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Minorities and conservative positions: a modest proposal

There's been a bit of a dust-up of late regarding certain commentators who have had the unmitigated gall to be both members of a minority group and conservative. Michelle Malkin, La Shawn Barber, Condoleezza Rice, and Armstrong Williams have all come under attack for the above offense. (In Williams' case, though, it must be pointed out that he did an incredibly unethical, underhanded, slimy, and potentially illegal thing in accepting government money to plug a program, and being dumped by every media outlet that previously paid him is a good start on settling the score.) Some of the sheer venom and hatred and outright vile terms and epithets being hurled at these people (terms such as "house nigger," "house slave," "race traitor," "whore," "Uncle Tom/Aunt Jemima," and "sellout" are among the milder ones I've seen) appalls me, and should likewise bother all of good conscience.

My instinct was to hurl myself into the fray and defend these worthies (Williams, obviously, excluded). But I set that aside in favor of striving not to be a warrior, but a peacemaker. With that in mind, I have prepared the following proposal.

I suggest that some of the leading liberal voices of the day (such as Kos, Atrios, and a few others -- I'm not "up" on leading liberals) should get together and assemble a list of positions that minorities can and can not support. Once they have a list that they can all agree on, then it can be distributed to all minority commentators so they can see exactly what they can and cannot say, as spelled out in this "profile" of acceptable positions.

Of course, what's fair for one side is fair for the other. Likewise, we should assemble some of the leading voices of conservatism to kick around just where all white men should stand on issues, and appropriate sanctions for those who violate it. For example, I am curious just what sort of penalties Ted Kennedy would be in for.

This could be quite a challenge, but luckily we have a valuable resource available for us, and he's already in public service. It might be difficult to get him to cross party lines and help Republicans, but Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) might still have some materials left over from his days as a leader in the Ku Klux Klan, or perhaps we can contact the NAACP, who won the Klan's headquarters in a lawsuit back in the 80's -- they might have found some stuff that had fallen behind a desk or something.

So, once we get everything hammered out, we can set aside this "traitor to your race" stuff and get people to behave exactly as they're supposed to, with everyone's politics clearly categorized by their race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, or whatever else criteria people want to draw up.

It'll certainly make it a lot easier to judge someone's beliefs based simply on their appearance. In fact, this "pre-judging" could be a huge time-saver. I see great potential in the whole concept of "prejudice" in tidying up political discourse, and I have the above-mentioned liberals to thank for bringing it to my attention.



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Comments (25)

So who gets to make a list ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

So who gets to make a list of what positions white women can make? We are sort of a mixed bag.

btw it has long bothered me that somehow AA's and other minority groups are not permitted to think for themselves, but have to hold some party line to be deemed acceptable.

Admit it, J., you just want... (Below threshold)

Admit it, J., you just want to help da ladies. ;-)

I think the problem is much... (Below threshold)

I think the problem is much broader than you are implying...

The venom by liberals towards conservatives (and conversely by conservatives toward liberals) isn't an issue of race -- the issue is fundamentally that liberals don't think anybody should be a conservative and conservatives don't think anybody should be a liberal. The issue of race only gets brought into it because the disagreement over what, exactly, is in the long-term best interests of minorities means that it always looks to the other side as if they are going against their own best interests.

Well, Just me, it depends o... (Below threshold)

Well, Just me, it depends on your religion. If you're religious, you have to hate, hate abortion. But if not, you have to hate, hate pro-lifers. You can't, under any circumstances, support 2A. You have to feel bad for minorities and want affirmitive action. You have to think all men are dogs.

You also are obligated to vote for Hillary if she runs. Girl Power!

If I am required to vote fo... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

If I am required to vote for Hillary, I may have to sign up for a sex change, just the thought of a president hillary makes me hyperventilate.

