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Sore Losers Get Their Own Club

Nothing says, "I'm a disgruntled moonbat" quite like a blue bracelet.


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Comments (32)

Let's see...Yellow... (Below threshold)

Let's see...

Yellow bracelet: Cancer research
Purple bracelet: Cancer survivors/supporters
Blue bracelet: ?

Cirby: Blue bracele... (Below threshold)

Blue bracelet: blue-blood party that poses itself as blue collar

Gee, I wonder what color br... (Below threshold)

Gee, I wonder what color bracelet he wears?


It's OK... We got our own R... (Below threshold)

It's OK... We got our own Red bands, and you can help the troops via the USO as well...


Full Disclosure... I designed the site for the company.

aawww!!! my giveadam... (Below threshold)

my giveadamn is busted!

Well, that probably explain... (Below threshold)

Well, that probably explains this bracelet as well.

ah blue bracelets: Ptuey!!<... (Below threshold)

ah blue bracelets: Ptuey!!

Hope their hands go to sleep and fall off.



<a href="http://www.midwint... (Below threshold)

Green! Purple!

I hope this isn't some kind of way to show the terrorists which ones to kill. Hint: They don't much care.

From my link: "Every five y... (Below threshold)

From my link: "Every five years, the Drazi people divide by random selection into two equal groups, green and purple, and fight for supremacy in a contest that lasts a full year. The group that wins is the dominant one until the next battle. Group membership isn't permanent and has no deeper meaning than the color of cloth one happens to select randomly from a container."

It's all part of a research... (Below threshold)
Paul Zrimsek:

It's all part of a research effort by Bill in DC to track the migratory patterns of moonbats.

Great, just what we need. ... (Below threshold)

Great, just what we need. More polarization. Libs will get their blue bracelets. Conservatives will get their red ones. Then you'll be able to tell who's on which side.

This is a white man's version of the Bloods and the Crips.

cirby: According to Rightwi... (Below threshold)

cirby: According to Rightwingsparkle's link it's now abortionists, not cancer survivors that are to wear purple bracelets.

Warning: Some hospitals use a particular colored marked "Do not resuscitate". Some hospitals use yellow for this. So the armstrong bracelets could be confusing.

Wally: What color bracelet Dan is wearing? I'd guess gold. Or more colloquially: Bling!

And still not an original t... (Below threshold)

And still not an original thought amongst them.

Could this be anything like... (Below threshold)
Cloud Master:

Could this be anything like the L.A. street gangs wearing their "colors" Next they'll be "taging" "blue" states with graffiti :-))

Paul Zrimsek,Are y... (Below threshold)

Paul Zrimsek,

Are you aware if any of these patterns mimic those of lemmings, or has that observation not yet been documented?

You can combat the blues wi... (Below threshold)

You can combat the blues with red OneNation wristbands - the purchase of which goes to benefit the families of our troops in the Middle East. From Operation Homefront: http://www.nationone.us/

I suggest we give money to ... (Below threshold)

I suggest we give money to all those organizations that we feel worthy, but please..no bracelets!

Let us be united in our commitment to wearing only those bracelets that are sparkley and pretty. Gold, Silver, and diamond. (Men don't wear them, just buy them for the women you want to wear them. You might be surprised how well that works out for you.)

Ah. Blue. The color of envy... (Below threshold)

Ah. Blue. The color of envy.

Actually, green is the colo... (Below threshold)

Actually, green is the color of envy. Blue just happens to be one of the signature colors of a bruise ;-)

Research so far indicates t... (Below threshold)
Paul Zrimsek:

Research so far indicates that moonbats are exactly like lemmings with one curious exception: though they agree vehemently about the desirability of plunging off cliffs, they have never been observed to do it themselves. Their lemming instinct seems to have been sublimated into a fierce drive to talk other creatures into plunging off cliffs.

I have to agree with rightw... (Below threshold)

I have to agree with rightwingsparkle. Men also wear gold bracelets. But if you are going to buy these cheap colored elastic bracelets, your money is best spent to a reputable charity; I'm all for that.


Every large charity should ... (Below threshold)

Every large charity should offer a bracelet. I'd like to see an expensive one that contributes to armor for soldiers.

Very interesting, Paul. Som... (Below threshold)

Very interesting, Paul. Some have theorized an inverse relationship between population size and irritation quotient [Pmin=1/iq], i.e. that as their populations diminish, the remnants will ruminate less, screech louder, and jump farther. I look forward to Bill's conclusions in one of the summer editions of Political Science. Maybe an advance communiqué would be in order for humanitarian interests to save this endangered species, or not.

Now now now now-- Don't pic... (Below threshold)

Now now now now-- Don't pick on bill....

That's my job. LOL

Idon't want to play Crips &... (Below threshold)

Idon't want to play Crips & Bloods. I wanna play Jets and Sharks.

Here's a freebee for some e... (Below threshold)

Here's a freebee for some entreprenur. A red, white and blue band, with some stars.

Just one more example of wh... (Below threshold)

Just one more example of why we can't allow those moonbats to gain power.

Please don't discourage the... (Below threshold)

Please don't discourage the wearing of blue bracelets. For business managers, and especially for hiring managers, they are a rich source of information, identifying their wearers as:
- incapabale of linear thought
- indifferent to fact
- indifferent to freedom
- hostile to the free enterprise system
- easy to offend
- likely to sue

Few resumes contain that much useful data.

You wear the blue bracelet ... (Below threshold)

You wear the blue bracelet - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You wear the red bracelet - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

The girl is selling blue br... (Below threshold)

The girl is selling blue bracelets....her father is now selling red ones....

Apparently this father-daughter team is going to rake in big bucks from both sides of the aisle.

Creative marketing, huh?

Berns Rothchild should make... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

Berns Rothchild should make her visit to London permanent.

Well said, Henry!... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

Well said, Henry!






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