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Irony by the pound

This is rich:

CBS News Draws Ire of Bloggers

The handling of documents appears to have tripped up CBS News again, and once more bloggers have provided instant - and biting - critiques of the incident.

After an independent panel published its findings on the use of unverified documents relating to President Bush's National Guard duty on "60 Minutes Wednesday," the entire 234-page report was made available on the CBS News Web site and that of the law firm hired to handle the inquiry, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham. But several Web sites noted that the posting of the report had been altered two days after it was placed on the Web page.

"I'd written a couple of pieces on the document earlier in the week," said Ernest Miller, a fellow of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School who writes a popular blog on Internet law (www.corante.com/importance). "Then I noticed that I couldn't copy and paste from the report as I did in days past."

With the help of Seth Finkelstein, a programmer and fellow blogger (sethf.com/infothought/blog/), Mr. Miller found that the document's encryption settings had been changed and, as a result, the text could not be copied. Anyone who downloaded the panel's report from either the CBS News servers or those of the law firm would have to retype any passages they wished to include in, say, an e-mail message or a blog post. ...

According to Linda Mason, a CBS News executive who served as a liaison between the network and the independent panel, an attorney from the law firm called her on Wednesday and asked that the digital restrictions be made - including the prevention of copying and pasting. The fear, it seems, was that an enterprising ne'er-do-well could copy the text into a new document and begin circulating a faked version of the report.

Well- If it the faked version said there was political bias at CBS and that the memos were found to be forgeries, we'd finally have that "fake but accurate" document we've heard so much about.


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Comments (4)

Paul, I am shocked, appalle... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, I am shocked, appalled, and dismayed at your flagrant disregard for the truth exhibited in your above piece.

The phrase is "fake, but ACCURATE."

I'm a little disappointed. You're usually better at remembering the absurd turns of phrase their side convolutes up to rationalize their irrationality.


I try not to burn too many ... (Below threshold)

I try not to burn too many gray cells on such non-sense. thanks

LOL! That's killer. Oh the ... (Below threshold)

LOL! That's killer. Oh the irony. Could they have come up with a lamer excuse? That statement was just begging for ridicule.

This truly is laughably awf... (Below threshold)

This truly is laughably awful. It's the "demean the other" line of attack/defense that operates in many other areas, and very often (comments section, ahem) whereby you just suggest or say directly, even, that those who question or expose lack credibility of WHATEVER kind and you can spin out some shred of credibility afterward because most people get the overview early on and then either agree or don't afterward...meaning, everything afterward is just someone spinning their wheels.

CBS in it's present configuration, like others in the liberal media, are relentless in being unable to self regulate, self examine. I think many people got that earlier and still do and all these other various dances by CBS in relationship to the Rather thing, among others, is just them continuing to waste space.

They have no excuse, they probably realize that, they're now trying to present "a bigger and better and improved CBS" with the expectation that that makes everything alright. It won't...they either survive a generation of potential lost audience or they make major changes and offer some big apologies.

I do believe that Rather and CBS owe the country and President Bush an apology, a specific apology. That would work, that'd return them to some sort of recognition, but unless that happens (not holding my breath) they're going to continue to look even worse.






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