Connor I have no problems if people want to be liberal. I fully understand that two people can consider the same problem and reach different conclusions. I think the liberal ones are generally wrong, but I don't think there is something wrong with a person who is a liberal, because they believe something different than me. You don't ever hear conservatives accuse white people of betraying their race, if they are liberal. Conservative AAs get it all the time.

Why stop at racial c... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Why stop at racial conformity in political positions? Why not insist on racial conformity in cultural behavior and patterns of thought? That way, just as Hillary Clinton alleged, race would be a large component of character. It would save us all a lot of time if we could tell someone's character at a mere glance.

Any laws requiring this should be named after their godmother, Hillary Clinton.

Should Ted Kennedy b... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Should Ted Kennedy be penalized for occasionally acting sober and/or calm?

WEll, the only person who b... (Below threshold)

WEll, the only person who brought up a racial issue and then actually tried to establish himself (as also Rice) in today's hearing with Condoleezza Rice, the only person who did that was Obama. A "black" man, a Democrat, a leading proponent of liberalism.

I noticed that Rice didn't respond in kind. The look on Rice's face just after Obama's attempt to make the moment all about race with the greatest level of control I think I've ever admired in someone in that position. She just looked past it, if not through him (Obama), clearly, however, perceiving Obama's reference, which was racial.

If everyone's a monotone one thing (or another), exceptions and achievements and individualities then become the odd thing and that's what appears to me to drive the naysaying that certain individuals receive or are targeted with. Mostly I think what's taking place today is that people not of Caucasian genes are finding that they have to face their own racism.

The InterRacial Draft. We ... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

The InterRacial Draft. We gotta do something about Eminem. If Condi is Aunt Jemima... wait, we don;t even have a good term to describe Em and his attempt to be a gangsta...

Well, maybe people do, but the left can get away with "Uncle Tom" cracks, try using a slur from the right side and see what happens.

What about Asian Americans?... (Below threshold)

What about Asian Americans? They were considered even racially inferior to Blacks when they first emigrated here.

How about now? The stereotype for an Asian immigrant is to become exceptionally smart and excel in studies and become good, upstanding citizens.

How about African Americans? They were repressed years and years ago, I'm sure, however, they've kept up their own self-image of repression so that if someone tries to make it on their own, they ridicule that person for "imitating the white man", and insist on maintaining their own "culture"....ignorance and racism abound.

Good on Bill Cosby. African Americans need more role models like him, good middle-class (in appearance and demeanor) citizens that have strong morals and family values.

Justin Bits called... (Below threshold)

Justin B

its called "wigger"

"white nig" you get the point

"the issue is fundamenta... (Below threshold)

"the issue is fundamentally that liberals don't think anybody should be a conservative and conservatives don't think anybody should be a liberal."

Except, of course, one of these groups is right, in both senses of the word. :)

Henry,Why did you ... (Below threshold)
Justin B:


Why did you have to go and say it man... I am gonna have to go through another five weeks of corporate sensitivity training to brainwash the term back out of me now. You know how had it is to live in corporate America and walk the fine line of PC?

Just using a word like is on par with joining the Klan. Now all of are gonna have honorary hoods showing up...

I am not allowed to watch Chapelle Show anymore because if I repeat anything, the PC police will take my cell phone, pager, badge, and paycheck then Tar and Feather me and have Jesse Jackson protest at my house until I buy him off or my wife has his love child.

I know it's late and I am t... (Below threshold)

I know it's late and I am tired but I just didn't get the message you are trying to pass on to the rest of us... and big words befuddle me... so what are you actually saying in normal every day English?


Justin wrote: "Why did you ... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Justin wrote: "Why did you have to go and say it man... I am gonna have to go through another five weeks of corporate sensitivity training to brainwash the term back out of me now. You know how had it is to live in corporate America and walk the fine line of PC?

Just using a word like is on par with joining the Klan. Now all of are gonna have honorary hoods showing up...

