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Headline Of The Day

From MTV News, "New Britney Clip Has Flying Hummer, More Underwear Dancing"


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Comments (8)

A "Flying Hummer?" <p... (Below threshold)

A "Flying Hummer?"

Yikes! The landing might draw blood.

- Britney is an old married... (Below threshold)

- Britney is an old married lady already...twice even....Nows the chance for her generation to see whats its like as your generational icons grow older before your eyes and then suddenly you remember that means you are too.....lol

Kevin, where are the result... (Below threshold)

Kevin, where are the results for the weekend caption contest? you used to be on the ball!

Ahhh, the flying hummer. Th... (Below threshold)

Ahhh, the flying hummer. There must be some kind of WWF (E?) joke here.

Or maybe something about Amelia Earhart.

Anybody want to take it?

...and we should care why??... (Below threshold)

...and we should care why??

What - no Debbie Gibson new... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

What - no Debbie Gibson news today?

who gives a fuck about the ... (Below threshold)

who gives a fuck about the 'flying hummer' in britney's video, the girl is a fuck head, she can't sing or dance. i was so bloody shocked when i heard her latest shit tune 'coz she is trying to do r'n'b. she has always been known as a pop singer, not R'N'B singer for god's sake, She doesn't still realise that her fans are mainly still 'KIDS', not teenagers or adults. she is trying to go all sexy. There was a time when i thought she was normal, but after she tried to do that whole fake sexy image thing; she put her reputation down real bad. I actually think she is a bi-sexual; she seems to be more into madonna and girls,errrrrrr,She is desperate for attention. so no she won't get no respect from me. Next........

amelia i kinda agree wiv u,... (Below threshold)
Kacey Westley:

amelia i kinda agree wiv u, i don't think dat she is a bisexual but her music is shit. -she thinks she can b like someone like ashanti or beyonce. u can't even compare dem coz britney is sooooo shit compare to dem. anyways yeah cam'ron is my man, he is de best in de west and every where. peace out everyone and keep it real.






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