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They Really Said It

Our local talk radio station has seen better days. In the last few months they have lost either permanently or for an extended period of time, all 3 of their biggest names. Combined these hosts have probably 100 years of experience in the business. Naturally, the station is struggling to get talent on the air, which means guest hosts.

I don't know what it is about guest hosts but when they are on the air, all the loony tunes call in. The other day riding home, I heard two of the stupidest things I've ever heard a caller say:

The first woman, whose name I have mercifully forgotten, opened the phone call by saying she was a history teacher and as such she could shed some light on the topic. (Which she never did BTW) I forget the topic but when the guest host asked her some question that challenged her obviously silly position and she replied, "Well, I don't like to talk about thing unless I was really there." I was screaming at the radio for the host to ask her how old she was.

Later a gay rights advocate was whining about something when he said of some religious group, "The gay community is really getting tired of these people and their intolerance." Apparently not all gay men own mirrors.

Now you know why I've been listening to music in the car.

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Fuck when will these people... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Fuck when will these people learn. It amuses me no end when the fags complain about how they are persecuted when they themselves are just as bigoted.

It is sad that the personalities of old are leaving. Is it for more money elesewhere or is the liberal PC death squads taking them out one by one I wonder?

Rob Rob RobAs some... (Below threshold)

Rob Rob Rob

As someone who is well familiar with "going over the top" in a comment, I can safely say you're real close to that line if not on the other side.

We don't place too many limits on free speech here but that is getting pretty well out there.

You're new here so I'll cut you some slack, but let's not get stupid huh?



Paul,I have to say... (Below threshold)


I have to say that I miss driving at night. Used to be able to turn on Art Bell and listen to him and assorted moonbats conspiracize and hypothesize as if they and they alone had figured out the keys to the universe.

The next best thing is amateur hour on local talk radio.

And Rob, when you say "Just... (Below threshold)

And Rob, when you say "Just as bigotted" you're saying something about yourself.

Rather than get all indignant about how other folks are just as bigotted as you and get away with it, how about figuring out what went wrong in your upbringing?

Just a friendly suggestion.

It amazes me when people us... (Below threshold)

It amazes me when people use derogatory terms ("But I'm just calling a spade a spade!) and then throws claims of intolerance.

Come on, Mr. Hack, you have to know you're not going to get anywhere like that. Unless you're trolling.

I don't think there is any ... (Below threshold)
Bill K:

I don't think there is any debate that Rob crossed the line.

As for religion vs homosexuals. Many, many, gay people are religious, and want to be embraced by their church. To say the gay community is intolerant of religion is ridiculous. One group wants to be part of another group and that group rejects them based on a personal decision (that is legal - no box turtles here).

OK guys, I called him on it... (Below threshold)

OK guys, I called him on it and since Kevin's trusted me with the delete button that should cover it.

Bill I originally said "...I can safely say you've done it." After reading it 4 times I gave him a little more room. He gets partial credit since I used the word "fag" yesterday albeit in an extremely different circumstance.

The other reason he got some room (ie I did not delete it) is that is the if you read thru the hyperbole, he was actually making a point. sorta.

Not a big deal, just giving you the thought process.

But on to your point, I think you missed mine.

Read it again and remember this is posted under humor.

Now I finally identified th... (Below threshold)

Now I finally identified the bell that went off when I read that line about the woman calling in saying she was a history teacher so she could shed some light on the subject.

It reminded me of the one time I saw "The View" (Don't ask and I won't tell). Starr Jones (she was still single then) was about to make a point, but to clear the minds of the viewers so they would be more likely to accept the garbage that followed, she prefaced her comments with "I'm a lawyer, so...".

The next time it came up, I was watching Tracy Morgan as Starr Jones on SNL prefacing everything he said with, "As you know, I'm a lawyer..."

Nobody ever says, "I'm a hog farmer, so I can shed some light on the global warming debate..." Though, if they did, I'd be more likely to pay attention.

Well forgive me for calling... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Well forgive me for calling things as i see them. I stand up for what I beleive in as all good folk should. Lines are different depending on how PC the crowd is really.

I wish people weren't so damn sensitive. I'm just a honky with a view.

What's really enjoyable is ... (Below threshold)

What's really enjoyable is when the moonbats assume a guest host will be "easier" but (s)he isn't: excellent examples can be found nearly any time Dr. Walter E. Williams substitutes for Rush Limbaugh. The moonbats come out of the woodwork, and Dr. Williams is *much* ruder with them than Rush.

...I'm thinking it's like w... (Below threshold)

...I'm thinking it's like when a substitue teacher shows up for class.

So let me get this straight... (Below threshold)

So let me get this straight. Because gay people are none too pleased with "those religious people" who seem to make a habit of calling homosexuals "an abomination", they are somehow intolerant ? Let alone EQUALLY as intolerant as those who wish to label homosexuals as "abominations". Wow.

Saying that is kinda bizare, in my opinion, but actually believing it to the point of using it as part of a rant (though a short one) full of righteous idnigation.

Sherard if you don't see th... (Below threshold)

Sherard if you don't see then irony in someone -anyone- saying "we're getting tired of these people and their intolerance" then you are just an idiot.

It was a stupid thing to say. Matched only by your reply.

Irony ? Perhaps. Stupid ?... (Below threshold)

Irony ? Perhaps. Stupid ? Not in my book. My suggestion would be, try walking in their shoes first. If you really think that form of "intolerance" even remotely comes close to the other, then YOU are the idiot.






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