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Dropping a dime

Today was, among other things, "Not One Red Dime" day. Timed to coincide with President Bush's inauguration, the Perpetually Indignant decided to "bring the retail establishment to its knees" and organize a one-day boycott of spending any money whatsoever. I'm not quite certain what this hoped to accomplish (I always thought protests worked best when there was a clear connection between those targeted by the protest and those perpetrating the actions being protested), but I felt the need to express my own opinions on the matter.

So today, I bought coffee for the entire office. Then I bought new windshield wipers for my car. Then I bought a UPS and more RAM for my computer. All told, I forked over about $200 that I really didn't need to (and really couldn't afford), but I did my bit. Even more importantly, almost half of that money went to my favorite computer store, a genuine small business.

I have to admit I was inspired by an old song. On the drive in, while stuck in traffic (see below), I was listening to the best album of all time. I got to the song "Back in N.Y.C.," which recounts young Rael's youth as a street punk in New York. 30 years ago, Peter Gabriel perfectly captured the mentality behind these morons behind the "Not One Damn Dime." I've stuck some of the lyrics in the extended section.

"You say I must be crazy, 'cos I don't care who I hit, who I hit.
But I know it's me that's hitting out and I'm, I'm not full of shit.
I don't care who I hurt, I don't care who I do wrong.
This is your mess I'm stuck in, I really don't belong.
When I take out my bottle, filled up high with gasoline,
You can tell by the night fires where Rael has been, has been."


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Comments (41)

- I'm sure Burkenstock suff... (Below threshold)

- I'm sure Burkenstock suffered greatly....probably put a dent in some of the bottled water companies revenue as well as Greyhound bus tickets....

It reminds me of these <a h... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

It reminds me of these idiots.

Let's not go to the Grocery store for political reasons. Ok Commissar, whatever...

Tell me that isn't really y... (Below threshold)

Tell me that isn't really your favorite album of all time... please.

Happy Red Dime Day! <... (Below threshold)

Happy Red Dime Day!

I celebrated by helping my wife replenish her wardrobe and then hitting the B&N for books and music. I figure we did our part and helped out a couple of other folks. By, the way, Barnes and Noble, that bastion of Blue, was doing a rather tidy business - I guess that says something about the support out there in yo-yo land for bringing down the economy.

BTW, the Ray Charles duets CD - Genius Loves Company - is pretty decent.

OT: Paul check <a href="htt... (Below threshold)
Opinionated Vogon:

OT: Paul check this out :¬)

I was planning to go buy a ... (Below threshold)

I was planning to go buy a Sam's Club membership but, alas, had to participate in the "Compensate For Demo/err, Idiots Not Buying Anything Day" in spirit, having just spent an entire day spackling a wall and repainting several more and then contending with carpet cleaners and walking around in wet socks afterward, covered in splatters of stuff because of all that.

Every paint stroke I made, however, I thought about spreading the joy of capitalism and all the stores I may not shop from in the future, given their Democratic funding penchants. No, wait, that's not rising above the fray. So, instead, I'll still shop from them, still watch their rotten movies and listen to their silly statements, just that I'll wear my tiny American flag pin while doing so since it seems to drive most liberals into permanent kvetching when they see it.

Somehow the idea of capitalism is both reviled by Democrats and then attempted to be used as a weapon when it suits their efforts at revenge and such. Wait, that's not capitalism, that's just plain old revenge and lack of community spirit with a splash of anti-capitalism thrown in.

I just stop shopping altogether from a merchant I don't care for, for whatever reason, but I've never stopped to ask them who they voted for, who they're donating to politically, and don't plan to now, at least as to American business. But it is getting more difficult as the months pass to keep the COSTCO card, based upon these very "Day" events by Democrats. I really am loathe to realize that all that money I spend at COSTCO goes to fuel this sort of behavior by more Democrats.

Let's see, Democrats could just start placing a "DNC" sticker on all the goods and get it over with. Would at least make choices clearer.

I'm still waiting, however, as to what Democrats can offer as an explanation as to how these "No Shopping" days of various labels impact or relate to their "You Took Our Jaaaahhbs" thing.

