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No More Questions...

Gregg Henson sends details of an interesting case of a powerful local politician putting the smackdown (literally) on the local press. From Detroit's WXYZ:

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick continues to dodge the questions about a questionable lease of a luxury SUV for his wife. At first, the Mayor's Office denied the car even existed, until chief investigator Steve Wilson found it Monday.

On Tuesday, Wilson tracked the mayor down in Washington, D.C., but instead of getting the answers you deserve, on the mayor's orders, Steve got body-slammed by a body guard.

Of course the you'll need to see the video (RealMedia) to see the body slam.

So what's all the fuss about?

While Detroit government employees faced the choice of a layoff or 10% pay cut, and residents face reduced city services, Detroit's mayor spent a mound of taxpayer money ($24,000 a year) to lease a brand new Lincoln Navigator for his wife.


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Comments (16)

I'm just so proud to live i... (Below threshold)

I'm just so proud to live in the Detroit Metro Area.

Nice....I wish I cou... (Below threshold)

I wish I could just make a phone call and give myself a $35,000 raise, which is exactly what the Mayor did here.
Remember, if you or I were to lease a Navigator for $25,000, it would be with AFTER TAX dollars. At an average tax rate of around 40%, you'd need to make around $35K BEFORE taxes to get that $25K.

Hey lay off the guy for hav... (Below threshold)
Justin B:

Hey lay off the guy for having some overzealous security and wanting a safe vehicle for his wife to drive. I mean have you ever tried to get to a Pistons game?

That's my home town. Kwame... (Below threshold)

That's my home town. Kwamee is such a douche.

That's unbelievable..but, h... (Below threshold)

That's unbelievable..but, hey, that suit should have been a dead giveaway...

And everyone thought Colema... (Below threshold)

And everyone thought Coleman Young was a crook....Looks like Kwame will certainly surpass that mark. Maybe he's already done that!

I'm glad i don't live in Metro Detroit anymore...but I DO miss my Red Wings! Or will they be DEAD Wings soon?

If their system is similar ... (Below threshold)

If their system is similar to other cities, not only do they get the car, they get free insurance, free gas, free car maintenance, too. So the citizens of Detroit were ripped off for more than $25k.

no big surprise here. Polit... (Below threshold)

no big surprise here. Politicians are always taking advantage of position....I just wish that I were on the receiving end for once;-) My littel Grand Cherokee is ready for an upgrade and a Navigator is NOT in the budget.
Macker....don't feel bad...They may be the "dead wings" for you but the Canes are now a blustery wind for me. ~sigh~

The video has been pulled -... (Below threshold)

The video has been pulled - it is not coming up. And I wanted to see this...

I'm one of the fools who li... (Below threshold)

I'm one of the fools who lives in the suburbs but
works in the city of Detroit. I get to pay income tax to support this ass but have no say in booting him out. King Kwame's administration is all about feeding his tremendous ego. He's in D.C. right now getting more handouts for the city. Detroit s_it hole.

Why does a Lincoln Navigato... (Below threshold)
Master of None:

Why does a Lincoln Navigator cost $25K/year to lease?

Does it come with a driver?

I could probably see the vi... (Below threshold)

I could probably see the video if it weren't in the
useless RealPlayer format. Why does anybody
use this format?

Sorry for the rant. I had to get that off my chest.

To Kevin: The video is gone... (Below threshold)

To Kevin: The video is gone. Not coming up.

To George: Because RealVideo is still the most widely used streaming format, and requires the least bandwidth. And you don't have to run Microsoft to use it. And because Quicktime is icky.

This, of course, is in keep... (Below threshold)

This, of course, is in keeping with the finest traditions of the Detroit Mayor's Office.

Some years ago, then Mayor Young was embarassed to have the press discover a number of South African Krugerands mysteriously in the Mayors stuff, while he was publically promoting sanctions and boycotts of the South African regime.

The news was forced from the front pages however, when an on-duty Detroit Police Officer - doing illegal work on the Mayors vacation home - opened a kitchen ceiling only to have presumed drug bust money rain down on his head in bundles.

How many one year leases ha... (Below threshold)

How many one year leases have you ever heard of? Leasing it for one year was the only way to make the total price under $25K (by about 5 dollars, actually). You end up paying a high percentage of the loss in residual value that's usually spread out over a few years.

A two or three year lease would have been just a little more money for all that extra time. However, if the total amount is under $25K it doesn't get officialy reported to Detroit City council. That's why it was a ridiculously lopsided one year lease which makes it even more dishonest!

Kwame -- what a maroon, thi... (Below threshold)

Kwame -- what a maroon, this scuzbucket is laying off hundreds with one hand and stealing from the people of Detroit with the other. Lets give him his walking papers in the next election -- gotta say it with votes people!!!






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