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Inauguration 2004: Party Animals

Guests pose for a photograph with armadillos at the Black Tie and Boots Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C., January 19, 2005. The event is part of celebrations leading up to the inauguration of President Bush for his second term January 20. REUTERS/Brian Snyder


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Comments (31)

You cannot be prosecuted fo... (Below threshold)

You cannot be prosecuted for selling a dillo in Texas.

Looks like a Texas Thanksgi... (Below threshold)

Looks like a Texas Thanksgiving dinner to me.

Sorry to get serious, but b... (Below threshold)

Sorry to get serious, but best to be prepared – survival info for people currently in the Boston and DC areas.

They like 'em bald down the... (Below threshold)

They like 'em bald down there, don't they?

OT - I'm liveblogging moonb... (Below threshold)

OT - I'm liveblogging moonbat sightings during the inauguration today if anyone's interested. Add your own sightings in my comments page for the entry.

That's a damn good way to g... (Below threshold)

That's a damn good way to get leprosy. That's why we Texans don't eat them for Thanksgiving. We wear gloves while we process and package them for shipment to uppity Yankees, we just label the packages "processed turkey breasts" and THEY eat them.

In honor of the President's... (Below threshold)

In honor of the President's home state, it was decided to import 'Texas speed bumps' to enhance the security.

Yipes. All I can think of ... (Below threshold)

Yipes. All I can think of is leprosy. Hands off the dancing armadillos!

don't those little guys car... (Below threshold)

don't those little guys carry the plague or something of tthat nature? seriously.

nice pair of dillo's... (Below threshold)

nice pair of dillo's

Armadillo: The OTHER blue m... (Below threshold)

Armadillo: The OTHER blue meat.

They look like turds but ne... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

They look like turds but need I remind people, THIS IS NOT HOW WE TREAT OUR NATIONS FLAG! You are also not meant to wear it.

I find it disrespectful. Might as well let a dog pee on it if you're gonig to put those filthy critters on it. I fought for it, I know what's right.

I don't think that's an act... (Below threshold)

I don't think that's an actual flag, Rob, and certainly not a U.S. flag. If you look closely, the angle of the blue area relative to the red and white stripes isn't 90 degrees. Looks like 45 to me.

Armadillos give you leprosy... (Below threshold)

Armadillos give you leprosy.


These moron's didn't need all 10 of those fingers anyway.

Don't matter none if it's a... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Don't matter none if it's an American flag or a Texan flag...I doubt Texans would like animals walking all over their flags either!! Texans are a proud people.

I get a bit annoyed when people take liberty with symbols people died fighting for!

I can also do without so much of the partying by these people who think it 'funny' to let animals walk all over my flag as I would rather they donate the money to the troops really.

Hey, Baby,Wanna to... (Below threshold)

Hey, Baby,

Wanna touch my Armadillo?

The alcohol kills all germs... (Below threshold)

The alcohol kills all germs, the armadillos were washed it in as well. You didn't know that?

I truly feel sorry for those who don't live in Texas.

If Kerry had won, celebrant... (Below threshold)

If Kerry had won, celebrants would have been picking their live lobster from a tank. GWB won so....

My question is why anyone i... (Below threshold)

My question is why anyone is looking at the *armadillos*?

Jay - I was thinking that v... (Below threshold)

Jay - I was thinking that very question.

Everyone at the barmitzv... (Below threshold)

Everyone at the barmitzva marveled at the size of Ethans Testicles...

Rob, it isn't a Texas flag ... (Below threshold)

Rob, it isn't a Texas flag either -- it doesn't have 45-degree angles any more than the U.S. flag does.

Maybe Ohio.

I wanna know where the guy'... (Below threshold)

I wanna know where the guy's hand is.

Posted by: McGehee "... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Posted by: McGehee
"Rob, it isn't a Texas flag either -- it doesn't have 45-degree angles any more than the U.S. flag does.
Maybe Ohio."

It makes no difference to me. It is a DISGUSTING DIRESPECTFUL DISPLAY and those people should be ashamed. I assume these people aren't even republican faithful, just fat cat corporate donors thinking they can suck up to MY president and get their snouts in the trough.

Too bad my President is better than that.

To quote Foreigner: "Feels... (Below threshold)

To quote Foreigner: "Feels Like the First Time"

hey, why r they all touchin... (Below threshold)
Atrain the blogger:

hey, why r they all touching a a replica of clinton?

I thought they were Michael... (Below threshold)

I thought they were Michael Moore clones - cute at this age but is all down hill thereafter.

Thought you might like to s... (Below threshold)

Thought you might like to see this.

What did they say about repubs being old and ugly?


Touch an armadillo a day he... (Below threshold)

Touch an armadillo a day helps to keep the dentist away.

If you are bitten by an arm... (Below threshold)

If you are bitten by an armadillo, you become one.

Anyone wondering how many d... (Below threshold)

Anyone wondering how many drinks, and what happened next?






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