I am not allowed to watch Chapelle Show anymore because if I repeat anything, the PC police will take my cell phone, pager, badge, and paycheck then Tar and Feather me and have Jesse Jackson protest at my house until I buy him off or my wife has his love child."

Exactly. the PC garbage is beyond control these days.

Personally, I don't care if it's a nigger, a cracker of a jew in a position of power, I just want them to do the job well. No one should get a break becuase of skin colour, that's racist.

Nice satire JT. Swift woul... (Below threshold)

Nice satire JT. Swift would approve.

Next stop: "Liberal's Only"... (Below threshold)

Next stop: "Liberal's Only" drinking fountains.

Dang. Pull that "'" from L... (Below threshold)

Dang. Pull that "'" from Liberals for me, wouldja?


Oh, now this one is "link" ... (Below threshold)

Oh, now this one is "link" worthy. (Not that other things here aren't.)

Personally, I'm with J on t... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

Personally, I'm with J on this. This new "prejudice" idea sounds great! It will save me a lot of time when I meet people of different races. Now I won't have to waste time actually thinking about what a person is really like; I can simply assign to him properties we as a race have developed about his kind as a whole, and then I can treat him accordingly. Everyone knows how busy I am, and "prejudice" sounds like the ultimate time-saver!

Well written, J. That last paragraph really ties it all together.

Personally, I think that these people (the libtards) who do this kind of thing are abhorrent. I REALLY can't believe the people on Michelle Malkin's blog. Some of the stuff she received and posted is unbelievable.

My wife told me of a similar story recently. Seems there was a white woman, married with children, a Christian, who got raped by a black man. As a result, she became pregnant. The hate mail she got, from Christians, was apalling. One wrote that her husband was cuckholded, another wrote that she and her husband were sinners, there were various accusations of whoring, and more than one person wrote that the world would be a better place when (NOT IF) her whole family was dead. Unreal!

Red Five, you mean that she... (Below threshold)

Red Five, you mean that she decided not to abort the baby, and so she got hate mail? Otherwise, your statement makes no sense whatsoever.

I think it's becoming clear... (Below threshold)

I think it's becoming clear that today's conservatives are the true intellectual decendents of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Liberals have virtually abandoned the very heart of King's plea: that individuals be judged on their merits, not on their immutable characteristics. Simple enough and seemingly universally evident. How have liberals screwed that up?

I think it's largely the fault of affirmative action. The good intentions that led to the implementation of affirmative action simply reaffirmed the importance of racial identification and racial and social divisions. The Jim Crow South's perverse notions regarding the importance of identifying "negro blood" are perpetuated today in liberal dogma. It has led to a liberal dogma that preaches the importance of "individual" rights, but does so always through the prism of group identity.

Is the paradox not evident? We are asked to think about progress in the allegedly homogeneous interests of diverse groups--"blacks," "African-Americans," "Asian-Americans," "women," "the "GLBT community"--and to dismiss or marginalize the accomplishments of individuals if they fail to contribute to the statistical improvement of "their" assigned group.

Is this nuance, or is the notion of group identity and group responsibility, based on immutable characteristics, simply incompatible with individual freedom and the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Such snarky cleverness, Jay... (Below threshold)

Such snarky cleverness, Jay Tea.

What will you think of next?

yo JAY TEA, we all know you... (Below threshold)

yo JAY TEA, we all know your a smart ass which is why i want to test your smartness with mine.

email back and i'll give you some questions to answer. i dare you to compete with me, a teenager whose going to go to london's top medical school in two years. you've got no chance at all. you'll probably cheat by checking the answers out on the net.

the rocket hits off real bad in here london, lets see how bad it's going to hit off in arizona.

from amelia in london (in few years it'll be in costa del sol, spain, with the cute spanish boys)

why ain't ya chatting to me... (Below threshold)

why ain't ya chatting to me JAY TEA, i thought we were 'great mates', have i hurt your feelings? i'll do anything to win your friendship you know.

from amelia martinez in london






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