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The News From Iraq

Arthur Chrenkoff, who has been gathering the under-reported good news in Iraq, ventures out into the sea of negativity that is the mainstream press to do a quick census. Notwithstanding the "if it bleeds it leads" culture of the media, when negative stories outweigh the positive ones 27:1 it seems certain there's a bit of an objectivity problem.


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Interesting statistic, but ... (Below threshold)

Interesting statistic, but what does it mean? Is there a overall positive-to-negative ratio for ALL news that we can compare it to?

Although I tend to agree with the post's point, I'm still wondering how bad this number really is, all things considered.

The media should butt out o... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

The media should butt out of policy making and constantly showing the negative sides of this liberation.

Look at what the Liberal nazi press did to us in vietnam. We would have won that war if we weren't sabotaged by TRAITORS at home. That napalmed girl running naked the antiwar crackpots always harp on? Get over it, it's GODDAMN WAR. It's not pretty and she was just a casualty. Many more lives would have been saved if we had been able to do our job!

And now they are doing the same in Iraq. We must turn the tide. The only Iraqis dying are those who deserve it or who are stupid enough to get in the way. Try reporting the positives, like the schools built, the democracy we are bringing them.

I have bookmarked "Chrenkof... (Below threshold)

I have bookmarked "Chrenkoff's" site and intend to return to it.
The existance of those who record and catalogue the abuses of MSM are critical to citizens attempting to understand the war on terror and indeed our whole political process. Rush and Brent Bozell's organization probably led the way and the internet has broadened and deepend the effectiveness of alternate news sources. Proof? The term "Buckhead" is now; "Deep Throat" is so yesterday.
MSM can still be a serious threat to freedom. They are still the main "news gatherers". Their constant rain of gloom and doom is like being in a room with a clinically depressed person. no fun.
Indeed far more seriously:
1. "Rathergate"
2. CNN,s failure to report in order to gain
acess in pre-war Baghdad
3. Sarah Boxer associating "IraqtheModel"
bother with the CIA.
4. The AP accepting photographs from a
stringer of the execution of Iraqi election
offcials and then failure to identify the
stringer in light of circumstancial
evidence he may have been part of
the setup.

Thanks for your wizbang ale... (Below threshold)

Thanks for your wizbang alert on Sarah Boxer's NY Times fiasco. Here's TruthLaidBear's hilarious satire on her.

Keep the good stuff coming,... (Below threshold)

Keep the good stuff coming, kevin, because it's not all bad over there but that's all the MSM wants us to hear.

We should have dropped a bomb at Mecca when everyone was there this week.

Just my opinon.







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