My tiny editorial marks wer... (Below threshold)

My tiny editorial marks were omitted from the second-to-last paragraph above...it was meant as, as in, "not." As in, no DNC stickers, although it seems that that's what Democrats actually have in mind: buy from those who fund and support the DNC, and deny business from those who do not.

I sense a backlash.

You may have inspired me to... (Below threshold)

You may have inspired me to buy the remastered version of "The Lamb." Better do it before NODDD is over.

No sales = no jobs, PDQ.</p... (Below threshold)

No sales = no jobs, PDQ.

Lapel flag. Where can I get one? Haven't seen 'em around, and I sounds like a *wonderful* thing to do.

Mebbie there'll be a little symbol on products (like the one for "Kosher") that will tell us that a product is DOnk approved. (Btw, remember Donk from Crocodile Dundee? May be he could be the poster boy for the Democrats.... )

Without knowing of the even... (Below threshold)

Without knowing of the event, I did, in my opinion, a fantastic job of participating in the "Not one red dime" protest, by buying a car.

That'll show those capitalists!

Did some by going out to lu... (Below threshold)

Did some by going out to lunch, then taking the wife out to supper. Then off to Best Buy and bought 2 CDs and 4 DVDs. Maybe not as much as some of you, but more than I normally spend on a Thursday.

I call people calling for b... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

I call people calling for boycotts for political agendas nothing better than TERRORISTS. They should be detained permanently for such radical ideas that threaten our economy. We NEED people buying A LOT becuase our economy is heavilty dependant on the consumer. These people who want to bring us down in this way are committing TREASON effectively and should be dealt with harshly. I am sick of the whining tactics of the bleeding heart brigades.



Oh! Thanks for reminding me... (Below threshold)

Oh! Thanks for reminding me! Sure, I've already dropped $500 in textbooks, but I had to do that anyway, so it really isn't in the spirit of things, is it? So, even though I can't really afford it, I spent another $110 and ordered an item I had been looking at. And I even decided to splurge on the shipping, to help spread the patriotic love. Sure, it's late, and they won't actually process the order or my credit card until tomorrow, but I've got the spirit in this one, that's for sure. Hey, can't get any more American than going into debt, now can you?

Four More Years!

Let me out of Pontiac when ... (Below threshold)
Captain Ned:

Let me out of Pontiac when I was just seventeen.

I'm glad to see that someone else 'round here has excellent taste in music.

Crap, what a day to be home... (Below threshold)

Crap, what a day to be home sick with a cold. The day before I blew $400 on an iPod, which I could have put off till today.

Of course, there’s still a few hours left to hit Amazon….

Rob,I have to disa... (Below threshold)


I have to disagree with you on this one. This is a pure “vote with your dollars” sort of effort. I think it’s entirely appropriate and fitting for Americans to do things like this.

I also think it’s extremely stupid in this particular case. And we have every right to point our fingers at the bozos doing this, and laugh. We can also choose to spend freely on this day if we disagree with the boycotters. That's the beauty of our system.

It’s not one man/one vote, but one dollar/one vote,and that’s the source of the power of free market capitalism.

I didn't know they had rema... (Below threshold)
Bob Arthur:

I didn't know they had remastered "Lamb"... I wish it was available on vinyl or SACD. I'd easily pay $30-50 for that. While it's probably not my #1, it's on my top five for music albums that are 'more than an unrelated collection of 12 songs'. I just wish I would have had a chance to see Genesis in their prime perform it completely. I'm still hoping for that original lineup reuinion tour...

And, just to veer back on topic, I bought my weekly groceries today. Sorry, I'm a college student and that's all the disposable income I have...

I didn't realize I wasn't s... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to spend any money.

I didn't do much other than buy some coffee at Dunkin Donuts-I might have gone shopping, had I known.

My husband however more than did his part at Home Depot.

I am pleased (and stunned) ... (Below threshold)

I am pleased (and stunned) to see so many fans of early Genesis. The box set also has a great live rendition of the Lamb. I must say I have listened to it dozens of times, and I still haven't really figured out what the hell Peter is talking about! All the songs just fit together though. It is up there with the Wall among the great concept albums of all time.

Did you pay for the coffee ... (Below threshold)

Did you pay for the coffee in all dimes?

