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Is the Blogosphere the New Media Establishment?

If you're in Washington, DC next Friday, don't miss this event at the The Heritage Foundation - Dan Rather is Retiring: Is the Blogosphere the New Media Establishment?.

Matthew Sheffield (RatherBiased), Paul Mirengoff (aka Deacon) from Powerline, and I will join host Mark Tapscott in a panel discussion on blogging and the media. More details and sign-up information here.


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Speaking of Rathergate it h... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Speaking of Rathergate it has been two weeks since the Panel reported ans to date no one at Viacom or CBS has lost a job. The announcement was as bogus as Rathergate.

I admit it, I've had the sa... (Below threshold)

I admit it, I've had the same thought about CBS and that report as has written Rod Stanton ^^ here.

It's the "contact us" ruse while all possible contact attemtps are either dissuaded or prevented. "No one contacted us" can then be easily and tenuously, honestly stated, while it represents only a Dowdification of the truth.

It's also providing fodder for publicity for NBC and ABC and TNYT but I don't see any huge changes in ethics involved in that general and quite liberal media community. Perhaps CBS is the fall guy, I don't know but so far, the fall has been silent.

On the other hand, 'blogger... (Below threshold)

On the other hand, 'bloggers' --> not without culpability themselves. There are so many methods behind various forms of madness working in all political perspectives possible that at this point, blogging and journalism...they are deducing into one general thing, in my experience and that is that there are still individuals behind keyboards and there are still questionable individuals using those keyboards. Of all perspectives.

IMHO blogging is just the m... (Below threshold)

IMHO blogging is just the maturation of the original intent of the Internet. The old media just got caught in front of the plow. The major transition is from a one way news media to a two way media. There will never again be the means to command the high priestly ground and not engage the public. Collaboration is the new media. Sure there will still be reporters, photographers, but if they are not objective observers feeding the collaborative monster they will be discarded as untrustworthy.

Power to the people -- and with that comes responsibiltiy of the people, you must engage the new medium with your brain not emotions. In the end, the only thing left standing will be the truth.

I won't be in Washington Ke... (Below threshold)

I won't be in Washington Kevin, but feel free to mention me....;-)

From what I heard on that i... (Below threshold)

From what I heard on that interview I already told you about on Neal Cavuto with FCC's former chairman and son of Colin Powell, THIS particular blog has indeed caught the attention of the mass media. Be thrilled, I am.


Matthew SheffieldCo-... (Below threshold)

Matthew Sheffield

Paul Mirengoff
AKA “The Deacon”,

Kevin Aylward


1 out of 3 links correct isn't bad...

Congratulations, Kevin, on ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, Kevin, on your upcoming participation at the Heritage Foundation event. Hope you'll post or link a video, or at least a transcript.

Hi Cindy - I missed Cavuto and below is all I found related to bloggers in the partial transcript of 1/21/05's show. Did Mr. Powell say something specific about Wizbang?

[By Michael Powell, FCC Chairman]
"If you look at the Internet and the role that it played in the election and the political campaign, if you look at the fact that an Internet blogger can bring challenge to a network as formidable as CBS, you realize that more and more democratization of technology is leading to strong consumer value and that's what we're most proud of. And that's what we really wanted to focus our agenda on."


Snooker: "In the end, the only thing left standing will be the truth." Hear, hear!

You have it COMPLETELY WRON... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

You have it COMPLETELY WRONG. There will be NOTHING "LEFT" standing at all!


:) Okay, you've been HEARD,... (Below threshold)

:) Okay, you've been HEARD, Rob :) Truly funny.

But, I forgot to add earlie... (Below threshold)

But, I forgot to add earlier, congrats and best wishes to you, Ratherbiased and PowerLine...I sure hope that the rest of us can see a video afterward, at least read a transcript. It should be a great panel discussion. Should be, hope so, just wait 'till it's over to start in with the beer.


Do any of you know a person... (Below threshold)

Do any of you know a person under 60 years of age that watches one of the big 3 networks for news? I don't know a single person.

You bet it is, Kevin, and ... (Below threshold)

You bet it is, Kevin, and I think many MSM read your column every day, alter all, it was you and Paul who have broken much of the MSM and now you're getting their attention. Good going, guys.







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