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This Years Model

Some things just defy explanation.

Paris Hilton In The Round (2.5MB Windows Media - slightly not work safe [bikini modeling])

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- Hilton 2005 fashion state... (Below threshold)

- Hilton 2005 fashion statement: closed for demolition....

Speaking of defying explana... (Below threshold)

Speaking of defying explanation, why is it you're going after the junior-high-boy market, Kevin?

There are already more excellent blogs out there than I have time to read. And since I like my blogs sans pointless pandering to the pimple-pocked population, there simply isn't any reason to leave WizBang on my reading list.

Not that you should or do care. Just an FYI.

All Ican say about Paris Hi... (Below threshold)

All Ican say about Paris Hilton is, "Not even with a rented d**k!"

I wonder how stoned you hav... (Below threshold)

I wonder how stoned you have to be to come up with something like that.

WTF!And the bunny?... (Below threshold)


And the bunny?

Observation for the benefit... (Below threshold)

Observation for the benefit of nobody in particular: Blog about what you want to blog about, and read what you want to read about, and STFU about everybody else.

WTF?... (Below threshold)


Well, it doesn't look like ... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Well, it doesn't look like she'd have the problems with childbirth that I had.

LOL!! She looked like she w... (Below threshold)

LOL!! She looked like she was thinking to herself.."I'm on this big turntable and I can't figure out how to get off of it!!"

I'm thinking someone has had a boob job done recently.

Yea she looks a little on t... (Below threshold)

Yea she looks a little on the trashed side.

I still don't understand the bunny.

Well, I didn't know what ya... (Below threshold)

Well, I didn't know what yall were talking about with the bunny. I had to go back and see.

Henry, If you saw the bunny it means your a sick pervert that looked at this video WAY too long.


If Paris Hilton were poor, ... (Below threshold)
Pat Adkins:

If Paris Hilton were poor, she would be in real trouble. Talk about wasted sperm!

Well, that made sense......... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

Well, that made sense......

Is that a bikini or bra and panties? The top looks more like a bra than a bikini top to me.

Gives new meaning to the term dizzy blonde.






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