Yeah I thought that was a k... (Below threshold)
Hanson Reeves:

Yeah I thought that was a kind of goofy way to protest the inauguration. What amuses me even more is speculating about what your one-man protest of the protest is meant to accomplish. Or maybe you just think it was clever and would like to share. That's pretty damn funny too.

Me, I bought a new... (Below threshold)


I bought a new core driller, and paid $11,450.00 in salaries, and (4) Vodka Martinis...stirred.

You have got to be kidding on the Genesis deal. Everybody know that the greates recording of all time, not in dispute is "Fervor" Jason and the Scorchers baby!

Ok, so is it just the effec... (Below threshold)

Ok, so is it just the effects of inflation, or are these idots to stupid to know that the expression is "not one red cent", from the color of the copper pennies. Red dimes doesn't make any sort of sense, as dimes were made from silver & didn't turn red from oxidation...

Posted by: jmaster... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Posted by: jmaster

I have to disagree with you on this one. This is a pure “vote with your dollars” sort of effort. I think it’s entirely appropriate and fitting for Americans to do things like this."

Well I'm sorry "Jmaster" but you have no idea how to win and keep republicans in office. I think you are sounding a little defeatist in your attitude.

We all know the stinking Dems reppresent the elitists, and why are they elite? BECAUSE THEY HAVE MONEY.

If we let them fight these little wars on their own turf, like raw spending power, we the TRUE BELEIVERS LOSE.

So don't make the mistake. Don't give them an inch in their communistic attacks on us.

'I was listening to the bes... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'I was listening to the best album of all time. ' Genesis? BARF

I'm sure that the parents of the 'Not One Dimebag' crowd were happy the little scumbags weren't wasting any more of their parents money buying ratty baggies at Urban Outfitters and F/911 DVDs.

Perhaps Clinton was the one... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Clinton was the one who wrote the book Rael buys in "Counting Out Time."

Speaking of lyrics that apply, I could never listen to Guster's "Center of Attention" without thinking of Sore Loserman circa November 2000:

One of us won't last the night, between you and me it's no surprise
There's two of us, both can't be right
Neither will move till it's over
I'm the center of attention and the wall's inside my head
And no one will ever know it if I keep my mouth shut tight
My own little world is what I deserve
Cause I am the only child there is
I'm king of it all, the belle of the ball
I promise I've always been like this
Forever the first, my bubble can't burst
It's almost like only I exist

Your favorite computer stor... (Below threshold)

Your favorite computer store buys used equipment - but they won't buy MACs. Ha.

How's that Pravda treatin y... (Below threshold)

How's that Pravda treatin y'all round here? Good? Good.

I boycotted abortion clinic... (Below threshold)

I boycotted abortion clinics. I boycotted CBS. I boycotted reading all articles that started with BUSH OVERREACHING IN SECOND TERM. I think I was boycotting most of this stuff before the Not on red dime day but I continued to boycott yesterday. Gee, RED dimes???? Could it be because it is the commie point of view......?

I didn't boycott McDonalds, gas stations, baby clothes stores, school spelling bee's, or dinner out with hubby. In fact, I think I took my spending up a notch. And I had to stand in line to do it! so I guess the word wasn't getting out. I was looking forward to primo parking and first in line check out. Dang.

"The Grand Parade of Lifele... (Below threshold)

"The Grand Parade of Lifeless Packaging", suits the NODDDers pretty well, too.

I find the "not one damn di... (Below threshold)

I find the "not one damn dime" concept ironic. I suppose every nutjob thats going to participate has no bills, lives in a treehouse w/o power and electricity, has no form of transportation other than some sewn together banana leave shoes, and will eat only naturally grown vegetables from their garden.

If that isn't the case, then they can rest assured, that while they weren't out shopping, they were still contributing to the bottom line of some company somewhere through the use of power, water, transportation, accumulated interest on any charge accounts/mortgage/loan, wear and tear on car/bike/shoes for transportation, the food consumed (and water used flushing the toilet later) and the list goes on and on and on.

Its too bad someone doesn't hack the one-damn-dime website, upload a popular "large" file, and have them get hit w/ the bandwidth charges for the day. :)

'I suppose every nutjob tha... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'I suppose every nutjob thats going to participate has no bills, lives in a treehouse w/o power and electricity, has no form of transportation other than some sewn together banana leave shoes, and will eat only naturally grown vegetables from their garden.'

