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News You're Not Seeing

With the election in Iraq less than two weeks away, the terrorists are waging a relentless campaign of violence, accompanied in the West by an equally relentless campaign of negativity by most of the mainstream media.

Arthur Chrenkoff has been gathering the underreported and ignored news of positive developments in Iraq, and sharing it with all of us. Read the latest installment of Good news from Iraq, if you want to know what you're not being told about the goings on in Iraq.


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We don't see the good news ... (Below threshold)

We don't see the good news because the MSM is teaching us that using War to solve your problems & conflicts is wrong.

People are all war-ed out thanks to the 100% negative barrage from the MSM. Even with rock solid evidence of WMDs in Iran, we probably won't take action against them. OF course there are other avenues to exhaust first so there will be some time.

Regardless the MSM will never let the American public believe War is the Answer to any situation. Of course, the criticism in Iraq carried more wieght than normal since it was an election year and the Anti-War/Anti-Bush sentiments joined up together.

Good post, and Chrenkoff ha... (Below threshold)

Good post, and Chrenkoff has great information.

This fallacy of the MSM "co... (Below threshold)

This fallacy of the MSM "conspiracy" is idiotic. As I have shown over and over again on my Blog the MSM is mostly conservative (when you look at Audience levels. We are comparing a 1/2 hour news program every night to the incessent 24/7 dribble coming out of the Fox News Network, Limbaugh et al.

All Fox shows is good news. Sometimes they show bad news and spin it. Like, "10 Americans were blown to bits today but at least one Iraqi school kid took his SATs".

Bottom line is that this war was started by people who are one step from the looney bin and now it appears they are headed to Iraq.






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