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Google Releases Picasa 2.0

For all of you with iPhoto envy, Google released Picasa 2.0 today.

Google Updates Picasa Photo Software

Version 2 of the free image-editing app enhances organizational, sharing features.

Google has introduced an upgrade to its Picasa photo editing and organizing software, offering users advanced capabilities such as adding new lighting and color effects, and burning CDs.

Picasa 2, available for free download from the search giant's Web site, builds on the product Google gained when it acquired photo management company Picasa last year.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the release underscores the search company's focus on allowing users to better find and organize information stored on their computers.

Picasa 2 scans stored images and sorts them by date, allows users to add labels and star ratings to favorites, and lets them keep pictures in multiple albums.

It's no iPhoto but for my Widows users who drool over iPhoto but can't run it, it is as close as you can get. And it's free from the link above.

All jokes aside, it is good software if you are not familiar with it. Try it.

BTW Jay Tea, that's not trolling, it's just tweaking the noses of a few lamers. Of course, since Picasa won't cure diabetes what good is it? [Those of you that don't get the inside joke, just move along.]

Comments (8)

But then you couldn't use t... (Below threshold)

But then you couldn't use the rest of my photo software and what good would an organizer be without the best RAW format developing software?

The earlier version of Pica... (Below threshold)

The earlier version of Picasa is simply wonderful. I just insert my flash memory card and Picasa automatically gets the pics and organizes them into albums. Good, good stuff.

- Personally I can't stay f... (Below threshold)

- Personally I can't stay far enough away from Picasa....after getting suckered into downloading it back in the "blogspot" days it took me a few weeks of random deletes to get rid of the torrent of little picasa "entry" lists on every photo subdir on my harddrive... I think its a case of too much bang for your buck.... But then I've got even more issues with Email servers than Paul does so I'm probably not a good reference... ( I think IRFan sucks too ).... anything that "spawns" a bunch of unrequested junk all over your harddrive is one slot below virii as far as I'm concerned....

Paul,This I do not... (Below threshold)


This I do not understand at all; I'm totally computer stupid.


I downloaded the software a... (Below threshold)

I downloaded the software after seeing several bloggers I read daily give it high praise. All I can say is, "Wow." I have Photoshop 9.0 and all my pictures come out looking better with the one click correnction method than with Photoshop.

BBH: I noticed a few .ini files in the directories that I keep Picasa watching, but they are small and not all that noticable. Perhaps you should give it another shot.

Cindy: What are you having trouble with? I will gladly offer any assistance I could.

As to your comment "for my ... (Below threshold)

As to your comment "for my Widows users who drool over iPhoto but can't run it," I use both Windows and Apple systems on a regular basis. Contrary to Apple only users belief, Windows users don't drool over Apple features. Really!

- Marcus - you're probably ... (Below threshold)

- Marcus - you're probably right....I have a ton of photo sub-dir for My consulting work that never need referencing in the way you usual do with photos and I think when I initially launched pacasa I probably inadvertantly hit the wrong menu selection because it went absolutely wild all over the place listing and placing those tag files in hundres of dir's so it's prob. worth another look with a little more care....

no linux version, and it's ... (Below threshold)

no linux version, and it's only free as in beer






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