No, they mooch off their parents who wonder when they're ever going to grow up and move out of the basement.

I spent not one damn dime o... (Below threshold)

I spent not one damn dime on French wine or anything else French, but that's like any other day...
No major purchases, just some American beer.

$30 worth of birdseed, mult... (Below threshold)

$30 worth of birdseed, multiple headphone sets, groceries and gasoline--for my SUV, with which I proceeded to run down the cutest little baby seal I ever did see.

Of course, I'd forgotten all about "Not One Red Dime," but still....

It seems to me that the lar... (Below threshold)
Drew - Dallas, TX:

It seems to me that the largest impact would be on retailers in blue states. Nice going hippies.

Well, although it doesn't q... (Below threshold)

Well, although it doesn't quite conform to the modern consumer society ideal, the notion of not spending and saving instead was one of the critical driving forces in he rise of industrial capitalism according to Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, so I find it slightly ironic that he heirs of that tradition would eschew thrift. But not half as ironic as the fact that the heirs of the ethic of hedonism that stands in direct contrast to the Protestant Ethic would adhere to thrift as an essential part of their platform. You know, it is possible for the enemy to have a good idea once in awhile. Isn't the the knee-jerkism of the moonbats one of the things that we find so illegitimate about their point of view?

I can think of worse things than a day of non-consumerism for "the cause."

But then I'm just an old Welshman.

I finally gave up replying ... (Below threshold)

I finally gave up replying to friends who forwarded the Not One Damn Dime HOAX e-mail chain letter.

This was a typical hoax boycott, similar to dozens of others that have appeared in e-mail inboxes over the past few years.

These hoaxes always target retail stores or gas stations -- businesses that wouldn't be hurt at all by a one-day boycott. Just like what happens after a holiday, people make up for the "lost" sales the very next day.

The kinds of businesses that are harmed by short term boycotts are those that have a limited number of days to make a profit. Airlines, hotels, public transportation, and similar businesses would not be able to make up for lost business the next day.

This is why boycotting city buses and other public transportation was effective during the 1960s civil rights protests. It took revenue away from the local goverments that could not be replaced.

Here's what the Hoax Busters Web site has to say about these boycott chain letters:

The "boycott" chain letter is becoming more
prevalent these days. There have been calls
for boycotting food companies, clothing and
cosmetic companies, soft drink companies,
variety stores, just about anything that can
be imagined seems to generate these pieces
of e-mail crap.

Boycott messages are perpetrated by total
morons with too much time on their hands,
or people with their own personal agendas.
In the days since September 11 especially,
even more "boycott" hoaxes have popped
up on the Internet. Whatever the reason,
these messages do nothing more than play
on people's fears and personal prejudices.

In typical chain letter fashion, these mesages
are filled with rumor and innuendo. They are
just not true. Tell your misguided friends to
stop spreading these mean spirited boycott
chain letters.

I don't know about anyone e... (Below threshold)

I don't know about anyone else, but I see a new trend: People are looking at these left-wing activists and protesters and laughing at them. And it's not just Liberals. I have Democrat friends who giggle at the things these moonbats say and do. Besides, only Liberals would partake in an economic boycott -- and they never spend their own money. Their whole philosophy depends on them spending other people's money.

I did manage to spend some ... (Below threshold)

I did manage to spend some money on a few books and some software before the day was over yesterday...

All your dimes are belong to us.

I bought some sparkley hot ... (Below threshold)

I bought some sparkley hot pink high heels to go with a dress I have. And I didn't even know about it or I would have bought more! DANG!

Lamb lies Down rules, but I... (Below threshold)

Lamb lies Down rules, but I can't say that its better than Foxtrot.

Yeah alot of people disregard or even dislike all these activists and professional agitators, but they are often covered by the news and whether people agree or not it gives a subtle impressions that such issues are actually or some import or meaning when often they are ridiculous.

There is a reason a number of progressives believe they have some kinda majority but are,in fact, way off. Some are idiots, some are fooling themselves, but a number of them take from stuff like this. They need to read the book "Lying with Statistics", but they aren't complete idiots.






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