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Democrats are advised to pay no attention to anything this man has to say! Embrace George Soros' billions and leave Michael Moore in charge of your message.

Move along, nothing to see there...


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New Dem is a good read, but... (Below threshold)

New Dem is a good read, but I don't think he's that far off from many of the conservative blogs I read. Soooooo, your caution about '...pay no attention...' is probably unnecessary.

I have a nickel bet w/ myself that he/she is actually a conservative blogger in demo drag.

Someone *does* need to introduce him/her to the concept of spell check.

Well, I agree that no one s... (Below threshold)

Well, I agree that no one should pay much attention, if any, to that site...the author also might be questionable to nationality, or, at least, "Americanized" English isn't their native language, based upon what's written there and how.

THING IS, the "majority of Americans is..." stuff is entirely inaccurate.

For almost all, if not all, those points written on that blog there, they are completely wrong about what "the majority" in the United States prefers, thinks, wants and votes to endorse.

But, that's now becoming common fare, these irregular assumptions by liberals anywhere/everywhere, as to what "the majority" wants or feels or reasons.

What I've concluded is that most liberals in these areas of social perceptions live in and among others like them, such that they encounter no diversity of thought and opinion, lifestyle and beleifs, such that when they DO encounter diversity in those areas, it's deemed "right wing" and even "fascist" and such by those shocked and awed liberals.

Democrats' worse failing in the U.S. and liberals' elsewhere in other parts of our world is that they are cloistered within their own liberal enclaves and nothing much else ever appears to get through to their perceptions. When individuals begin to diversify as a liberal, they get the old liberal hate speech and a lot of denigration about their perceptual growth, such that they continue the viscious cycle of denying change, real education, growth in general and diversity within their environments.

Except for oddities like "u... (Below threshold)

Except for oddities like "untill" and "through the throats", I'd say he might be a Southern Democrat, fed up with the fringe takeover of his party. Funny, one of the fonts seen in his home page View /View Source window is "Georgia."

But if he is sincere, he'd better take another look at the names he put under "Democrats I Like: Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton." Doesn't he know Hillary is connected to Soros?

Me thinks the blogger in qu... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

Me thinks the blogger in question has an identity crisis. He sounds like a closet Red to me.

I don't think we have to wo... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

I don't think we have to worry much about this one -- read the comments section on the blog.

Strange. He said the same ... (Below threshold)

Strange. He said the same thing I said in your comments on a post further up. He does assume a lot in what "most Americans" want, but I won't beat him up. I think he's sincere.






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