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Really Meet The Fockers

In December I noted that Teri Polo would be jumping right from the #1 box office hit onto the pages of the February edition of Playboy, which was somewhat of a scoop as no one else was reporting it. If that news piqued your interest now would be an excellent time to re-visit the original article as there has been an update. [Hint,hint]


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Comments (10)

Well, she might be naked, b... (Below threshold)

Well, she might be naked, but she is not sexy or sensual in any way, matter or form.


I liked the one of her at t... (Below threshold)

I liked the one of her at the Press meet better than her Playboy shots.
Clothing is sexier than nakedness.

I found it curious that the... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I found it curious that the article didn't list her two TV credits that I found the most memorable -- Rebecca Wells, Dan's crush and ex-wife of some football star, on "Sports Night," and Alex Young, actress and star of "I'm With Her."

Er... um... I mean, I heard those credits are omitted. And... uh... if that's true, that's a darn shame.

As a wise man once said, "sometimes I shouldn't use words..."


I only followed the links b... (Below threshold)

I only followed the links because I was looking for a prvocative, interesting article of the kind one can only find in Playboy. And Cindy is right, pictures of pretty naked women are not sensual or sexy. Real naked on the other hand..........

Jay, article? What article... (Below threshold)

Jay, article? What article?

And Cindy et al, she's sexy... (Below threshold)

And Cindy et al, she's sexy as Hell. Get over it.

I must agree with Cindy. S... (Below threshold)

I must agree with Cindy. She's not sexy at all. In fact she's pretty scrawny and reminds me of that drugged out Debbie Harry look of the late 70's/early 80's. The Playmate of the Month, OTOH ...

Au contraire, to anyone dem... (Below threshold)

Au contraire, to anyone demeaning that woman's sexual appeal.

ANY female between the ages of thirteen and forty is sexually appealing to almost all males. At least the heterosexual kind.

Fitness, agility, good grooming -- if a woman has great skin, great hair, nice nails and can stand up and smile, she's 'sexually attractive' to almost all males. It's not who they see, it's what they think. Females=sexuality to almost all (heterosexual) males; the rest just get jealous and/or emulate them.

P.S.: I didn't mean that a... (Below threshold)

P.S.: I didn't mean that any female with those characteristics who could NOT stand up and smile wasn't included. I describe there and here that all it takes for a female within a certain age group to be sexually attractive to most males is to be alive and possess a general level of fitness as to good grooming. Even those without good grooming: still sexually attractive with some restrictions...

Teri Polo has long been one... (Below threshold)

Teri Polo has long been one of my top-five-put-her-on-a-list-and-laminate-it women, so these pix are literally a dream come true. That said, I don't care for the Playboy style of photogrophy. Too... hairspray.

Still, she's a gorgeous woman, and a really good comedic actress. It's a shame she hasn't landed a show that lasts.

(See also, Paula Marshall)






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