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There oughta be a law...

Tuesday morning, there was a rather nasty accident on I-93 South in New Hampshire. Right by the state line into Massachusetts a tractor trailer came around a bend, saw a line of stopped cars, and went into the median to avoid plowing into them. He took out several trees before one finally was too much for his truck. The highway ended up partially blocked for about half a day. The driver blamed "solar glare" for blinding him and not seeing the cars sooner.

This morning, there were about seven accidents along that same highway, from Manchester down to the state line. It was partly from icy roads (the state was trying out a new road-clearing mix, and it does NOT look like it's working well), partly from wind-driven snow obscuring visibility, and -- again -- solar glare. My half-hour commute stretched to closer to 90 minutes.

I, personally, think Halliburton is to blame for this scourge, this menace called "solar glare." I demand an investigation, and I want Congress to pass a law banning this before it claims even more lives -- and, more importantly, messes up my day again.


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Its not Halliburton, its Bu... (Below threshold)

Its not Halliburton, its Bush's homeland security team trying to muddle up the waters to bring out the bad guys.

Its all their fault.

If Bush has signed Kyoto, t... (Below threshold)

If Bush has signed Kyoto, this wouldn't have happened.

I make the same drive, ever... (Below threshold)

I make the same drive, every day, down 93 to 213. The sun glare is terrible in the morning, and when they expand the highway I hope they take a little of that into account as they re-engineer it.

For instance, just as you approach exit 2 there is an uphill stretch that heads directly into the sun in the morning, bringing it below your sunshield. There's nothing you can do except be prepared to slam on the brakes.

- No no nooo.... your wrath... (Below threshold)

- No no nooo.... your wrath is misdirected on this one JT.... This one comes under the pervue of Enron since its solar/power block based....The road surface chemicals would be the Evil DOW corp.... You have to keep these things straight if you hope to match the AssHat twinkie brains.....

I'm sorry but since I disco... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

I'm sorry but since I discovered the internet recently, thanks to my daughter, I see NO NEED for us to drive to work anymore. I truly beleive we will all one day work from home, and that if you aren't you are probably behind, and I have no wish to be a peon any longer. I have already started a business myself!

I remember that drive - at ... (Below threshold)

I remember that drive - at least from just north of the inner beltway to Exit 1 in Salem. Rather than put up with the Asshats for all that time, I moved South.

Explain it to me again...What is snow? Ice is what you put in your drinks...comes in cubes....

You're hallucinating. Only ... (Below threshold)

You're hallucinating. Only possible explanation, since the BBC answers our question:

Why the Sun seems to be 'dimming'

They never lie, and they're always right.

I blame Bush for the silt l... (Below threshold)

I blame Bush for the silt left on my car by acid rain and "muddled up waters"...hehehe....and as for the Hurricanes that made us known here in Florida as the "plywood state"..well we blame Bush too....Muahahahahahahah...

Are you sure it isn't anoth... (Below threshold)

Are you sure it isn't another Saudi plot? They've got all that sun and deserts and stuff...

As soon as the Border opens... (Below threshold)

As soon as the Border opens up to Canadian Beef again, we will be curtailing our export of Made in Canada weather.

We took this action to offset the loss our cattle ranchers have incurred. Although we have to admit, it was more for the entertainment value. After all, you are export supposed entertainment in the form of "Whose your Daddy". So maybe it was a retaliatory trade action.

Either way. We win.

I didn't feel a thing drivi... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I didn't feel a thing driving South into Concord this morning-our roads up this way were pretty clear-not very slick and no accidents.

Maybe the solar glare only happens South of Concord.

'the state was trying out a... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'the state was trying out a new road-clearing mix, and it does NOT look like it's working well), '

Ummm...maybe they should have tested it first?

Like the Wolf said to Jules... (Below threshold)

Like the Wolf said to Jules and that John Travolta character: "Move out of the sticks, gentlemen."

There's plenty of underpopulated towns on the North Shore north of Boston that will give you the thrill of a long commute you treasure, but combine it with the convenience of commuter rail travel and the blessing of pastoral living. Or maybe I'm biased.

Seeing as I was recently cr... (Below threshold)

Seeing as I was recently crippled due to an accident due to terrible road conditions in good 'ol New Hampshire, I feel your pain. Actually, I feel my pain.

first sensible thing I've r... (Below threshold)

first sensible thing I've read on this blog

Never had a problem with su... (Below threshold)

Never had a problem with sun glare until those environmental pinkos got that Clean Air act passed.

So this is what I have to l... (Below threshold)

So this is what I have to look forward when I move to Cow Hampshire in July?
This sounds like an average day on the DC Doltway
where you have more single car wrecks than multi-car accidents mostly due to the mopes that lose it in their SUV and that are too busy to take the phone out of her ear before they swerve to miss the car ahead of them.

You'll like this, we had a blizzard uh.. one whole inch of light powdery snow earlier this week and it was utter chaos. The best part was seeing people in their litte german sportsters with 17" Z-rated racing tires spinning in circles and unable to make it up the slightest incline. One had a Kerry sticker and I had to yell "vote republican" as I zoomed by in our jeep.

The #1 Winning Whiner wins ... (Below threshold)

The #1 Winning Whiner wins again. You take a typical morning and turn it and twist it till it fits always finding your laughing mark. Good Going.


I would have thought, what ... (Below threshold)

I would have thought, what with all those greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, that we would have bne blanketed by a glare-suppressing cover of clouds by now.

Obviously Halliburton isn't doing its job nearly well enough.

Jay, I have noticed that yo... (Below threshold)

Jay, I have noticed that you seem to have alot of "issues" while on the road. Maybe it is time to move closer to work, or work at home.
Or you could buy that hybrid Kevin is getting and roll on down the HOV lane...;-)

Yellow sunglasses would hav... (Below threshold)

Yellow sunglasses would have helped. Hell they use them for night riding here in the states but should also be used duriing solar glare and then they;d be less accidents.







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