't alone out there, from someone who just barely got his blog started, those comments mean that someone actually took the time to read my post, and decided to give me their own 2 cents (even if they disagree with me). It just means my life isn't as meaningless as I originally thought.

A recent format change blew... (Below threshold)

A recent format change blew away all my comments, but I really did get some and enjoyed them and really enjoyed responding to them. Only one problem. I am quite outspoken and, ugh, rapier-like. Apparently, few enjoy jousting with me. Are you a stupid liberal who wants to have your head (and shredded lame arguments) handed to you? Drop by. That is my favorite, but others are welcome too.

yo Jay, man why ain't ya ch... (Below threshold)

yo Jay, man why ain't ya chatting to me?? all i was doing was beign honest about how boring your articles are, there not entertaining or sad tsunami articles thats why i think a day with you, paul and kevin will be 100% boredom. you know im right. don't deny, admit it. ain't ya chatting to me 'coz we had that muslim-jewish-christian disagreement? or is it coz im a muslim and you want to be one too, but ya don't want to bring shame to your jewish or christian family of yours???? what ever it is man, im sure we can still be "mates"






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